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McDuckie says, hey lets 1up the Developed guys and make a Cocoa Pebbles juice, in response to the guys remixing NotCharlesMason's Pebbles. So here we go. #TeamFingerGuns #PewPewForever

I didn't want to approach this as a usual cereal with the usual suspects. So I went with a combo of SSA Crisp Waffle and WF Puff Cereal (Frosted) for the cereal. The Crisp Waffle needs a steep as it is very strong out of the gate. It settles down after a bit. I think this combo blends really well with the cocoa part and gives a good impression of a crunchy cereal.

The chocolate milk idea came from an episode of Noted where Folkart and ID10-T talked about possibly using HS Chocolate Cream, VT Chocolate Milk, and OOO Chocolate Milk could make a nice chocolate milk. I went to work and that combo of flavors does make a fantastic chocolate milk. I played with the percentages to make room for the cereal and added some FLV Sweetness to bring the sweet and boost the cream.

So here you go. A group effort interpreted by this guy.


This is a LEGIT Coco Pops vape that I’ve been crafting for several months on and off now. I believe this was version 30 and was subject to meticulous tinkering to get that perfect chocolate and “Pop” mouthfeel. I’m extremely happy with what I’ve created and can’t wait for you cereal&Chocolate fans to get a hold of this one and hopefully 🙏🏻 flood the reviews section with positive vibes however, all I ask for is 100% honesty. I vape this recipe straight off the shake but the longer you let it steep the more the milk turns to that delicious chocolate leftover we all love that collects in the bowl.
Unfortunately,their are no subs for this recipe! Every concentrate has been whittled down to exactly what you see and if anything changes, this recipe will lose its charm and character.
I therefore urge you to stick exactly to the script on this one peeps...you won’t be disappointed.

Take care everyone and stay safe 💙

A chocolate chip cookie mix.Very smooth in taste,can easily become your adv

This is my attempt at making a chocolate shake with bits of chocolate with a hint of caramel.

Tested in a Skyfall RDA, single coil 0.32 alien @ 40 - 60 watts
Tested In An RDA for Vaping, dual coils 0.15 Aliens @ 65 - 90 watts

This was an attempt at some odd beverage that I've never had. The result is an odd recipe of a beverage I've never had, so I'm not sure its accuracy to the original. Nonetheless, it was tasty.

A coffee-tobacco vape.I tried to keep creams as low as possible,but yet the final mix is quite creamy.I know that a couple of ingredients are not very common,but they worth a try.
Stay at home,stay safe,keep the people around you safe!This storm will soon come to an end and i hope the day after will make us reconsider our priorities and the way we live our lives

A rich thick custard with a warm sauce of melted chocolate chunks and burnt sugar on top.
Not my final version but very tasty.
Please give me your thoughts and mix it.
The custard needs 7-12 days of steep.
But as always with custards
the more you wait the better it gets

Scrumptious peanut butter and coconut squares drizzled with velvety milk chocolate.

Peanut butter lovers unite!!! If you like peanut butter, then this classic is for you. I set out to create a favorite childhood treat of peanut butter and coconut treats which we dipped in cooking chocolate, as upmarket chocolate was a scarce luxury in my neck of the woods. The OG includes chopped nuts but I decided to omit these as a true nut texture and flavor is virtually unachievable...

The TPA and FLV Peanut Butter combo works wonderfully well to create a very authentic, pukka peanut butter. Combined, this duo delivers a smooth, nutty and roasted (thanks to FLV) peanut butter with a dense & mysterious grainy mouth feel. The slight saltiness which FLV brings adds to the "nut" element of the OG concept. A word of advice on the TPA PB - give it a good shake BEFORE mixing as it commonly separates when not in use for extended periods.

The coconut layer was a no-brainer...FA Coconut and FLV Coconut was born for this type of profile = dinkum, lightly sweetened , desiccated coconut. No more , no less. No mess, no fuss.

I opted for the magnificence of HS Chocolate cream and the resulting masterpiece which is Mayan Milk. It effortlessly checks all the boxes for a world class chocolate and requires virtually no assistance to shine, as it does that naturally.

The butter does what it is designed to do and adds a bit of buttery goodness to the mix whilst the marshmallow helps stick all the bits together and add a bit of body and sweetness.

Give this baby 7 days or so...


A Strawberry and Chocolate Milk Recipe utilizing the base from Folkart's Mayan Milk, and infusing it with a loving and pleasant Strawberry top note. Subtle notes of florality flutter in the midst of a deep and robust, yet, tantalizing chocolate, finished off with a velvety and smooth dairy note. Taste god doe.

Mayan Milk - Folkart

Made on Live Mixing: Mixer of the Year 2018


From day 1 of my mixing career I have been on a quest to make the perfect chocolate milk. And with many failures, I believe I have gotten about as close as I can to that profile with Mayan Milk.

As all mixers know, chocolates are one of the hardest profiles to tackle. The reason being that most, if not all, chocolate flavorings have off notes. But this shouldn't be surprising in that chocolate flavorings in the cooking world are bitter, chalky, and just down right nasty. Chocolates are derived from the cocoa bean or cacao(/kəˈkaʊ/) bean. The beans are dried and fermented, then made into a powder. Chocolate is made from this powder with the addition of sugars and fatty ingredients. So in essence, chocolate flavorings are like a spice and they need to have supporting flavors to make a good chocolate.
So, in my quest for the "perfect" chocolate milk vape, I approached chocolate flavorings as a spice. Now, I don't believe there has ever been a "perfect" recipe, but for a chocolate milk, I think this is as close as I can get,.... for now ;) .

I began testing chocolate flavorings very early in my mixing career and the testing continues today. I have found a few that seem to work better than others and have the least "off notes", and those are the ones I used in my batching of this recipe.

For this recipe, I settled on CAP Double Chocolate V2. This is a highly under-rated flavoring in my opinion being that I don't see it much in other's recipes. It's a thick, deep chocolate, almost a dark chocolate, that only needs that sweet and fatty infusion to make it into a nice chocolate.

Most of my chocolate supporting flavorings have an inherent sweetness, FLV Cream, FA Meringue, LB Vanilla Ice Cream. These help add sweetness while adding creaminess and body to the mix.

I have noticed that most chocolate flavorings need either a coconut note, or a caramel note to simulate either cocoa butter(which is in most chocolates), or the caramel to simulate a richness like a caramel chocolate. In this mix I decided to go the caramel route. It seemed to be the better choice for a "Chocolate Milk" rather than using a coconut flavoring which seems to be better when going after a "Milk Chocolate" if that makes sense. FA Butterscotch was my choice at just 1%.

The secret weapon here to make this into a chocolate milk that would stand out among the others is HS Chocolate Cream. I absolutely love this flavoring. It gives the mix a certain "sourness", kind of like a yogurt but with more emphasis on the creaminess. It really makes the mix stand out.

In cooking, to make any real chocolate recipe, you have to sweeten it up. I added .75% CAP Super Sweet to accomplish this. If you find it too high, feel free to lower it. But trust me on this, CHOCOLATES NEED TO BE SWEET!

If there's one con to this recipe, I would say that when vaping this, I have to change my cotton about every 2 days. It's a pain, but so worth it.

This needs to steep for 4-7 days, but if you can, a 2 week steep is so worth the wait.

Just to let everyone know in the UK and EU,.... VanillaVapes now has Hangsen Chocolate Cream in stock! So, for those in the UK and EU, that were wanting to mix up Mayan Milk, now you can!


I hope you will mix, comment, and or rate, it make us all better mixers. :)
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