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(HS) Blueberry

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I was try to go for an authentic preserve type Blueberry in this recipe and I believe the HA AND MB Paired together achieves this the MB has sweetness that goes all the way thru the flavoring it could most definitely be a single flavor mix all by itself, the HA BB is the opposite it has a tartness on the draw and gets sweeter thru the pull.I also added MB Eden Apple for alittle juiciness and to brighten up the blueberries. . So I chose FLV custard and fresh cream(FA)
As my custard base in future mixes I may add some CAP custard for its egginess and to make the custard fuller... But for now it's still good wanna see where the FLV ends up in a week or so
Added a small amt of super sweet to smooth out the edges


Losing sucks. But losing to someone you respect and forming a friendship out of it isn't such a bad thing. This is my tribute to Concrete River: The man, the myth, the mustache. I set out two months ago to make something delicious that didn't taste like anything in existence. This is the concrete river way and also my penance. I don't think any singular recipe has given me as much trouble as this one. I had to don my Concrete River skinsuit and it took over two months of pivoting, tweeking, and crying in defeat. I have a newfound respect for the Concrete River mixing style.

Weekend Assignment - Blue
Shake & Vape certified, best after 24hrs to round out

When I think of the color blue, I think of a light, bright blue. So what would blue taste like to me? To put it simple... refreshing! Like a crisp winter sky. Now to emulate that into a flavor...
I used FW Blueberry, but at 3.25% it's not what you are tasting here. It's a thick syrup style blueberry that is giving the HS something to sit on top of and give it some body. HS is a bright, very candied Blueberry and these two combined is very good if candy is what you're after. The jelly candy/marshmallow/Swedish gummy is to give this a chewy candy base, like a soft cloud and the whipped cream helps round the sharpness out. Sweeten it up, drop in some extreme ice, and you have my idea of blue. A cool, sky blue gummy candy that's as refreshing as it is good.
**If you don't want a slight menthol note, sub the extreme ice with 1 drop koolada per 10ml or any other cooling agent...but the Menthol/mint in extreme ice adds an interesting touch.


This simple recipe is a fantastically sweet, juicy, and bright blueberry with lighter peach notes to satisfy your summer vape craving. This recipe was created with some inspiration from @kriswk.

HS Blueberry: This is slowly becoming one of my favorite blueberry flavors. Go ahead and get yourself a 30mL bottle of this flavor if you enjoy blueberry flavors. It is sweet and candy like and almost tastes blue. Sort of has this blue raspberry taste that makes it just wonderful. Seriously, smell this concentrate and tell me it doesn't remind you of blue raspberry. If you are trying to create a blue raspberry profile, this would be a great base to build around.

FW Blueberry: Still my favorite blueberry out. This, to me, tastes like a blueberry filling that doesn't have a lot of dark berry or musky flavor that I don't care for. While this flavor is great, I haven't had the best experience when using it by itself as the main blueberry flavor in a recipe. So in this case, it just helps push the blue, sweet, and slightly tart flavor of HS Blueberry.

FA Pear: I used this just help with sweetness and giving the overall profile a bit more juiciness. I also think FA Pear helps tame that almost sweaty sock flavor you can get from peach flavors.

FA White Peach and INW Peach: Like I said, I often get sweaty sock flavor from peaches, but these two are the flavors I get the least sock flavor from when kept at low percentages. INW Peach can taste like peach rings at 2-3% and I didn't want that in this recipe. I wanted more of a syrupy sweet peach to accent the over all profile so I found 0.5% INW Peach to do exactly that. I'm not sure what a white peach tastes like, but to me the FA White Peach is just here to lighten up and fill out the peach portion of this recipe to create a win win light peach combo that fits well with the blueberry combo.

CAP Super Sweet: This is definitely optional (about 1 drop per 30mL or 2 drops/30mL for other sweeteners) since HS Blueberry and FA Pear are both pretty sweet on their own, but I feel this adds just enough sweetness to make everything a little more bold.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Time to unwrap a delicious blueberry tootsie pop!

All it took was one whiff of my 10% diluted bottle of FLV Milk Chocolate to realize how badly I needed to make a tootsie pop recipe. At first glance HS Blueberry seems to be the star of the show, but it is quickly stolen by the lingering,chocolaty exhale. Maybe you are a tootsie pop fan, or you just have a thing for owls stealing candy from little kids. Who am I to judge?

HS Blueberry: This blueberry is the star of the show. HS Blueberry is just strong blueberry candy to me. Not much floral or realism to mention. Just the blue hard candy you would expect on the outside of the center of a tootsie pop.

FLV Blueberry Muffin: I know. It seems like an odd choice since this is not a bakery. This blueberry lies somewhere in the spectrum between that purple huckleberry pancake syrup and the more realistic ripe blueberries. It lends a bit of juiciness to the main blueberry. Like when you've been holding that sucker in your cheek for awhile and finally slurp down that dissolved candy. It also seems to take a slight edge off of HS Blueberry. It forms that bridge between sucker and chocolate.

FLV Milk Chocolate: This flavoring is amazing. In its full strength it has a somewhat pleasant aroma with an odd note in the background. Once you make a 10% dilution it smells EXACTLY like a Tootsie Roll. This flavoring acts as the back note just as the blueberry candy begins to leave your tongue.

I entered the % value at 2% only so that the calculator would give you the weight of dilution to use. Please DO NOT make this recipe with the non-diluted FLV Milk Chocolate at that percentage. If you want to get close without diluting just use .25%(roughly 1 drop)

Give this one a 3 day steep for the blueberry to mellow out and the milk chocolate to shrine through a bit.


A fruity mix. I've been drowning myself in bakeries and creams for far too long. I decided to work on a few fruit recipes.
Here we have a delicious little combination of candied blueberry and peaches. Using FA Lemon Sicily and FA Pear to accent both flavors. I've really come to enjoy this mix as a nice break away from my usual vapes. FA Pear is sweetening up everything but specifically, to make the White Peach pop a bit more and even out the astringency that comes with that flavor. It can help to make the vape a bit creamier as well over time which helped out since I didn't want to add any creams to this. I love the flavor of FA Pear which is just an added bonus. I also used FA Lemon Sicily to brighten up the blueberry. It has its own delicious tartness and is similar to like...Italian Ice. It's a quite realistic type flavor as well, and if used too high can bring with it a bit of rind, so beware (although some people say that there is no rind but instead brings almost a lemon cookie flavor). HS Blueberry is pretty bright all by itself, but in this recipe I wanted to take away the candy aspect a bit more, so it helps with that as well. FA White Peach I chose simply because it's a more authentic take on a fresh semi-ripe peach. I didn't want a candy/peach rings kind of peach. I also didn't want the peach to take over everything. All in all, this is a very refreshing summertime vape that I just happened to make during Winter.

Shake and vape this all you want, although it's much better after a few days of steeping. 3-5 days and its perfect. Check it out you son of a peach!!

Extra note: If you do want a little more creaminess, kindly add 1-2% TPA Marshmallow to the equation. It will work with the Pear and create just a little more added body.


Sometimes to get inspiration, I like to blindly grab three flavors from my shelves and, no matter what they are, see if I can make a decent recipe from them. 90% of the time, I grab some truly awful shit that never works out. However, I got lucky with this one. This was a first attempt just based on familiarity with the flavors, and it was so unique that I felt nothing needed tweaking.

The overall profile is just a bright fruit drink mix that still retains that separation that I love; each flavor is easily recognizable without being too obvious. HS Blueberry and INW White Grapefruit at these percentages sort of "fight" with one another to hold the spotlight in an interesting way. HS Blueberry gives us a syrupy, artificial blueberry flavor that pairs nicely with the bright, slightly acidic INW White Grapefruit. FLV Lime is pretty much Lime Kool-Aid, and gives us a playful note to keep everything interesting.

I'll admit that I mostly just wanted to squeeze in one more recipe this year so you guys don't think I'm dead.....and maybe fuck with CokeCan a bit for calling out all my friends. But this is probably one of the more unique profiles I've made. It's good as a shake and vape, but really settles in around the 2 day mark.

A blueberry muffin with Captain Crunch topping.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

A sweet and tart blueberry, emphasis on the sweet, and I don't know how else to describe it but it tastes blue.

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