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(HS) Blueberry

By: Hangsen (HS) - Buy Direct
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Used in 508 recipes at an average of 1.973%.


Maintained by: Chrisdvr1

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Giant raspberry/blackberry gumdrop candy. Has wings and laser eyeballs. Is powerful giant from space. Does collateral damage + battle. This is Dropra, your Quixotic deity in red and black.

HS Blueberry, INW Cactus, and TPA Sweet Raspberry to the core. When your honor and your city are at stake, Dropra will fight to preserve your honor.

WF Dweeb Candy adds the armor coating of tart, tiny, nerd-like spheres. Crisp surface tension and crisp flavor, right up front. If looks could kill, it wouldn’t be Dropra’s fault. He respects innocence! Hence the sweeteners.

Dropra’s ornamental exoskeleton is filled with some sort of ...mysterious ... space goo. Thin outer layers of pineapple gummy bear (27 Bears) form a big fat sack around a sloshy core of soapy stirred jello (Jelly Candy). And ...I suppose there’s gotta be some glands in there, pumping the hormones of heroism that drive him? Oh right, we already covered that with the berries and cactus.

How about them Molinberry flavours...
Shape Up Pear and Blueberry are one of their best in my opinion and they pair up nicely too.
The idea for this profile came to me from the Arizona drink Blueberry White Tea, while skipping the tea part here.
I just wanted a fresh & sweet fruity vape for this one.
I did layer in some other blueberries (HS&FW) because I needed it to be more pungeant. Also adding some (FA) Pear for juiciness and that fruity sweetness.
(TPA) Sour is added to lift up the whole recipy and make it fresher overall.
Super Sweet is entirely up to your liking, but I would say 0.25% is a minimum for these fruity vapes.
Do enjoy and all the best ;)


In the middle of a cold snap and wanted to dream of brighter days😎😎. This is oddly amazing after a 2 week steep its almost as good on a shake but i would be lieing. Its just slightly better with a steep😎. This isnt necessarily based on the drink in the picture but the picture definitely gets the concept across that i am going for.

juicy, syrupy sweet berries with a touch of wild mint. Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, berries and mint has been done plenty times before. Just put together a quick mix and it turned out to be a great SNV, so went public with it :)

This is a jammy blueberry on toast. (Quite captivating, and moreish)
Not that good tho.

Sour Blue Raspberry Bubble Gum.

Bubblegum from FLV is stellar.

Blue Raspberry LB + Blueberry HS is a great combo for a solid blue raspberry candy.

Cactus for some juiciness.

Lemon Mix to make the berries pop, and add some more sour and tartness.

Sour Apple from FLV brings some tartness.

Candy Wizard from FA is a nice texturizer, brings some sweetness, and drives home the candy profile.


FW Wild Berry Cobbler. This concentrate has been a favorite of mine for over a year. This is like a jammy blackberry with slight bakery notes. This is a great concentrate to start any cobbler,, pie,, or dark Berry pastry. Just yummy. Can you tell I like it?
This recipe is a blackberry & blueberry tart.
The berries for this tart, I used FW Blackberry and Hangsen Blueberry . They work great together in this recipe.

I use FA Custard Premium to add the creamy pudding in with the berries.

To enrich the slight pastry note of the wild Berry Cobbler. I added TFA Graham Cracker Clear & JF Biscuit

This is the first variation of the Neon Vaporwave recipe from the Concept to Concentrate series.
You can find this video over at


A remix from a very old recipe of mine.

The Factory: Blue is unlike any other BB Cheesecake you have had. It is intensely rich and creamy in the cheesecake department with a vivid candy blueberry flavor off the shake that slowly becomes more of a baked syrup blueberry as the steep goes on. Don't worry we haven't forgot the crust! It is light and almost flaky that gives everything a solid foundation.

Now the two secrets to this mix. VT Sweet cream takes NYCC and gives it a velvety smooth and rich cheesecake flavor, unlike any other I have had. Its almost like these were made for each other. Will CAP sweet cream work? I cant say. I love it so much with VT I didn't dare even try CAP.
The other secret that some may not be aware of, HS Blueberry. Most people know FW BB and FA bilberry go hand in hand. However if you want the best BB experience HS and FW is the only way to go. I find a 2/1 ratio works best for me.

3 months in development I take more pride in this mix than anything else I have ever created. IF you decide to mix this, first off thank you and secondly please leave a review. I would love to hear if people enjoy this fantastic mix as much as I do.

Although not listed, this mix does taste better with .25% of FLV sweetness!!!

Movin' to the country,

Gonna eat a lot of peaches

This is a Peachy Blueberry Smoothie.

The main focus here is the Peaches, which is delicious on the inhale, the smoothie is made with TPA Greek Yogurt and VT Orange Juice. The Hangsen Blueberry, is tasted on the exhale.
Delicious as a shake n Vape.

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and YouTube channels


Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 2.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 50 / 100

A sweet and tart blueberry, emphasis on the sweet, and I don't know how else to describe it but it tastes blue.

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