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Generic brand oreos? milk chocolate oreos? i dunno i'm not even sure this tastes like oreos. i do know its good.
HS aussie chocolate, JF biscuit & FA cookie make up the cookie part
TFA bavarian cream, CAP butter cream, Super sweet(use tfa super sweetener if you want same %) & Fa Vanilla tahity make up what was an attempt at something that should have been just straight OOO vanilla icing & FLV frosting, or something else. this works though just more complicated.

These key lime pie truffles are tart, creamy, and get a bitter twist from a dark chocolate coating.

This is based on my thin mint recipe but the tag a long instead.

This is a simple, Bavarian Cream Doughnut.

The WF Glazed Donut = base of the recipe.

OOO Yellow Cake = light, cake flavor.

WF Bavarian Cream = excellent, "heavy on the cream," Bavarian Cream flavor that can stand on it's own.

Australian Chocolate = although a definite coconut flavor, also adds a great chocolate flavor without overpowering the Bavarian Cream.

The recipe is not quite there yet but for the sweet tooth it's definitely delicious so give it a go it will not disappoint.

Its a nice chocolate vape if you like chocolate this is for you with a hint of cigar

Since I started mixing, I have been in search of a spot on York Peppermint Patty. I tried what I thought was everything, but over a year later, I managed to get my hands on Australian Chocolate, and FLV Peppermint, and I think that with the help of ID10-T, and a few others, I have made what may be a perfect Peppermint Patty.

Start very low with WS-23, I mixed the first batch with 1% and while the flavor was great, I replicated the experience of first eating a peppermint patty as a kid and it freezing your mouth off, as opposed to making a peppermint patty.

Currently a SnV, Will update with steeping recommendations.

This was a mix I made with Grey^ on the diy_ejuice discord. He wanted some help making a nutty tobacco with chocolate notes using the flavors he had. This is what we came up with. I tried it alongside him and he alternately liked it and didn't at the same time. It gave him ideas of where he wanted to go next which gave me the idea to share it with the community as a beginner tobacco. RB is generally recommended to new tobacco mixers due to its moist nutty uniqueness with chocolate undertones and general appeal. Cured is a great bacco body booster as well as a star flavor when used alone. Both of these entry baccos can be used in a variety of ways. The rest of the flavors used will either be in a mixer's arsenal already (cap vc & fw hazel) or be a welcome addition to one (hs aus choc).

What you get here is a dessert tobacco. Strong dessert on the inhale with a bacco finish.

Flavor notes
Bacco blend: RB/Cured are used to create the base. RB is pushed up to 2.5 here to compete with the rest of the flavors. I would rarely use it this high in a straight bacco blend. Cured is used to fill out the body. The RB can be lowered to 2 and still show up (more in the finish than the inhale) and cured can be raised to your comfort level (0.75 - 1+) for more bacco forward.

Accents: HS Australian Chocolate is not my favorite chocolate. Used low here it presents minorly and can likely be boosted to 0.75 or greater but I didn't try it. The idea was to make it an undercurrent. It doesn't taste quite right without some sweet. I chose Cap Vanilla Custard for its thick mouthfeel and ubiquity and vanilla note. FW Hazelnut was added to bump up the nuttier notes to poke through and support.

Final thoughts/Ramblings:
- I would say that there is room here for the addition of more bacco flavor if someone wanted to pull it up into the front. I rather enjoyed the bacco finish over the direct inhale. I rather suspect the bacco notes from some Hangsen's would do well here to dry it up some more if that's your thing, or possibly the addition of INW Gold Ducat or FLV Tatanka (or something suitably dark and sryupy) would be a nice addition.
- Adding some nuttiness would help to make the nutty note from the RB more prominent. As it stands, there isn't much in the way of nut really showing up here. I could also see the addition of an ry4 or FA Soho being a welcome accompaniment. The world is your oyster, my diy friends.
- If you choose to eliminate the Cap VC you may need to add a little sweet flavor to match the HS AC.

Steep time
Can be SnV but needs at least 24 hours to settle in in my opinioin. Better after 3 days, but at 7 days it seems to be as mature as I'd need it to be. Didn't last much longer than that for me :)

An amazingly authentic maraschino cherry, saturated, surrounded by a gooey, sweet, sticky creme, covered in a smooth, thin layer of dark chocolate.

Okay guyyyys, 3 day steep before test. What I'm getting is very good. An underlying flakey pastry, with a buttery, fudgy, chocolate icing that is very rich and somewhat milky.

I was right about egg yolk and buttermilk working magic with chocolates. This is a great vape.

I 1 drop of cap ss per 10ml

Flavor Notes

By: Vurve Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 0.75% Mix: 0.25% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 85 / 100

Bitter and dry dark chocolate

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By: Rageisalotofwork Score: 97 / 100 Solo: 6.0% Mix: 3.0% Steep: 7 days Difficulty: 60 / 100

Creamy heavy chocolate, not quite bitter.

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