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(GL) Strawberry Shisha

By: Great Lakes (GL) - Buy Direct

Used in 15 recipes at an average of 2.61%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Super simple SNV for a hot summer day.. The mix is very refreshing and not overly sweet.. The GL Shisha Strawberry can be changed out with the Inw Shisha Strawberry at the same percentage..

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Sometimes simple is best.. I mix with the Keep It Simple Stupid mentality most times and this recipes takes the cake of keeping it simple, Everything about this recipe is clean and fresh with the meringue to add depth.. I really love using the Strawberry Shisha by Great lakes as it is so close to the juice of the strawberry and the WF Pear is just one of those flavors that make you say DAMN quite a bit. This makes for a great shake and vape or a max 3 day steep

Based off a dessert I found online.. The Sweet Coconut paired with the Coconut Custard turns out just great.. Both the Strawberry Ripe with the Strawberry Shisha play very well together. Sweet Cream, Milk and Marshmallow help out with a light topping within the cake.

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