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(FA) Zeppola

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 2534 recipes at an average of 2.684%.


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ChemNovatic Doughnut at 3% but its not listed. Do not use CAP Glazed Doughnut

Pretty straightforward profile with each ingredient playing to their strength.

CN Donut and FA Zeppola make a great base here bringing a slightly dense 'fried' bakery flavor to work off. As well as carrying a slight spice note that blends nicely with the filling, zeppola also has a powered sugar flavor to it. When used with the stickyness of the apple filling and some super sweet we can fake a glaze or icing without having to add another flavor to the mix.

FLV Apple Filling is a super flavorful concentrate that is a good mix of spice with some slightly cooked apple and gooey filling. Like most FLV concentrates its quite a bear and can overtake a mix when run too high but at 1% I feel it is present enough without being too overtaking in the mix.

FA Fuji brings a pleasant bright apple note, poking through and breaking up the heaviness of the bakery and filling.

This one needs at least 5 days to steep, 7 optimally.

This is a remix of develops pumpkin churro which is supposed to be a popeyes pumpkin cheesecake pie . I wanted to make it taste much better and I believe that this is the correct mix that will do that. there’s was good but I did not think it was as accurate as The real thing.

Mixers Club April Submission
Secret Santa

Unknown to Kitu5, I was assigned to make something from our common flavors.

"Flavor: TPA Mocha (i have a metric f**ton of this...i'd like to use it)
Bonus brownie points if you can also use OoO Vanilla Frosting, cos also have a sh
tton of this.

Eh, either some decadent frilly coffee bullsh*t, Something nifty and dessert-like...or mebbe sneak in a hint of tobacco? Just something that'll finally give me an excuse to start killing the hell outta this that's yummy."

Unfortunately, I don't own TPA Mocha yet so my only option was the latter while keeping in mind that one could add Mocha later on to end up with something similar to a tiramisu. Or vape it on it's own.

Update: After Kitus' review I decided to add the agreed upon 1% tpa mocha. Enjoy!

Rico donuts rellenos de crema de vainilla y glaseado.creo se podia mejorar pero para mi esta buenisimo.

Go nuts for Cronuts. If you've never had one you are truly missing out on one of the finest culinary inventions of the last decade. A cronut is a like a croissant and a donut had a baby. It's rich buttery layered pastry dough that's fried and filled with vanilla cream. read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cronut

I have long dreamed about being able to vape this flavor and now you can too.

There are 3 main notes here.

The Buttery Flaky Pastry. VTA Croissant is exactly that.

The Crispy Fried Texture. FA Zeppola a fried cake donut does exactly what it needs to here. At 2% gives you a nice fried dough flavor without turning caky or muddling the recipe.

The Vanilla Cream. FLV Vanilla Pudding is so good. It's a dark dark vanilla. It's incredibly creamy and perfectly smooth at just 1%. It holds up well against all that butter and dough.

I sweeten this recipe with 0.5% FW Sweetener.

Watch the Video Here:


A delicious, rich custard donut dusted with cinnamon sugar topping


Jammy Raspberry Cream Donut

Watch the video here:


Cream filled doughnut-
Doughnut comes through nicely but the star is those creams here, my take on a boston cream sugared doughnut

Warm, ooey-gooey, deep fried donut goodness! You can actually taste the grease saturated fried batter in this. If it's just too many calories for you go ahead and reduce FLV donut + FLV fried dough by .05-.1. This one makes me want to lick my fingers though it's realistic as all..😁🔵

Nice airy, yet rich, raspberry danish. The zeppola and pie crust combine to make that perfect dough part of the danish. I used the cookie to dry the dough out a touch and add some baked in sweetness. The butter adds a little salt profile to heighten the raspberry in the custard to make the raspberry filling for the danish.

Flavor Notes

By: Boogenshizzle Score: 95 / 100 Solo: 5.0% Mix: 3.5% Steep: 14 days Difficulty: 20 / 100

Solid flavor. If you want fried dough with very little sweetness, this is the way to go. Nice fried outside and lightly fluffy inside but not too much.

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