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Pretty dark and creamy and makes you feel dark and creamy

The recipe is a strawberry cheesecake with yogurt stone as main cream. For base we have bisquit base together with NY cheesecake and graham grust. I vape it after 1h but if you want keep it for 1 week. Enjoy!

Not sure how this will be. I will update after it steeps and I get to taste it.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. After a steep I will update my results.

This seems like a really complex recipe but in all honesty, if you don't have some of the berries in here you could likely just omit them or sub and you'd still get something really tasty. That being said, I feel the juicy lemon is pretty crucial as it adds a touch of tart undertone that gives the frozen yogurt a more authentic taste as well as giving a slight tart edge to the fruit notes, though Im sure almost any realistic lemon would suffice.

I used a combo of raspberries to get an authentic berry taste, strawberry shisha to round up the top notes and a touch of pear to give it some juiciness. To me, boysenberry has that kinda fresh squished berry taste that I was looking for and is an awesome flavor with so much use. You wouldn't regret buying it.

Saskatoon berry is another really interesting flavor that I like very much, its rather reminiscent of dewberry. I know this is a flavor that some really don't like, Its really not essential to the mix so leave it out if you don't have/like it, it wont make it or break it. However, if you're looking for an interesting deviation from your typical boring stone fruit recipes, I suggest trying this.

Add whichever sweetener you like, in this mix, I prefer FLV sweetness @ 2% which gives it a more "sweet from within" taste & doesn't mess up coils.

Chill! You can add whichever cooling if you like, IF you like it frosty. WS23 @ .50% did it just right for me in this mix.

Doesn't really need a steep but I do find the yogurt comes in nicer after the 2nd or 3rd day.

Please comment & rate if you do mix it up, not enough people do this here and its important for mixers to get feedback as a way of saying thank you for their hard work! :) ENJOY!

Please DO NOT repost this to any other sites in any format, I have my reasons for only posting on ATF

●it is more spot-on to the profile with 2% Strawberry (TPA) but i hate this concetrate so i replaced it with Strawberry (RF)

●For the year in mixing candy challenge

●The licence to chew:

In 1930 Edmund Münster acquires the licence to produce an innovative, fruity chew "without gum, made of sugar, syrup and other ingredients". He calls it MAOAM and at Easter 1931, he brings it on the market as "an extremly delicious, highly sought-after specialty candy".


i get some chemical offnotes in the middle of the exale
suggestions on how to get rid of them are very welcome☡☢


With all of these kilberry recipes floating around now I thought I would put my version up:-

Fa yogurt / cap creamy yogurt / fa meringue:
Two of the best yogurts mixed with meringue to give an amazing yogurt base and is my go to base in any yogurt recipe!

Fa kiwi:
Lets face facts its the king of kiwis! And at a low percent like this it doesnt overpower the whole recipe and lets it just blend in with the strawberrys nicely

Fa red touch / inw shisha strawberry:
I cant taste strawberry ripe or sweet strawberry so these two mixed together helps bring the candy strawberry element that we all love in a strawberry mix

Cap super sweet:
I actually used drip hacks ultra sweet but all the flavors doesnt have it, i wanted this mix to be sweet as i have a sweet tooth for juices but if thats not your thing you can lower this if you want

This recipe is amazing and can easily become an adv with in your first try its smooth and creamy from the yogurt but sweet and candy like from the fruits.

Mix it up and let me know what you think

Here's my recipe for the charity show at the end of 2017 on DiyOrDie. It's been a huge year in diy, and we're going out with a BANG! This is as close as I've come to date in creating a creamy frozen yogurt that translates well in to a vape. I went with adding mango as it's a tasty and familiar flavour. Thank you all for such a great year, looking forward to 2018!

Fage yogurt with honey. Don’t leave out the Oba Oba, it makes the FA Yogurt not taste like stinky, old cheese and feet. Despite this stellar description mentioning old cheese and feet, this really is a wonderful vape, IMO.

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