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(FA) Whisky

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Used in 177 recipes at an average of 1.144%.


20 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Modified from Tappppppppp's Whiskey&RY, based on the suggestion of /u/chemicalburnvictim. I may make another alteration depending on how the steep affects this version.

The Algonquin Round Table was a group of New York City writers, critics, actors, and wits. Gathering initially as part of a practical joke, members of "The Vicious Circle", as they dubbed themselves, met for lunch each day at the Algonquin Hotel from 1919 until roughly 1929.


Popcorn Sutton is a legend in the world of moonshine. If you've never heard of him . . . google it! Sutton Beauty is a type of apple. Thus, Sutton's Beauty . . . my attempt at an apple pie moonshine.

INW Two Apples/CAP Cinnamon Sugar/WF Caramel Butter/FA Vanilla Bourbon makes up the "apple pie" side of this recipe. I wanted a subtle cinnamon mixed with a buttery caramel layered with the apples. I knew I wanted some vanilla, but nothing overly creamy. I opted for FA Vanilla Bourbon . . . I thought it would play nice with the moonshine side the recipe.

I used Liquid Amber to add a little cooked/fermented layer to the apples.

I went with the combo of Kentucky Bourbon and Whisky for the moonshine aspect, though moonshine is typically a white, or clear, whiskey produced and sold without any aging. This does a good job of bringing a subtle booziness to the caramel/cinnamon apples.

I'm really enjoying this as a SNV . . . mixed it up 60vg/40pg. Enjoy!


I figured since we are now eating em, we may as well vape em too.

This was quickly thrown together... never to be mixed again.

FA Whiskey - Gives it a bite. Something subtle in the backend to throw off everything. Adds that soapy hand sanitizer.

JF Marshmallow - The pods sit on a bed of chalk. At a higher percentage, the dry marshmallow adds to a whole bite.

FA Orange / Lime Tahity / Liquid Amber / HS Blueberry - Based off the blue and orange pods, easily needed a fruit note. Orange is self explanitory while the Blueberry needed a more 'green' note sting. The Lime Tahity brings on that Pledge lemon, while Liquid Amber gives a gel feel overall.

CAP Jelly Candy - Some plastic note, almost waxy coating.

CAP Super Sweet - Wayne told me to.


This is my favorite tobacco recipe last year. It’s a “grown up” tobacco so the sweet notes take a back seat to a smooth strong tobacco, with woody type highlights, and a sweet whiskey base.

Starting in at 7% FA Soho this mild RY4 type is lightly sweet and ultra smooth. With some delicate caramel and vanilla backnotes, with a rich and smooth tobacco forward flavor this is a perfect base to build our relaxing “seat by the fire” type of tobacco vape.

TFA Kentucky Bourbon at 2.5% and FA Whiskey at .75% gives us a deep, boozey whiskey base. Sweet, but not too sweet. It is supported by the sweeter notes in FA Soho and Oba Oba.

FA Oakwood at 1% leaves a deep cedar, woody note. A touch on the dry side, it’s counteracted by the creamy notes in FA Soho and FA Oba Oba.

FA Oba Oba at 2%. My secret weapon in bold tobaccos. Not creamy per se, and really more similar to marshmallow candy. Being sort of generically fruity and non invasive it gives our tobacco and whiskey base some more body and dense mouthfeel, floating our tobacco in a thick mouthfeel that’s creamy without having any dairy tones.

A dash of MTS Vape Wizard goes a long way to smooth over any stray harsh notes from tobacco and whiskey, but it isn’t super necessary. The vape will still be smooth without it if you don’t have it.


Apples macerated in whisky and baked with a lovely crusty taste and fluffy cakey bottom and topped of with cream.

RF SC Apple and RF SC Apple Pie paired for perfection, very sweet and rich apple taste in a light crusty jacket.
FA Liquid amber adds some needed acidity to the apples.
To give the mix a fluffy cake feel i've added some JF Yellow Cake
FA Whisky was used for a light oak wood, grain and malted taste to the already sweet mix of apples.
FLV rich cinnamon (2drops/10ml) added because i feel that the RF SC Apple Pie does not have cinnamon or at least i couldn't taste it.
FA Vanilla Bourbon and FLV Cream rounds this mix off

steep at least 8 days, blame this on the whisky that needs to blend with the other ingredients, FA Whisky have a dry and rather earthy taste, it need the time to blend with the mix!

inhale: apples and a lovely taste of whisky
exhale: round vanilla and creamy apples with a cinnamon afterbite

Very addictive dessert/bakery vape, you've been warned :-)

A sweet, slightly tart apricot whiskey drink. I just thought it would be fun and it was, so enjoy.


Smooth earthy whiskey followed by warm vanilla cream.

TFA kentucky bourbon/FA whisky/FA oak wood - The two liquiors mix together well though both tend to fade, the oak wood is here to get them to hold their flavor longer while adding a subtle smokey note.
FLV cream/HS French vanilla ice cream/TFA toasted marshmallow/FW butterscotch ripple - the cream and French vanilla ice cream combine for a nice heavy cream for the whiskey to sit on. The toasted marshmallow and butterscotch ripple add to the body and mouthfeel, keeping it thick through the exhale.
FA maple syrup/FA torrone/INW shisha vanilla - the maple syrup flavor is barely detectable, which surprised me at 1% but it adds not only sweetness but richness as well. The torrone lends a hand to the texture and shisha vanilla is strong enough to fall in line behind the whiskey but not be overtaken by the creams.

This doesn't need long to sit, tastes fine right after mixing though the whiskey will mellow after a few days as the creams develop.


After single testing JF Honey Peach, I thought that I might want some whiskey with it. I have similar thoughts about a number of things. I like how this recipe highlights the bottom-note sweetness of the peach, so I figured I would share it. I like this best after a few days. I chose INW Lemon Mix for my tart contrast because I wanted to explore it a bit more, but try some FA Lemon Sicily or some other tart lemon or INW Grapefruit or FLV Pink Guava or FA Aurora or...


A delicious banana nut bread with a hint of bourbon. Winner of DIYorDIE Recipe of the Year 2015.

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