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GF candycrash is actually FA oba oba which i couldn't find on here. About the same thing i think. Flavor pro challenge

Luxurious blend of Black Cavendish tobaccos This is an exceptionally smooth blend,


This was made as an easy 2 flavor hitter quitter. Super easy at 1% FA Walnut and 1% FLV Classic Cigarette. First 5-6 days the walnut is the major player here but its a moist mouthful feel. after a week the ash from the classic cigarette peeks through and start to mingle with the walnut. The walnut eases n smooths the transition between the 2 flavors.

Can be a SnV if you want that walnut dominance but if you wait a week or 2 then it gets alot better overall

be very challenging week. Borrowing a trick from sad lad for that granulated sugar coating. I have been under the weather this week and can't taste anything so I'm not sure if I pulled it off. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Sweet apple, creamy sweet rice, buttery caramel, walnut, with a touch of vanilla custard.
I added a small touch of tobacco flavor to this recipe after it was developed, for those who are in search of a sweet apple, very slight tobacco, recipe.
If you don't want the tobacco in this recipe you don't have to add it.
The slight note of tobacco, however, accentuates the caramel and walnut.

SNV- Best @ 14-30 days.
Hardware set up.
Hadaly RDA 0.6 ohm SS 316L (8 wraps) 3mm diameter coil, cotton candy wick, mod set at 35-40 Watts.

dam i dont know how to give descriptions, im not good at this

This one was created from two of my creations : Shaded Cuban With A Nut + Sweet Vanilla Pecan Tobacco V2.. minus a few flavors, adding FA marshamllow and FLV tatanka tobacco to this. Only time will tell if this was a great move to make.. I'll give this one 21 days before trying it but will wait longer.


give min 14 days before trying this one is a definite keeper in my tobaccos

the Greek version of donuts ,The perfect traditional loukoumades, crispy and golden

Swirling with honey, nuts, from the oldest foods, is one of the great products of tradition in Greece Just follow the recipe we give you and you will have your own homemade yogurt in 5 days

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