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(FA) Vienna Cream

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I got the idea from Mr. Walker and just wanted too expand on it alil more and maybe give you more mouth fill

Flavor Profile - Corn cereal generously sprinkled into melted vanilla ice cream (going for a bayer's ice cream).

Tasting Notes: After a few days of steeping this one is turning out quite nice, its a nice creamy corn flake recipe. There are a few minor changes i will make as develop the recipe, but my girlfriend and i have been loving this version so i wanted to share! Her and i really love juice with a corny note to it,

Notes for v2: want to get a better vanilla note from the recipe and try to give the corn more "brightness". It's quite nice how it is now though, kind of like a corn flake pudding which is close to what I'm going for. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Think I'm gonna change TFA Toasted mm to fa mm. Vaping it some more it almost has some fortune cookie notes on the exhale, i wonder if i could adapt this to bring those notes out more... would be cool to have a good fortune cookie recipe. Also had some ideas of turning this into some type of nut corn flakes, like a honey nut corn flake/corn pop recipe.

Flavor Notes:
Acetyl Pyrazine - Additive, using this as it is normally used - to add to the cereal notes of the recipe in this case.

Cereal 27 - the main cereal note. Brings the main corn flake flavor. Backed up with flv crunch cereal.

FLV Crunch Cereal - using this flavor to back up the CAP Cereal 27 and add a bit of cereal sweetness and corn notes.

FA Meringue - one of my favorite creamy flavors, just love the eggy creamy amazingness this brings to a mix. Using along side Vienna cream to make it more of a milky base. Just such a nice flavor to mix with creams.

TFA Toasted Marshmallow - using this flavor as an emulsifier and to add that nice toasted note to the cereal flavors. Might change it out for FA Marshmallow and go for more maltiness if this one doesn't work out.

TFA VBIC - the main creamy, delicious, ice cream note. Using it along side meringue and Vienna cream to really build a nice melted ice cream.

FA Vienna Cream - using this to add some more light vanilla and creamy dairy notes. Another one of my favorite creamy flavors, also has some eggy notes which I like.

Possible substitutions/additions for future versions:
FW Hazelnut - to add some more interesting notes to the creams, will probably do interesting things with the cereal notes as well.

TFA brown sugar - might use this to give a dark sugar glaze on the cereal

Milk and Honey - might use this to give some honey notes and more diary milk notes. I think the honey would add to the cereal notes and give more complexity to the recipe.

FA Meringue sub for FA Fresh Cream - might change out these two if there is too much eggy notes and note enough dairy.

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FLV Milk & Honey, haven't used at all until this mix, been wanting to play with it, wanted to build a recipe around it. What a delicious flavor!! Another killer one from Flavorah. I actually get nice light graham cracker flavor in there, sort of honey graham crackers, and the creaminess of the milk is definitely there, slightly dairy.
Lately, I've been using a lot of FA Fresh Cream, CAP Sweet Cream lately and FA Meringue at a 2:1:0.5 ratio, that's my go to milk base now, so I didn't want to use them at all, I wanted something different to support Milk & Honey so I went with a touch of FA Vienna Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard.
I've also been wanting to incorporate in some subtle touches of nut flavoring, I love what 0.5% FA Almond can do with any cream, so I decided to try it with a few different ones.
I couldn't decide which I really wanted here, que Dr. Gonzo, I said to hell with it and used all the ones I was contemplating with FA Torrone being the most random of them all, another one I've never mixed with in my own recipes but used sparingly in others. So far I get different notes of each depending on the pull, sometimes the hazelnut is really present in the exhale/after taste, sometimes the sweetness of the pistachio or almond lingers or combines, sometimes the torrone comes out strong in the front for a moment, the nougat and nuttyness, it's a pretty intriguing and fun mix to vape for sure.

It tasted pretty good as a shake and vape, it was made 9/27/2017 and after a good week steep it's great, but it continues to fill out through weeks two and three.

this is exact recipe as you would get if you went red robin or applebees its fuckin amazing


This turned out to be quite enjoyable. It was an earlier rendition of Blue Doh that got super steeped. After stumbling upon the steeped test mix I was amazed and immediately began to share online. Check it out if you have all the flavors. No notes for this one as they kind of got erased after developing Blue Doh, But I do certainly suggest you mix this up.


Another donut? Yes. Homer can't get enough of these things. I hadn't tried formulating a Blueberry style donut before but I had WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough on hand and thought....

Self: What can we do with this?
Other Self: Well.. It's dough you dipshit! A friggin' donut!
Self: Alrighty then, Behavioral therapy it is.

So this flavor needs a bit of a steep to allow the complexities of the bakery elements to meld together, But the aroma right away will make you glad you mixed this up. Enjoy :)

Full flavor notes... Loading... Loading.. Loading.. Smacks keyboard

Self: Eh, Forget it. Shuts computer down

Warm baked apple pie straight out of the oven from yo mama on thanksgiving and Christmas

Melon Cream. It's good off the shake too!
Bavarian Cream/Vienna Cream
Vienna Cream gives that light cream with a subtle vanilla, Bavarian Cream thickens it up and provides that thick dairy mouth-feel

Custard Pi 3.14
This is used to thicken everything up nicely, it also adds to the vanilla slightly, and eats any of the harshness that the Lemon provides.

Lemon Sicily
Tartness. It prevents the combination of creams from getting too heavy and thick through tartness

Wild Melon/Watermelon
This provides the main flavour note, underpinned by Double Apple.

Strong espresso taste combined with the special tobacco blend of Tuscan Reserve (Ultimate) (FA). Creams help those strong flavors to mellow a little.

A strawberry cookie with cheesecake icing. I got the idea for this profile from the Keebler fudge stripes strawberry cheesecake limited edition cookies. When i tasted these cookies i thought to myself i got to make this vapeable. So after about 2 months of testing this is what i've come up with. I think it's pretty damn close to the profile I was trying to achieve. Please let me know what you think in the comments below I am always up for help making recipes taste better. This is also my first recipe that I am sharing on here.


FA Juicy Strawberry / INW Shisha Strawberry
These two make up the strawberry in this recipe and I also think it's a great combination. The FA Juicy Strawberry is a great strawberry Flavor. The INW Shisha Strawberry helps complete the strawberry profile and makes the strawberry last in the recIPE.

FA Cookie / CAP Sugar Cookie
This is what makes up the cookie portion of this recipe. I really like these flavors together they make for a really good sweet cookie and that is what i was trying to get for the profile. It's kinda like a sweet strawberry sugar cookie and these three together work good for that with the strawberry combination I used.

FA Vienna Cream / FA Cream Fresh
This is where the icing comes from. These two together used at a one to one ratio makes for a pretty straight forward icing in my book that can be tasted along side the cookie and cheesecake flavor in this recipe. It also helps hide the crust flavor from the CAP NY Cheesecake flavoring which isn't that prominent anyway in that flavoring. It also helps boost the creaminess in the cheesecake as well. Bringing that filling that you get in a piece of cheesecake up front so it pops more.

CAP NY Cheesecake
To me this is one of the best cheesecake flavors out there. In this recipe it works well due to the fact it lacks that crust flavor and that is what i wanted so it did not take away from the cookie flavor but at the same time helping the cookie. It really worked well with the profile also so i had to use it.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 80 / 100

Smooth and light cream, very sweet with just a touch of egg, very light vanilla, and a hint of butter.

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