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(FA) Vienna Cream

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Adaptation of @alisa on ELR's "Bust a Nut"

This is a very high flavour percentage recipe, and these are the reduced numbers from original.
Saline is 1 drop per 10ml.

It's a delicious juice as she makes it (give it a week or two's steep)
This is just adapted to my taste buds a bit.

this is just a revised version of my first recipe and I wanna see if this one would be better than the first

The Hook:
Oh You Tart! She used to be a dinner lady then she became a tart, "Devine" intervention helped her to become one of the most popular tarts of 2017. She not only brings all the boys to the yard but is also the envy of the other ladies and has won the title of being "the ultimate tart! "

The Description:
This is a remix of a remix of a remix and now is truly (IMO) the ultimate lemon tart! One of the most interesting and fun things to experience in mixing is being able find a recipe you like and learn from how all the flavors work together then tweek it to something that you like better. This is exactly what I have set out to do here. The Remix of the Original called "Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix" by DAZCOLE has been one of the most popular ever remixes in DIY history and so much so companies including "Chef's UK" now stock the popular concentrate under the "Devine" brand of concentrates. So how can I make this better? I think I can make the lemon notes smoother and more rounded on the edges and bring some more mouthfeel and cream to this profile that suit the way I like to enjoy my vape. Will it be better/worse or different from the "Devine" remix? You be the judge! Enjoy :) #RemixMonth

Spending summers at my grandmother’s house was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. As a city mouse, riding horses, fishing, diving into crystal clear waters of the swimming hole on the other side of the pasture were what I lived for. Most of all I loved picking the blackberries, blueberries and dewberries that grew wild, doing my best not to get stuck or be bitten by the occasional snake hiding in the brush.

I remember running back to her house with purple stains on my face and a T-shirt filled with as berries as I could carry feeling like I’d conquered the world. She’d praise me for my harvest then churn up some of the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever had. My job was to turn the crank on add more rock salt and ice as it slowly melted, which was very serious business. I knew it was almost ready when I smelled the aroma of sugar cookies wafting in the breeze while I labored on the back porch.

Once the cookies cooled enough she’d carefully sandwich a scoop of the berry ice cream we made between two giant sugar cookies then smush it together. We’d both sit on the swing on her porch licking our fingers until every drop was gone. I finished the night catching fire flies and watching for shooting stars until it was time for bed. Before she passed away years later I would bring her blackberry ice cream and sugar cookies when I’d come to visit as an adult. She loved The Golden Girls so we’d enjoy our treat while we watched her favorite show together. This ones for you granny.....miss and love you.

FW Blackberry - this is the best blackberry I’ve found and serves as the main berry flavor in this recipe. It’s dark and sweet, with a very slight tang to it, but somewhat one dimensional.

FA Bilberry - helps sweeten the blackberry a little more and add some depth and weight.

TFA Strawberry Ripe - also adds sweetness and smooths out the blackberry, while giving it brightness and body to make it taste more realistic.

FA Apple Pie - is the secret ingredient to this recipe and is what ties everything together. It adds a baked quality and more texture to the sugar cookie without being too intrusive. FA Fuji could also work, but can be rather strident if too much so cut the percentage down to 0.25% if you’re subbing. I prefer Apple pie though and the additional AP it brings.

FA Vienna Cream, TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - together make the ice cream. If TFA VBIC is too peppery for you try using FW VBIC. You can also sub HS French Vanilla Ice Cream if you don’t have Vienna Cream.or whatever cream you like. I prefer the richness of Vienna cream because it adds more density to the ice cream.

CAP Sugar Cookie - it’s of course creates the sweet sandwich and at 2% adds the right amount of texture. The extra AP in the Apple pie helps it greatly IMO.

It’s good as a SNV, but needs a day or two or three to really shine. Give it a try, it’s quickly become one of my favorite recipes!

It is an island, Cycladic pie! Many may have eaten it and you did not like it because it looks like a sweet slurry. The first time I tried a watermelon was like that. That's why I decided to make my own recipe.

Watermelon needs attention even though it is a very simple traditional pie!

this is a remix of no name's blue moon ice cream and the original is pretty damn good guys

I’ve made probably twenty recipes with hazelnut trying to find something better than bust a nut. I vapes that stuff for a month straight. Finally I came up with this. At first you get butterscotch but just for a second then it’s a beautiful creamy hazelnut, So good. The FA hazel grove backs up fw hazelnut because I personally have problems tasting it after vaping it for a week lol. I used TFA vbic because it’s decadence. I’m lucky and don’t get the pepper. If you do get pepper sub liquid barn for it. The Butterscotch I believe has been the missing ingredient. It kind of sauces things up here. Sweetener I think needs to be there because I’m trying to mimic the hazelnut cream that goes in your coffee and well that stuff is loaded with sugar. I’m trying to get better about only releasing the absolute best I have got ADHD so when I taste something good I release it and that’s not always good because after a steep it changes. This has been sitting for a week mixed it up on ELR and brought it over here because it’s that good

Yep another fruit ring.... its pretty good I'm in week one of a steep I think it can go to two weeks . give it a try


I saw this picture displayed for an Australian Christmas Dessert and was totally inspired to turn this into a vape recipe. Their description is: Meet the new stack-and serve pavlova: Our speedy Easiest-ever Berry-Cherry Pavlova has crisp layers of Meringue Discs, a jammy filling and fresh fruity toppings. With that description I have headed for my flavor stash to see if I can get this to work. With all the layers in this recipe I predict a good 5-8 day steep will be needed. None the less I will go in Berry Deep as my journey progresses with this recipe and see if the Jammy notes in the INW Strawberry play well with the depth of berry goodness that TFA Acai berry should bring while I use what IMO is the only Meringue concentrate worth using while I fluff it out with the gorgeous vienna cream and attempt to get those fresh strawberries defined in this profile around all the rest going on in this recipe. The sugar cookie I hope to help bring out some texture to this recipe while also being helped along with that gorgeous biscuit from Inawera. And the Cherry on top is the Cherry that I hope will bring that complex depth of berry deep goodness to this profile. Here goes it! I shall report back and let you peeps know this goes :) All I want for Christmas.....is.........yoooooooouuu! (I sing loudly and off key lol)
And YES straight of the shake it's beautiful! (better with 5-7days I recommend) So much depth and texture. See it being made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHplp6Wx0BU

This is a eggnog custard pie with a graham cookie crust!!! I figured with the approaching holidays why not put out an eggnog recipe!! I made 7 different profiles and it was between this and a boozy eggnog ice cream that I enjoyed the most. I may still release the other eggnog profile I liked but for now this one takes care of my eggnog cravings. I hope you enjoy or at least get some useful ideas from this recipe.

The graham cookie crust:
I used a combination of flavorah cookie and graham cracker with a little help from flavorah pastry zest. Pastry zest has a dual purpose it helps spice up the eggnog custard filling as well as the graham cookie crust. I find pastry zest likes to be used at a bit higher of a percentage for an additive ingredient like it is I think it shines in the 2% - 2.5% range here I used it at 2.5%.

The eggnog custard filling:
For this I used a combination of flavorah eggnog and inawera custard with a supporting hand from flavor art Vienna cream and a sprinkle of flavorah rich cinnamon. I made 7 different eggnog profiles while developing this recipe and I found that flv eggnog is much better in the 3% - 3.5% range when most are using it lower I think they are missing out because it is a much Fuller flavor at 3.5% and it is creamier as well and out of all seven of the profiles I ended up bringing the eggnog up to at least 3% because once I knew the difference in using this ingredient from 3% -3.5% there was no going back I had to use it at 3% - 3.5%. I used inawera custard because I wanted a creamy custard with no vanilla I only wanted the creamy custard and that's what I got at 2%. I used Vienna cream by flavor art because it is known for having eggnog like qualities at higher percentages. Now I didn't need any more eggnog flavor so I used Vienna cream at a standard 1.5% just to help conjoin the eggnog and the custard and help make them both creamier and it doesn't hurt that its an eggnog style of creaminess.

Steep time:
This recipe tastes decent on day three but take my word on it just let it sit for 10- 14 days because once all the flavors conjoin together and become one this recipe really comes alive.

Like always sweeten to taste me I use flavorah sweetness anywhere from .25%-.50% in almost all my mixes. I am not putting it in the ingredient list because most of you use a different sweetener and that's fine that's what's great about diy no one can tell you how you want it!!! I used flavorah sweetness at .25% in this mix because it doesn't need to be overly sweetened and .25% seems to be just right for my taste preference.

Flavor Notes

By: Chrisdvr1 Score: 80 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 2 days Difficulty: 80 / 100

Smooth and light cream, very sweet with just a touch of egg, very light vanilla, and a hint of butter.

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