(FA) Tuscan Reserve

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It's all about the strength and flavor of the tobacco. For those who love to indulge with cigars and/or tobaccos, Cobano captures the ultimate experience. It offers a leafy slight spicy, earthy tone that is blended beautifully into Vanilla to create a unique Tobacco Vape. I really enjoy this and hope you like it. Enjoy!

The taste of a Green Tea type paired with scotch is an amazing flavor. The tea is usually lightly sweetened (add a little sweetener if you see fit).. The soft, vegetal, grassy flavours of most green tea types means it adds to, rather than overpowers, even the lightest whiskies. Now paired with a fine Italian leaf cigar enhanced by cured. I find that the Vanilla ties it together nicely. Enjoy!!!

Tastes like a Toscano Cigar smells, with just a touch of caramel and some nuttiness. Not smoky or ashy at all.

A Simply Beautiful Shake N Vape Tobacco...Shines After a Few Weeks
Cuban Cigar Dipped in Jamaican Rum with a light note of Coconut

Strong espresso taste combined with the special tobacco blend of Tuscan Reserve (Ultimate) (FA). Creams help those strong flavors to mellow a little.

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