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(FA) Tea Green

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 62 recipes at an average of 2.41%.


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A nice refreshing profile. Pretty straightforward and simple formula. Nice floral green tea with a splash of cream and a touch of lemon. Super chilled with the ws-23 without the menthol like taste of ice flavors. This is an awesome recipe that’s perfect for a warm day!

This is my first recipe and my try to make a delicious ice tea citrus!
For me this already tastes really nice and i hope you can enjoy it aswell :)

Add WS-23 or Kolada how you like it. I like it REALLY cold so just dosate as you need :)

Also its really low in flavour after mixing. After about 4-8 hours it already got a nice taste. I recommend let it steep for atleast 1 day.


People in D / A / CH most likely know and love "Der Grüne" by Pfanner, which is a Cactus-Lemon Green Ice Tea.
After around 6 Iterations, this recipe comes close to 99% of the orginal.

TFA Sweet Tea builds the tea base that is rounded up to a Green Tea base with FA Green Tea and FA Bergamot.
INW Cactus and CAP Lemon Sicily are providing the Cactus-y, Lemon-y note that is slightly sour with some help of TFA Sour.

SuperSweet and WS-23 are additives of course, but are a must for the original taste and coldness of an Ice Tea.

Steep Time: Can be SNV'd but it is recommended to let it steep for at least 3 days for the Cactus to settle. The recipe reaches its full potential after 5+ days.


a very simple but good sweet tea haven't played much besides getting the stand alone %

A gourmet tea mix that has the papaya-tangerine tandem as the main note accentuated by florals.

I was raised in southern Louisiana, primarily by my mother. All year long, we would have a stock of approximately 1 gallon of sweet, SWEET, southern iced tea. As my brother and I got older, we became interested in learning how to make "the best tea in the world". We were shocked to find that my mother put 2 cups of sugar/gallon of boiling water.

Fast forward to being an adult, living in Northeast Ohio, I find myself craving sweet tea as soon as winter breaks and I trade in my winter coat for a light jacket. My brother, living in TX now, has adapted my mom's old recipe, cutting the sugar by 2/3. This Recipe is inspired by my brother's adaptation: Louisiana Sweet Tea

CAP Juicy Lemon/FA Lime Tahity: These two flavors, at this percentage give you a lovely lemon-citrus blend. It's a light counter-balance to the earthy depth of the teas.

CAP Super Sweet/TPA Marshmallow: The Super sweet gives you that sugary sweetness that comes with sweet tea. The TPA Marshmallow gives a little more sweetness, plus a tiny bit of vanilla/marshmallow. Honestly, at 0.25, the marshmallow can likely be dropped as it's just a mild flavor enhancer.

FA Black Tea and Green Tea. These two teas combined give you the earthiness of the black tea with the floral high notes of the green tea. I love these two flavors combined.

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