(FA) Tea Black Water Soluble

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A calming floral tea, perfect for chilly spring evenings.

The tea base starts with FA Black Tea, a straightforward black tea without a lot of sweetness on it's own. FLV Lemon Tea provides the forward tea flavor, accompanied by a warm lemon note that compliments the FA Lavender nicely.

FLV Cream and FLV Milk and Honey provide a slightly creamy background to smooth out some of the dry notes in FA Black Tea and FA Lavender, while adding some body and sweetness. Overall a very simple flavor, with enough quiet complexity to keep me coming back to it.


Nothing fancy here, just the nailing of a profile that's long been on my DIY bucket list but wasn't possible before sweet juicy FLV Mango, black tea sweetened with mango syrup and served over ice. There's more than twice as much Koolada in here as I would usually add but it's nothing to be afraid of. Some flavors don't seem to appreciate being Koolada'ed but FLV Mango and FA Black Tea are not among them. Short steep needed because the tea comes on too strong as an S&V.

Brief notes posted here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5am6a3/november_2016_recipe_thread/


A creamy, sweet, Thai Tea

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