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Honeydewwy Bubble milk tea

Note: MF Honeydew = RAW honeydew*

I was playing around with RAW honeydew (I highly recommend it) and somehow triggered a memory of a peach&mango bubble tea I had a few years back during a visit to Frankfurt, Germany.

Its been 7 years and I hope my memory doesnt fail me with this intepretation. This is a first strike recipe and I don't really see any need to do more work on it. I really enjoy it and it hit the spot for me.

Cream layer
The top layer is going to be very light so i have a rare opportunity to really play with a good cream layer.

TFA Sweet cream - sweet and velvety
TFA Vanilla swirl - this will take away some of the weight but has the exact vanilla tone I am looking for
FA fresh cream - nondescript and used to undo the lightening effect of the swirl

Tea layer
FA black tea - strong and dark, exactly right for the profile although a tad bit earthy. I really love how the black tea lingers on your pallette, that is a quality I deem desirable for this specific profile.

TFA Green tea - breaks that earthyness and just give body and depth to the tea layer. While i wasnt specifically going for a matcha profile, I think it did a wonderful job and compliment the profile beautifully.

TFA Cherry blossom - bubble teas are ofter made with aromatic teas and i didnt feel the standard ceylon or bergamot or would go too well with the honeydew... So I chose cherry blossom, I felt that with the vanilla will help push the tea into the aromatic territory and I am very pleased with the result.

Dewwy layer
The top layer is very light so we are going in low and linear.

RAW Honeydew - light, authentic and creamy, simple and effective.

You can play around with this, chocolate, mango, peach, berries, coconut, hazelnut, almonds.. Even citrus... The possibilities are endless! stay low and you will get great results.

CAP Super sweet - helps mask some of the astringent top notes in the black tea but also helps in carrying the creams and vanilla.

So thats it. I'd love to get feedback on my attempt!


Just as the name implies. Tea, with sweet lemonade and a bunch of peach. Very much reminiscent to the Snapple flavor

a light splash of cream in a hot cup of black tea with dried blueberries.

The FA Black tea works as a slightly astringent black tea, almost as though it were steeped just a bit too long.

That's where the creams come in though, helping to bury that astringent note and fill out the body of the tea. Originally the recipe called for twice as much of each cream, but that will lend itself to a faint sour note from the sweet cream. dialing them both back by half left the tea to stand up on its own, while still burying that astringency.

The blueberry combo used here is more "earthy" and marries well into the tea. Not a shock of bold fresh blueberries, but instead more of the dried berry you'd see in an herbal tea.

My take on an Arnold Palmer updated with a smoother mix and less angst. While originally created as a concept mix, I did actually enjoy it. This is an updated version largely improved and yet different from original in many profound ways. It is a reimagining of life after being focused on problems, this here is the solution.

Main Note:
INW Plum/FA BC - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Plum to me is a bit thin at 1 and at 2 it's at it's limit. I wanted to give it a deeper fruity vibe and sweeten it up so I went with FA Black Cherry, and a touch of FW Sweetener.

FA Black Tea/VT Lemonade Clear/VT Sour lemon - This combo was used to create a lighter tea feel and a less sweet lemonade base to fit the dryness of the fruit. FA BT can probably be bumped up a bit if you want more tea out of it or maybe add a support with something less intense/more forgiving.


FLV Yakima Hops/Pink Guava/INW Cactus - This adds some very slight funk to the whole mix that at these low levels adds just a hint of tropical funk and wetness. It folds under the rest quite nicely to me.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.4%,

Very simple sweet tea with a distinct peach note. The honeysuckle rounds out the black tea for a lighter floral tea flavor.

When I saw this picture I envisioned a nice summer poolside drink.
Cranberry juice with Tea and Brandy for an afternoon refreshing mixed drink, infused with strawberry oranges and lemons.

FA Lemon Sicily and FA Bergamot for the realistic citric aspect

FA Black Tea with a touch of FLV Red Tea for the steeped tea leaves aspect

TFA Cramberry Sauce with TFA Strawberry for the juice part of the cocktail.

FA Brandy for the light yet dry boosy aspect.

INW Cactus and FA polar blast for the refreshing effect.

Sweetener to mimic the syrupy taste of concentrated fruit juice.


My take on an Arnold Palmer. While described as a concept mix, it suits my tastes for real and if you try it, I hope you like it too. This is also a tribute to my now ex wife who, after close to 700 days of her dragging her feet on the divorce, has finally let it all go. I give you this tall dry drink in honor of our time flushed down the drain. Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/8zlp5l/my_first_shared_recipe_arnold_plumber_unclogging/

Main Note:
INW Plum/Grape - Not very many recipes use Plum, but I loved its dryness, yet it was just a hair short of full. Which seemed appropriate to describe my ex so, rather than flesh out the insides (because there's none there), I decided to sweeten it up a bit. INW Grape carries some sweet, some purple but fades enough to let the dryness stand but occasional hints of sweetness keep you staying longer than you should. They help you forget this is mostly peel with no juiciness. Like an artificial sweetener that gives a hint of flavor which, at 1%, has no real substance.

FA Black Tea/LA Lemonade/FA Lemon Sicily - Black tea is dry. It needs some love. Here comes LA lemonade at 4%. Guess what? It's not enough. It's just enough sweetness for you to take the next drag, hoping, wanting, fingers crossed... Don't hold your breath. FA Lemon Sicily is that new Italian woman you've been seeing but she's just a hint compared to the baggage of your past. Sure, she's nice and sexy, but 0.5% is all you're willing to chance at this point. Maybe, eventually you'll up her to 0.75% but she shouldn't get her hopes up. She should enjoy the fact that you have healthy boundaries now.

TPA Honeysuckle - This adds some perfumic sweetness to confuse you. It's gaslighting at its finest. You keep saying, "But why are you so dry to me?" The flavor answers, "But I'm right here!" You can sense it, but it's got no mouthfeel -- just an ethereal empty promise of joy.

FLV Yakima Hops - This was the missing ingredient. It is the beer you wish you could use to wash away the misgivings. Instead it has turned to an earthy homage to humility that has brought you to hell and back again. It's there to remind you that you are now the salt of the earth. Hold your head high.

(Optional) Coolant:
FA Polar blast - I also mix this with Polar Blast at 0.5%,a necessary cold shoulder to her narcissism, that slight numbing coolness to wash it all down the drain like a dead goldfish that will become a radioactive monster in the underworld of the sewer system in some B movie. You survived, but there is no hero here. It was all dumb luck. Only time will tell if it was good or bad.

Let's hope the plumbing can handle the strain of the flush.

Additional Notes: This is good off the shake, but after 2 days the flavors all settle in to me enough and the hops begins to lend that slight fermentation hint.

Variations: One version that I liked, maybe a bit more, was with the addition of FA Bilberry at 0.5-1%.

a very simple but good sweet tea haven't played much besides getting the stand alone %

Week 9 - The Year of Mixing Challenge on Flavor-Pro's FB Group.

This is a remixed version of a floral fruity tea I had been making for a friend of mine some years ago, but some of the flavors I had used are no longer in production or I've found better flavors since then. So this new version of this tea utilizes a large amount of flavors at very low amounts each. This recipe isn't going to be for everyone, really it's only for us weirdos who like this type of flavor, like me and Kopel. If you are feeling daring and have all of these flavors give it a mix. If you have no idea if you like floral flavors, this could be a bit much of a recipe to get all the flavors for and not know if you like florals.

You can add a touch of sweetener to this if you want to, I personally don't sweeten it beyond the flavorings that are in there. But if I were going to sweeten it I would go rather low with it so it doesn't turn into candy.

Yes you can shake and vape this, but it will be lacking in notes that take longer to steep. I say give this a minimum of 14 days to steep, 21 will have even more of the tea flavors coming through the fruit and the floral notes continue to calm down until it's steep for a full month.


This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew milk challenge

Why did I name it Queen Catherine?

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