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(FA) Sour Wizard

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 292 recipes at an average of 0.918%.


22 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A easy ,delicious shake & vape emulated after a white gummy bear drink.
Please Try ,comment & Review !

A jelly mix of cranberry, apple, pineapple and citrus. Good off the shake. Better as it steeps out the astringent cranberry notes after about 7 days.

Looking for a a blue sour straw recipe, I worked on this for a little bit and I'm happy with the result. Delicious all day vape.

PS I added gunk to the name cause its gonna gunk up your coils.

First post on here. I start with a 500 ML batch of 12.5 ML Nic, 467.5 ML VG and 20 ML distilled water. I love sour apple belts so this is my attempt at a similar flavor and I've found it very enjoyable. Its a sweet fruity flavor. Note the Apple(tart Granny Smith) by TFA is actually Apple(Tart Green Apple) by TFA.

GF candycrash is actually FA oba oba which i couldn't find on here. About the same thing i think. Flavor pro challenge

This recipe is for The Year of Mixing week -42 inspiration.

This is a blend of berry notes with a touch of citrus intertwined, softened by a gentle cream and sweet coconut flavors. The Candy Wizard is used to sweeten and add a jammy richness, while balanced with the sour notes of Sour Wizard, and everything is softly smoothed with a bit of TFA Smooth.

This works well as a shake and vape recipe, but if you find it a touch harsh shake and vape, add up to 1% TFA Smooth to calm down the harsh notes as long as you don't plan to steep it. If you are going to steep for the 2 weeks it needs to be fully steeped leave the smooth levels as is in the recipe. I do also suggest adding (if you enjoy it) 0.75% FA Arctic Winter (Menthol) and 0.2% WS-23 to this mix. It adds a lovely element to it that I quite enjoy. If you do not like menthol or Cooling you can leave one or both out if you dislike them.

This is a cream coffee moose with a thin layer of cookie crisp bottom and a little bit of chocolate shavings on top and a chocolate cookie bottom. Using Cap vanilla custard FLV pudding I build the moose/pudding type base. FA Cappuccino bring a sweet creamy coffee note and flv coffee adds a slight bitter coffee bean note. I used VTA Coffee milk froth to accent the cream note in the coffee part of the mix. Sugar cookie adds just a touch of a bakery note for the bottom layer of the pudding. I layered in just a little bit of Fa Chocolate glazed doughnut to add cocoa notes and the Cookie Crisp at the bottom in the moose/pudding mix & representing the few chocolate shavings on the top. Finally I added a touch of sour wizard to the mix because I like to add that sour note to chocolate in order to make it pop. The sour Wizard is optional but it lends for a good accent to this mix and sour Wizard can be used at a higher % optionally to 0.50% and the sour note can be subbed with LA Tart and Sour if you don’t have FA sour Wizard. Tart and Sour has a different component as far as sour notes go but at this % it’s there as an enhancer rather than as a flavor note.
I recommend 5 day steep but it’s pretty good with an overnight sit.

Blueberry Cream Cake that is just beautiful.
New York Cheesecake CAP could be a sub, but up it 1%
In my mind, New York Cheesecake Purilum has no equal and works way better for deserts...Enjoy!!

I just got both fa juicy strawberry and rf sc blue raz so figured I'd mix them together and see what I get.

Fa Raspberry - So good to me in anything I put it in. In this recipe at 0.5% it's only used to backup the Blue raz and strawberry and to give it a little bit more of that Raspberry punch.

Rf sc Blue raz - I've been enjoying this concentrate quite a bit. It's got a nice candy vibe to it and 2% here is plenty enough for me.

Fa juicy strawberry - I love this strawberry. I've seen some people saying they can't taste it... well I can taste it and it tastes great to me. 1.5% gives this recipe a nice bright juicy punch in the face and really livens up the mix. For me it's a perfect fit here, you can taste a nice bit of strawberry and it sweetens up the mix.

Fa Oba Oba - Here for mouthfeel and to makes these berries taste even sweeter. I have to restrain myself from using oba oba in most of my mixes but it's a good fit here as I was going for straight candy berry crack sweetness. 0.75% is more then enough.

Fa Sour Wizard - This is THE additive for me. Really gives mixes that little extra somethin' somethin'. I use it at 0.25% and that's really all you need most of the time. This stuff is so dank, my tfa sour is so jelly.

Steep 2-3 days but is a decent s&v.

Delicious blend of berries and blue rock candy. Still a WIP but very close.

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