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This was an accidental mistake, I've never had a juice that tasted truly 'sour' i guess the sour taste doesn't translate well in a vape.

Whilst waiting for my tobaccos to steep, i needed something that would be good to vape off the shake.

Actually i never really vape fruit juices, nothing against them i just sorta get bored of them pretty quick.

Also i never really share recipes due to not being a great mixer :)

However i think this one warrants a share, due to the sour component of it. This is a sour, grapefruit and orange vape, the inhale is a solid grapefruit, then on the exhale you get the sour tangy orange. The orange is there, but its chilling in the background with the sour tangy note at the front.

Truth be told, as mentioned above little development went into this and calling it a fluke would be fair. However the flavours chosen were all obviously chosen for a reason, even if the sour outcome was unanticipated.

FA Sicilian is the foundation here, it’s a forgiving flavour that’s hard to fuck up when used. As far as fruits go its complex enough on its own, therefore I aimed to highlight some of the tangy notes by using the other flavours whilst keeping FA Sicilian at the dead center of it all.

CAP sweet tangerine is a zesty, wet sweet orange to the point of coming across as slightly artificial, this was used for two reasons, firstly it’s wet and at a low percentage we just take the tangy / zangy taste to add some zest to FA Sicilian whilst avoiding plastic sorta orange flavour from it.

FW blood orange isn’t zangy or tangy..far less artificial than CAP sweet tangerine, this is where we will take our orange from. It’s used pretty low here for one simple reason - I’m not a good enough mixer to avoid muddling, so it’s used sparingly here just to take the orange and avoid pushing it too far so that it steps on FA Sicilian’s toes.

CAP juicy lemon...to me at least CAP sweet tangerine a lemon flavored cousin, artificial, zesty, tangy...and it’s used in the same way, I don’t want any lemon from it but I want the tangy zest it has, just a drop gives us that and avoids introducing the lemon.

INW cactus...it’s cactus init, I anticipated without it, the juice would come across as a hard boiled candy, a drop of this avoids that issue, and keeps it wet.


Lemon Creme Lunch cookies, those off brand things shaped like oreos one brands called Lem-o-lunch. if you want some sadboy butter cookie and just can't get it how you want it, this is your recipe my friend. while not a dead on clone, i've been told its pretty close, as i've never had butter cookie, i was just making myself a lemon lunch cookie.


A lemon Custard filled doughnut, i'm bad with descriptions, just mix it! :)

A blend of exotic fruits in a tea serve hot or cold to pleasure your tongue with the taste of the Caribbean.... Wepa!

This is a lemon forward citrus mix, with green tea accents provided by the Cucumber, Zen Garden, Black Pepper, and Cardamom flavors. 4 drops of FA Bitter Wizard per 30ml is essential (that’s less than 0.1%, but 0.1% is the smallest amount you can list here). I use Bitter Wizard in every recipe I mix, unless it’s meant to be very sweet. Bitter Wizard neutralizes the sweetness of the VG and uncovers the subtleties of the flavors. This is the first mix that’s entirely my own invention, and I’m very pleased with it. It tastes good without steeping, but the herb and spice flavors don’t show up until a week or two after you mix, so I recommend steeping it. Adding a little coconut makes for a good variation.

Adaptation from HIC's Limoncello Torrone Parfait (respect)
But the FA Pandoro and Molinberry Custard just bring so much more to the table now...


A Simple Lemon Custard Enjoy!!! Give at the least 1 week steep. I prefer 2 weeks on this one!!

Check us out on facebook.. New mixers always welcome!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/456512471380574
Check The video of this mix on youtube.. Recipe here mixed Live -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivbkYNYnpUA

I got back into fruits thanks to an old bottle of Bombies Cold Press I found, so i initially dove into citrus. This is the result. Terrorhawk is awesome, and was an inspiration for this, but I enjoy this much more. It's a sweet, floral grapefruit backed up with some dark berries.

FLV Pink Guava - Not much to say, it's an awesome grapefruit. Very sweet, almost sticky, I needed the brighter, more realistic grapefruit notes.

FLV Lychee - This stuff is great. I enjoy it at 1% on it's own or with a little WS-23. Very sweet lychee, more of a syrup.

INW White Grapefruit - If you've never tried this solo do it. It is intensely floral, concentrated grapefruit pith. So, so good. It's super potent, so .25 brings that bitter pith I wanted for the grapefruit.

FA Forest Mix - An easy choice for berries. Good on it's own, here it blends into and mellows the sharpness of the citrus.

FA Sicilian Mix - Another one I would vape solo. A very good mix of lemon, lime, and syrupy orange. Not too tart, but pushes the citrus further.

FW Ruby Red Grapefruit - A Pretty accurate grapefruit juice. Dry and bright, with a little pith bitterness. I really like this stuff, and here it rounds out out our grapefruit, bringing it more into candy / juice territory rather than an accurate grapefruit.

TPA Honeysuckle - I wanted more floral but more INW White Grapefruit could be lethal, so in comes Honeysuckle. Lightly floral, sweet, and wet.

WS-23 - This can obviously be increased to taste. The goal here was to have the mix chilled, not cold. Any higher and it was muting top notes for me.

INW Cactus - This adds just a touch of that cactus 'wtf is that' and some wet. I think it adds a little complexity that was missing without it.

FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed - I wanted to push the sharpness of the citrus even further, and was having a hard time doing it until a reddit conversation gave me the little light over my head. This stuff is intense, and I'd say pretty floral. I love it. Too much and it will choke you out though.

The Burninator because it will punch you in your little bitch throat. I enjoy the harshness of the citrus fresh, but if you want to avoid that i'd give it a week or more.

The soft sweetness of red fruits that meets with the sparkling citrus fruit.

my attempt at a strawberry daquiri. decent as a shake and vape

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