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Second version of this recipe I added APyrazine and some JF biscuit and upped the soho this is much better than the first iteration

A pistachio ry4 w butterscotch and vanilla pudding this is a first version of this recipe

A sofisticated blend of RY4 maple tobacco, whiskey and custard

Semi-tobacco (RY4 styled) with caramel, peanut butter and hazelnut cream.

Want try to make a Goofy`s juice like flavour, with FA RY4.
FA RY4 lacks in Caramel, Vanilla and Sweetness, so i add this 2 flavours.

First try today: 30.05.2020, after a 3 weeks steeping i will make a first test.
What you think? Can it work?

Creamy buttery hazelnut base with light RY4 accent. Tobacco is barely detectable and can be enjoyed by people who typically do not care for tobacco blends

Vanilla caramel “tobacco” with notes of toasted almond. I’ve been chasing the cafe racer lucky 13 / lucky bastard RY4 profile. I can’t remember the original actually tasting anything like tobacco. It was just a pretty rich and satisfying RY4 profile. Working from sense memory here as I’ve not had the original for a few years.

This is a stripped back version; the original is said to have contained “13 flavours”. I’m not convinced about that. Although the versions I made with 13 flavours were delicious, I wanted to hit all the main notes with as few flavours as possible here. Like the original, this pairs beautifully with an IPA. My personal favourite pairing is the Gunpowder IPA by Innis & Gunn. But anything with Cascade or Citra hops will work well with this stuff.

Steep: works surprisingly well off the shake, but I’d suggest leaving it 4-5 days before digging in, as FA Ry4 does develop some interesting notes over time.

TL;DR if you bought FA RY4 and don’t know what to do with it, this is a good way to use it up.

Photo from the Rustbelt series by Kalie Frisky

INW Custard and FA Caramel - they add a little bit extra caramel, while bringing a bit more body.
FA, HS and TPA Ry4/1 - TPAs all alone is dirty, but not tobacco-y enough. FAs is cleaner and that's exactly it's problem. Hangsen just to bring that classic hangsen tobacco note.
TPA Brown Sugar - i can't really explain but i really dig how it works with RY4d, makes everything a bit darker.
FA Mts Wizz - The mix didn't really work before i threw this in, just blends it all together.

A couple weeks should do ya. It gets a bit fuller the more you steep it, but starts losing some 'bite' after the 2nd/3rd week.


V2 Dropped TPA RY4D, upped both FA RY4 and HS RY1


Flavourart's RY4 is excellent as base. tobacco with a dark caramel scent and low vanilla,unlike tfa's ry4d.Kentucky blend and Red Burley add their distinctive notes,such as caramel(a light one),wood,nuts,maybe just hint of spice and leather.overall we have a pipe tobacco base.Irish cream from FA is more like the taste of Bailey's liqueur,which is a good thing,but lacks on the cream.so i added the bourbon vanilla from FA,because of its darker vanilla taste.also i didn't want the final mix to be covered with a bright and sweet vanilla aroma.
A pipe tobacco recipe with a light scent of alcohol and cream..enjoy!

one more tobacco recipe with caramel aftertaste.brandy sweetens a little bit the whole mix and gives just a touch of soft alcohol.hazelnut fills the gap between tobacco and brandy and gives a smooth creamy result.soho is excellent as base tobacco aroma (or stand alone) and works well with maxx blend
and ry4.
needs 20 days steeping to get the full taste.after week 2 it doesn't change drastically,however after week 3 it is smoother and creamier.enjoy!

Rich caramel RY4.

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