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(FA) Rose

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 114 recipes at an average of 1.919%.


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Perfect 'end of summer' or really any day vape.

Lemon lime mixed with blood orange, the rose only adds a subtle floral flavor, nothing overpowering.
Baja soda, a lemonish bubble aroma and one of the better sodas from RF.
The little touch of brandy blends beautiful with the blood orange and rounds of this mix.

Enjoy this cute and refreshing bubbles vape!

Espresso Creme
Citrus aroma, passion fruit, cocoa and jasmine.
Vivid combination of dried papaya, black tea, rose, jasmine with caramel and bergamot aftertaste.

A creamy vanilla ice cream blended with Saffron and Rose with Pistachio pieces.

This is the 3rd of my Trinity of Indian flavor profile ice creams. This flavor profile was interesting to me so I wanted to give it a crack. Rose is such a delicate flavor, but very pleasant. The saffron, where to start. Used way too high, almost a burnt plastic or even gasoline aroma. Working with this was interesting. When used at the right percentage it lends a slightly floral hint, but what it does more is almost give some sort of...Umami feel. It's very hard to describe to be honest. I have tried this with and without, the change is noticeable but hard to describe. The only way I can describe it is have you go out, buy saffron, and try it for yourself.

I would say let this steep about a week for the florals to fall into place and let the pistachio come out.

A chocolate shake with strawberries blended throughout. Much of this recipe was inspired/"stolen" from @ID10-T's "Hear The Girls Come" in which he stole @mlNikon's milkshake cream base (also used for this recipe). I have been loving this from day 1 until I killed the entire sample (about a week) and made a much larger batch. It seems to be best after 2-3 days.

Based off a couple of tests, the rose somehow rounds out the strawberry and really brings this together for me. You can omit the FA rose if it is not in your arsenal and I would bump TFA Strawberry ripe up to 1.5%.

Everyone needs a Strawberry Cream. Finally i've made one i'm happy with.
It's not to sweet, it's soft and fluffy, exactly what i was aiming for.

The mix of FAs Red Touch and TPAs Strawberry Ripe is more on the authentic side for me which i prefer, but still sweet enough.
Marzipan is nice for a sweet taste after the Strawberries, which does linger a bit and adds an extra layer.
Whipped Cream is used as a cream base, with the Meringue and Sweet Cream making it more milky, soft and improving the otherwise boring texture.
Lemon Sicily just adds a nice fresh extra layer to the mix.
If you like it, please leave a rating.

Update: Added 2% TFA Graham Cracker Clear and 0.25% FA Rose to blend everything a little bit better and to add something special to it which fits well.
Update 2 (now finished): -3% Red Touch -1% Strawberry Ripe. Added 4% CAP Strawberry Taffy.

A gourmet tea mix that has the papaya-tangerine tandem as the main note accentuated by florals.

Winding Rose is a sweet and full-bodied floral vape. You can taste a full bouquet with an emphasis on the roses. Just in time to mix and be given as a gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day. (Don't forget, Tuesday, February 14 is Valentine's Day!)

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