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(FA) Rose

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 113 recipes at an average of 1.931%.


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Sweetener is option, add to taste for yourself of your favorite type.

Mixin Vixens - Vanilla Rose Ice Cream

Highgarden Ice Cream
I recently had this bourbon based rose cocktail that was fantastic. When I saw this flavor profile I got excited. I wanted to try to convert that cocktail into an ice cream vape, while keeping it a simple recipe just with that adult element added to it. Some of you know I make alcoholic ice cream in real life for fun. I totally intend to make this in real ice cream form at some point soon now.
The vape is sweet, not overly floral, and a nice hint of booze.

This recipe is inspired by the Bandung syrup drink.
Bandung is a drink popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
It consists of evaporated milk or condensed milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup, giving it a pink colour. The drink is an adaptation of rose milk served in India.
I consider this recipe one of my top 3 gems.

3% Rose (FA)
1.5% Grape Concord (FA)
1% Cactus (INW)
0.5% White Peach (FA)
2% Cream Milky Undertone PG (OOO)
1% Smooth (TPA)
1% Super Sweet (CAP)

Hoping you all can try this one, it's for sure worth it.


Sparkling and refreshing Roselemonade, like the known and loved Soda :)
Enjoy :)

I'm trying for a fancy drink kinda thing with a floral finish - notes:: after about 48 hrs the mix tastes really good, kinda overly sweet but there is a floral aftertaste which is pleasant and it is slightly fruity - nice so far

Mixed this up for Flavor pro's year of mixing weekly challenge.
When looking at this picture I immediately thought of a fruity wine type vape.

Sparkling wine and Champagne type combine to make the wine base and also add a grape wine to the fruit beverage. Fresh fig is added for some depth and darkness. The white grape is add a bright white grape note and to bring in the pear for some wetness. The pear is to add a juicy element. The plum add a nice bright purple to the fruit blend. The rose tops it off with some sweet floral notes.

Pink Lemonade , little bit of Shisha Lime, Sweet Strawberries and hint of Rose ,i got this recipe where i wanted perfectly balanced ,And Really At least 2 weeks steep , once u try it u will love trust me. Enjoy

Lassi - a blend of yogurt, water or milk and spices, with ice. Sometimes with fruit or nuts. A popular drink from the Indian Subcontinent.
Several recipes of the real drink served as inspiration for this recipe.

It is perfect for my taste - fragrant, creamy and sweetish with the Pistachio always there, but not overwhelming. With ice of course.

FLV Greek Yogurt with FA Yogurt combines perfectly for the yogurt base. Any possibly associated off notes are eradicated by OOO Cream Milky Undertone without taking away from the essential yogurt character. I wanted a full cream milk and OOO Cream Milky Undertone fits the bill to a tee. FA Honey imparts just enough sweet without becoming overly discernible as honey on the taste. FA Bergamot, Rose and Saffron are understated and manifest as "pleasantly fragrant". Adjust FA Polar Ice to your own taste preferences in respect of how much or how little cool you want.

Sweet Paan e-liquid based on Paan shisha flavor
I came up with this recipe when I noticed that there aren't any noteworthy interpretations out there which brings the Asian sub-continent's traditional chewing tobacco to an e-liquid. Original Paan is made up of mixture of herbs, spices, tobacco and sometimes dried up fruits and nuts which are wrapped over with betel leaves and consumed as whole. My interpretation is based on the shisha/hookah variant which is much more palatable.

Mixing notes:

1 drop of MTS Wizard per 15ml is optional
You CAN technically achieve similar taste without Rose, Oak Wood and RY4 (and shake and vape!) but they won't round off well to give the floral tobacco-ish notes after steeping
Clove is a personal preference and not that necessary, it gives a pungent spiciness to complement the sweetness of Anise.
After mixing let it breathe for a few hours

Perfect 'end of summer' or really any day vape.

Lemon lime mixed with blood orange, the rose only adds a subtle floral flavor, nothing overpowering.
Baja soda, a lemonish bubble aroma and one of the better sodas from RF.
The little touch of brandy blends beautiful with the blood orange and rounds of this mix.

Enjoy this cute and refreshing bubbles vape!

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