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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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V3 was bad don't even worry about that one. This one is my favorite.

subs -

FA Bavarian Cream- Cap Bavarian cream @ 2 %

Cap whipped marshmallow- Cap marshmallow same percent


A simple fresh banana and a strawberry with a mango loofa took a dip in a cream bath that happened to be in a blender.....HMMMMMM....DELICIOUS!!!

Banana forward light strawberry with a faint mango on the backside.

May i introduce you to another strawberry juice? Yeah Strawberry how innovative, tell me more, tell me more.

Okay - it's Strawberry Science Sorbet or simply THE RED.

scientifically optimized formula to deliver mouthful fresh tasting schtrawwberry sorbet.

When we thing energizing we think Red Bull, Monster, V or even Gatorade. I challenged myself to think differently about what fruits are refreshingly energizing?

I concluded that it's exotic tropical fruits of course. Although you could also just be lazing about on a beach in the south pacific ocean getting a tan, still its super refreshingly energizing.

A delicate balance of exotic fruits smashed together in a power-packed smoothie that is sure to impress. A tropical taste with bright notes and floral/fruity undertones. Dragon Fruit tastes something between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon, So if you combine that with lychee and the sweet or sour of pomegranate, you have an extremely popular and refreshingly delicious smoothie. The main role of the marshmallow and the whipped cream is to increase volume, without adding any dairy or weight. You could pump up the sweetness with a few drops of ethyl maltol but I don't think it was needed in my case.

I found that it is best to let this one sit for a few days to allow the texture to build.

After a bit of feedback and trial and error I have reduced the lychee to .75%


https://www.diydownunder.com interested in participating in the challenge then join DIY down under and check it out.

Alright, folks here is the official release of The Red Dragon by West Coast Clouds (https://bit.ly/2tsJBci). This is a commercial juice blend we use for West Coast Clouds and now you can make it at home! Don't feel like making it? Try the one shot over at TBV (https://bit.ly/2JYOHYD)

Before you get all huffy about the high flavoring percentage, its the only way I was able to punch that Dragonfruit out once everything else is added.

Dragonfruit by TPA is the main note and we use CAP DragonFruit to round it out. Using Starberry (Ripe) to give some more authentic flavor, and FA Strawberry that lends to this by adding some body.

TPA Tutti-Fruitti and FW Juicy are used to make the Dragonfruit punchy and bright.

TPA VBIC is used to add that bit of depth and deepness to the entire mix, very very subtly.

Would love to hear your feedback on this as it was one of my first recipes I ever created.


Talking about 'stones' and 'bases' on Diy Down under, Mixung with me Mates, I was inspired to throw a stone at a base

This stone is a popular stone in the DIY community developed bY iD10-T
It is nicknamed, Daveberry Trinity.

The base I am mixing the strawberry Stone too is a Custard base, used by @Freshepies. This Custard base is super easy and one that you could throw almost any fruIt

Tart and Sour along with the Liquid Amber will take the Strawberries on a journey of experimentation of itself, It will create a juicy yet sour dance on your tongue.. The cheesecakes will bring up the rear of the flavor to balance it all out with the creams. This is an overall enjoyable vape with highs and lows of the Strawberries as well as the Tart and Sour.

What is $100 Strawberry Custard? Only the BEST custard you've ever dreamed of vaping, made with the BEST flavorings available.

DFS Holy Vanilla at same % as the Black Label is a PERFECT substitute!!

Yes-this is a shake-n-vape strawberry custard. You're welcome!


Please don't use this recipe for commercial gain. And please don't post to other websites. Thank you.



I guess I just thought it was about time for me to publish my own scream. This is a strawberry and vanilla malted milkshake type mix. The strawberry combo (Daveberry Trinity) is the best I have found for a good sweet syrupy type artificial strawberry. I used the fw hazelnut both for the maltiness and it just makes strawberries just a bit riper. The vanilla cupcake is there for sweetness and to thicken up the mix.

When it's summer and hot, I love to drink a little bitter soda. And one of those I love, has inspired to this mix. It's not 100% red fanta but it seems to me that I hit well. And the profile is there. If desired, add WS-30, Koolada and, or Sweetner to your liking. Have fun ... 😋💨💨💨

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