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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

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I have here a tasty rendition of spiced strawberries and apples cooked in sugar with a bit of apple cider. I think this version has to be my favorite. Its sweet and tangy. I tried so many versions attempting to recreate a sugary, jammy but tart compote. There were a few ingredients i wanted to try but couldnt, given the flavor limitations but honestly it came out great. Using this combo of strawberries created a nice jammy taste. i was catching some harshness from Fuji so i added in a bit of TFA Marshmallow just to round things off and add some sweetness since this treat is cooked in sugar. FA Liquid Amber was a great help with getting that cooked apple flavor as well as making it seem like there was apple cider working in there. CDS is simply giving us our cinnamon spice, although that flavor creates a bit of a throaty feeling but luckily the marshmallow is assisting with that. All in all, i like the way this came out. I hope others like it as well. Enjoy

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

So this is my entry for the competition.

I honestly didn't know what to do with the Strawberry ripe so I messed around with some strawberry flavors and cake. In the end after over 10 variations I decided on this one. My wife told me that it tasted alot like her yabluchnyk(ukrainian apple cake) with strawberries/Jam ontop so I went with that name.

CAP CDS,TFA Straw ripe and FA fuji were used because I had to. I tried to keep the cinnamon relatively low because I didn't want it to be a explosion of cinnamon and drown out the rest. Fuji is just enough to give the yellow cake a apple flavor without it just turning into some weird apple mash cake.

Strawberry ripe + Red touch: I used quite several combinations of strawberries to work. I can't taste strawberries so I had to use my wife for testing purposes and to her this combination worked the best as an apple jam when combined with the rest.

Yellow cake: It's the best base for a cake. It's pretty much a no brainer.

Toasted marshmallow: This was something that I put in on a random thought. I was planning to use something like meringue but toasted marshmallow in my opinion doesn't get enough love. For me it raised the sweetness up a notch and blended the cake/cinnamon well with the toasted part making the cake seem abit more "baked".

Sweetener: Cake is sweet. strawberries are sweet. I just wanted to brighten everything up and just give a sweeter impression without overblowing and destroying coils.

This was a incredibly difficult challenge with the basket ingredients. Especially with my complete lack of strawberry flavor. it's abit typical and "safe" to do a bakery cake flavor but I think that IF I go through that I could do alot better. If there is no strawberry. I enjoy the vape even without the strawberries and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

I mixed it at 70VG and 3MG and found it great after about a week.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

Strapple cinnamon cookie- I need to use fa red touch to add a realistic strawberry and plays better with jf fuji then with tfa strawberry ripe by itself. I then added fa fuji to add some wetness to the cookie instead of using up one of my ingredients up. The strawberry ripe plays very well with fa strawberry and now those together play very well with the fuji apples. Adding cinnamon was just second nature at that percentage along with the cookie at that percentage as well. End result- I wanted a perfect strapple cinnamon cookie and after 3 other profiles did not work out, I feel I really rocked it with this recipe. How does it vape? Inhale=apple and stawberry Exhale= a nice cookie but not too robust at all with a cinnamon backnote that is way more enjoyable then being in the front. Almost feels as if it hits all the places on the tounge that perceive taste, hope you enjoy!

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

This is my first recipe, that i will put online on All the flavors. Would be nice to get some feedback, because i am still missing some body to it.. It is a very nice, smooth vape with a good balanced berry taste, but i miss some body in the cream. Maybee somebody get hooked and can give me some advice. Thx in advance and greetings from Belgium ChefProject

for the next batch i added some black currant,and switched to capella's vanilla custard. I also added some strawberry ripe

Spent months experimenting to find the perfect compliment to Harvest Berry. It's one of my favorite flavors and this is what I'm sticking with. Fresh berries drenched in rich sweet ice cream with a light coating of powdered sugar. Feel free to use TFA Strawberry Ripe, I just can't taste it. % May need to be higher, based only on what I've read. It's fine without sweetener but I find just a tad balances the cream/fruit sweetnesses that I coudln't get by increasing my fruit %s. Pretty good shake and vape, but the harvest berry is too dominant until about 2-3 days in, and all is right with the world.


A cocktail that's half piña colada, half strawberry daiquiri, and all good. This one's for you, Thadentman, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, let me know and I'll go back to the lab again. It needs about 3 days to come together. If you add Koolada, go a little easier than you normally would.

A piña colada with strawberries? YES! Add Koolada to taste and give this one a few days to come together.


Shake and vape as is or add Koolada for a frozen cocktail.

My strawberry milk. Steep time 1-2 week.

2-3 days age. For rated (R) version add .3-1% white Bacardi Rum...yup the real stuff

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