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Well since everyone's doing it, I figured I would as well. A variation to ID10-T's famous detachable artificial reproductive organ, but with a bit of them ~ t r o p i c a l v i b e z ~

We know the base works, thanks to the original recipe. While I don't necessarily like FA Strawberry, I wanted to stay with the normal base for this recipe, since it does seem to work best to impart that sort of subtle strawberry note that is not too candied or sweet. I think, if needed, a substitute of TPA Straw Ripe at 5% would work. It WON'T be the same, but it is one of the other strawberries out there that isn't too sweet or offensive. I also felt as though the watermelon notes could be improved a bit from the original, and while FA Watermelon is a great flavour, I like how the addition of FLV Watermelon helps add some of that lingering mouthfeel you get when actually eating a watermelon. This also adds a slight note of sweet watermelon candies, but again, it's VERY subtle. FLV Watermelon SMELLS like it'd be OP as fuck, but it's not. Like, not even close.

So the tropical notes. I wanted them to sit in the back. Just as a bit of an afterthought to keep you coming back after the exhale. Let this one sit a few days to really bring out the tropical notes, but once you do, the LA Banana Cream will give that sweet banana note, and the TPA Coconut will hit you with some delicious coconut flakes. There's a little bit of the throat hit on this recipe, but that might also be from my nicotine being old. Who knows.

I dig the original recipe, and I think this one is good if you're tryin to get some of that S U M M E R T I M E S A D N E S S ,

or you know, you just like dicks.

To me, Manly Strap-On by @Apexified was the best strap-on to date (Strap-On plus mango) (until this one, of course), but Suckle my Strap-On by @Havohej was awesome, too (Strap-On plus Honeysuckle). ¿Porqué no los dos, señoritas? Putting the two together gives the best of both recipes. What you get is a sweet, syrupy, tropical fruit cup with a variety of fruit notes that play with your palate in different ways as you vape it. You can shake and vape it, but if you give it a couple of days, the TFA Honeysuckle changes the mouthfeel a bit so it feels almost like there's a drop of cream in your fruit cup.

Got another idea for adding a little thing or two to the original Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon? (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/6487). Or a different combination of strawberry, apple, and watermelon flavors? Go for it! Show me your Strap-On. My body is ready.


Strap-On is like a choose your own adventure recipe, just stick something in there and shake it up, it'll probably be tasty. I've tried many variations of @ID10-T's Strap-On and was surprised to find out that the Mango-Man himself hadn't thought up this one first. Finally releasing it to the world, behold my Manly Strap-On!


Based on ID10-T's Strap On. He asked us to play around with it and I was happy to oblige !

The honeysuckle takes this fruit mix somewhere magical (imho) with just enough floral notes to not be perfumey.

Let me know what you think :)
Enjoy !


My take on a strawberry ice cream. Must steep for one week.


This is my take on a popular profile: A candy kiwi watermelon flavor.

I posted this once but I took it off because I had yet to try it after a decent steep, the recipe holds up well and I decided to rerelease it.

FA Kiwi/LA Watermelon

Perfect combo for a candy kiwi watermelon. A 4% the kiwi can shine amongst the rest of the mix. I wanted to use as much watermelon as possible before it became the only thing you could taste, so here at 6.5% its right (6% may be right but i was adjusting from trying it at 5% and 8% and settled on 6.5). The watermelon provides a candy effect and is the backbone of this recipe. Lower % and the watermelon falls too far behind the kiwi, too high and the watermelon is all you taste.

These two flavors alone are fantastic, very tart and sweet all at once. With just a little help they become even more delicious.

FA Red Touch (Strawberry) is here to lend a little bit of its fruity sweetness to the kiwi and helps balance the overall kiwi profile. At .75% it won't show up as strawberry too much, but rather as friendly kiwi notes.

INW Cactus adds some juicy which is what we want from candy, the cactus is also an inherently sweet aroma. Any higher than .25% will change the profile too much. 1/4% of cactus is just enough juicy and doesn't need much time to steep.

FA Marshmallow I threw this in for sweetness and more body, .5% and it won't mute our fruit but just add a nice mouthfeel.

Lastly, I truly think erythritol is an effective sweetener in many fruit mixes that I have tried. It really brings out an inherent sweetness. Here, with all the sweets used, it gives a 'sugar lips' effect. I have noticed this effect on some other mixes I am working on. I have a cantaloupe mix I am working on, and the mix without erythritol is noticeably less sweet but the flavor on both is more or less the same. I would not say it is necessary here but I highly recommend it. I mix this specific juice for a couple of people and I am happy to share it here with you.

Erythritol works better than EM here because it sweetens without changing everything else that is going on in the mix. If you don't have erythritol, try it with no sweetener. If i were going to use EM rather than erythritol, I would start at .25% or maybe TPA sweetener at .5%

Definitely tasty as a shake and vape, but after about a day the cactus settles down and blends into the rest of the aromas.


This recipe has not been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 4

Thought about submitting this as my final entry into the DoD World Mixer's Comp because I heard those pervs were into this sort of thing. Decided against it because it's in poor taste, despite being a tasty recipe. Mix it up for a refreshing, interesting fruit medley.

Spiny: INW Cactus. If you're a Phucker Phan, you can turn up the Cactus to 0.5%. Maybe even higher. But if you do that, I recommend at least an overnight steep.

Dragon: TFA Dragonfruit. Tastes like what dragonfruit would taste like if dragonfruit tasted like the essence of white gummy bears.

Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon: All FA. I should change my name to HiC and charge for this stuff.

The name sucks, but I didn't want to have just another "strawberry custard" title in the mix. Amazing as a shake and vape. The first time I made a 30ml bottle, I vaped the entire thing in 2 days. Since then it's only mixed in bulk.

The flavor is somewhat reminiscent of Dr. Crimmy's SOD which was a favorite of mine. It's a bright sweet strawberry with nice rich buttery vanilla custard, just the way i like it.


An exotic fruit smoothie

I made this up in the warm summer months for days at festivals or on the beach in the evening with a glass of spiced rum and good company.

You could definitely sub sweet strawberry for JF sweet strawberry but keep the flavorah mango as combined with the sweet guava gives the overall sweetness to the recipe.

Update. You can definitely use flavour arts mango costarica special in place of the flv mango at the same percentage

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Opinions and Assholes, everybody has one, and Strawberry Creams, some would say that no matter what, they all stink ;)

Shisha Strawberry, A good strawberry that only needs a little help.
Shisha Vanilla, one of the best, used here for it's sweet creamy characteristics, and of course, vanilla.
OOO Cream, Milky Undertones, if there ever was a reason to order that one flavor directly from a vendor... This pretty much defines that need, one of the best, if not the best "Milk" creams. You are seriously missing out if you do not have this in your arsenal. Both versions of this are good and exactly the same except for the carrier. I find the PG to mix faster and be quicker on the steep. I am also not sensitive to PG.
Vienna Cream, seriously, how the hell do you do a cream without FA VC... :) (Yes, you can, using it here for that crisp creme note.)
FA Strawberry, part of the HELP that Shisha Strawberry needs ;)
TPA Dragonfruit, the other part of the HELP that Shisha needs.
FA Marshmallow, just a hint of that light fluffy powdered sugar goodness.

Sweetener, I do not have any listed, I enjoy it with and without, but when I do it is CAP Super Sweet one or two drops per 10ML

You can shake and vape this, but really needs 5 to 7 days for the cream to come in.

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