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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Yet another remix of @ID10-T 's recipe Strap-on

I need FA Watermelon to be paired with another melon, also a strawberry hard to taster, soooo....



And here we have another passenger boarding the ID10-T strap train, this time Wild style. Love all these straps there's so many to choose from its a god dayum Strap-On paradise! I think this Wild Strap-On is just the thing to complete the party, although many more will be added, this ones is essential to always being in the mix. I take no credit for the 75% of the mix that is ID10-T's STRawberry APple watermelON (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/6487). Also, I like top notes which generally fade away the quickest so I like it best as a shake and vape but a 1 or 2 day steep helps the flavors bind together and really makes it into that honeydew-cantaloupe-strawberry-watermelon-apple mix.VARIATIONS Personally I like to add in 1% TFA Honeydew cuz I like me some honeydew (I prefer TFA's over CAP's). And Mango SC or FLV at 1% makes this magical, credit for the Strap-On-Mango goes to Apexified. Can up the Wild melon to 2% to make it more of a melon mix but it does cover up the strap on pretty well.

This is just another strawberry cheesecake, I love making cheesecakes it's the first profile i ever made and i like to come back to it regularly and try make one better then the last. I think this one is worthy of sharing and wont disappoint. It' s a true baked cheesecake with lots of sweetness.

FA Apple pie and INW biscuit offer up a baked cheesecake crust that is very present

CAP Butter Cream creates a delicious waxy icing sweetness that gives this recipes it's standout taste.

CAP NY Cheesecake & Vanilla Whipped Cream is a reliable standard for a thick Cream cheese filling and mouth-feel for days.

INW Shisha Strawberry is a great artificial candy strawberry, but not like those others you know.
FA Red Touch has a green rindy freshness that offers some realness but not in a bad way. It still has that sweetness we all crave from strawberries and these two strawberries mixed together make a Strawberry that blows the classic TFA strawberry cap Sweet strawberry combo out the water.

Good as a shake & vape, even better after 2-3 days.


Yet another Strap-on Remix, because that shit is so good and u/ID10-T has started a freakin revolution. Or something. Shove some peach in there to bang your senses into submission.

Nice fluffy cake with a whipped butter cream icing layered with fresh cut strawberries.


Swapped LA watermelon for FA and threw in the Jackfruit for that tropical mystery vibe. Strap it, then jack it.

Feel free to use FA watermelon like the OG


ID10-T's strap on, loaded with cream. A penis-colada, if you will.
The triacetin lubes it up nicely & helps it go down easy.


Well since everyone's doing it, I figured I would as well. A variation to ID10-T's famous detachable artificial reproductive organ, but with a bit of them ~ t r o p i c a l v i b e z ~

We know the base works, thanks to the original recipe. While I don't necessarily like FA Strawberry, I wanted to stay with the normal base for this recipe, since it does seem to work best to impart that sort of subtle strawberry note that is not too candied or sweet. I think, if needed, a substitute of TPA Straw Ripe at 5% would work. It WON'T be the same, but it is one of the other strawberries out there that isn't too sweet or offensive. I also felt as though the watermelon notes could be improved a bit from the original, and while FA Watermelon is a great flavour, I like how the addition of FLV Watermelon helps add some of that lingering mouthfeel you get when actually eating a watermelon. This also adds a slight note of sweet watermelon candies, but again, it's VERY subtle. FLV Watermelon SMELLS like it'd be OP as fuck, but it's not. Like, not even close.

So the tropical notes. I wanted them to sit in the back. Just as a bit of an afterthought to keep you coming back after the exhale. Let this one sit a few days to really bring out the tropical notes, but once you do, the LA Banana Cream will give that sweet banana note, and the TPA Coconut will hit you with some delicious coconut flakes. There's a little bit of the throat hit on this recipe, but that might also be from my nicotine being old. Who knows.

I dig the original recipe, and I think this one is good if you're tryin to get some of that S U M M E R T I M E S A D N E S S ,

or you know, you just like dicks.

To me, Manly Strap-On by @Apexified was the best strap-on to date (Strap-On plus mango) (until this one, of course), but Suckle my Strap-On by @Havohej was awesome, too (Strap-On plus Honeysuckle). ¿Porqué no los dos, señoritas? Putting the two together gives the best of both recipes. What you get is a sweet, syrupy, tropical fruit cup with a variety of fruit notes that play with your palate in different ways as you vape it. You can shake and vape it, but if you give it a couple of days, the TFA Honeysuckle changes the mouthfeel a bit so it feels almost like there's a drop of cream in your fruit cup.

Got another idea for adding a little thing or two to the original Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon? (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/6487). Or a different combination of strawberry, apple, and watermelon flavors? Go for it! Show me your Strap-On. My body is ready.


Strap-On is like a choose your own adventure recipe, just stick something in there and shake it up, it'll probably be tasty. I've tried many variations of @ID10-T's Strap-On and was surprised to find out that the Mango-Man himself hadn't thought up this one first. Finally releasing it to the world, behold my Manly Strap-On!

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