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This is a recipe that if you have the ingredients you need to mix this up in my opinion this is absolutely delicious. Here is what I used and why:

The crust: I used cheese cake graham crust tfa and cookie by flavor art for the tart crust.

The fruit toppings: I used a combination of flavorah strawberry cream I absolutely love this strawberry its extremely strong and a great strawberry flavor if you don't have this give it a try you won't be disappointed. It is the one must have strawberry by flavorah I also used a little strawberry "red touch" by flavor art it helps mark it a more authentic strawberry flavor. The kiwi I used kiwi double by tfa this isn't a very authentic kiwi flavor but what it lacks in authenticity it makes up in just a good tasting flavor it's kind of kiwi and kind of not but it's definitely delicious.

The cream cheese custard filling:
I used a combination of cream cheese icing by loranns and cvanilla custard v1 Capella and vanilla whipped cream by Capella and it seems to give it an almost perfect creamy custard cream cheese type filling.

In my opinion this is one of my best recipes to date. I literally have vaped this for three days in a row and I almost never vape the same flavor for more than one day. I will say the kiwi is not the most authentic kiwi available but it just turns this into a work of art I don't know what it is about kiwi double that I like so much it just works in this recipe. So at the end of the day if you have all the ingredients then you need to mix this up and give it a shot because I think your going to be pleasantly surprised. HAPPY 4th OF JULY 2017


Featuring the Holy Trinity of Strawberries. A unique strawberry syrup, a realistic freeze-dried strawberry, and a candy strawberry that puts CAP Sweet Strawberry to shame.

This was a first attempt at recreating a Strawberry Slurpee. Missed the mark, still hits the spot for a sweet, refreshing summer strawberry recipe. Sharing because even though it's what you might call a failed early version, it tasted so good I didn't want to put it down. When you mix up something like that, the profile goal suddenly seems so unimportant.


I've been working on this recipe for some time and considering it is #RemixMonth, the time for release is now.

Most think Blue Moon ice cream has blueberry in it, and that is far from the reality. A historical look at the recipe origins of this midwest favorite gives many clues as to the ingredients. Bottom line, it is a raspberry and lemon profile. It's not blue, but it sure makes you think it is. No Name Craft Eliquids is a fan favorite line of juices, and for those that are familiar with the line know that Blue Moon is their most popular liquid next to SPF 15.

Most Remixs I consider as rock solid once they get to the 70% mark in terms of replication. Nailing them down exactly is near impossible, but getting the profile right is most of the battle. In this case? I think I am at 90%! This is the closest I have come to replicating an exact juice. It is hands down one of my favorites of all time, and I have gone through many iterations leading up to this recipe.

The base of this recipe is VBIC, and it stands out. However, there is a creaminess beyond that with slight coconut undertones at higher watts. Enter CGC. The CGC adds a buttery richness that occasionally gives you the effect in the original liquid. Adding some Biscuit to the mix moves the buttery cream effect even higher and closer to the original. Vanilla Swirl pumps up the vanilla profile a bit to keep it from getting too cheesecake like. Additionally, it maintains the sweet and buttery effect the original recipe is known for.

What is left is the blue effect, and was the most daunting part in creating this REMIX. I went through all of the flavor houses finding the right main profile for this liquid. Raspberry Sweet is it. Combined with FA Strawberry makes it spot on. The final piece of this mix was the percentage of Lemon to include and what brand. While I don't think ECX lemon is the particular lemon used in the original, I do think it is the best lemon out there. It is here with just enough of a percentage to make the raspberry "blue".

While I have made many tasty variations of Blue Moon along the way in my journey, these are the percentages that make it a REMIX as close to replication as I could come.

If you have tried Blue Moon by No Name Craft Eliquids, sit back and relax. It is finally here in DIY form. I am very proud of how close this is to the original. As with all my mixes, this is an 80% vg liquid made using a dripper pushing 5.8 volts.



I wanted to contribute to REMIX MONTH but I wanted something outside my normal bakery type flavors to use.
I LOVED Ruby Roo's Nola Flavor as a great summer vape, but it's been over 6 months since I last had it so this was going by memory and flavor description as best I could.

Flavors Description
"Nola is a traditional Australian pavlova meringue topped with whipped cream, strawberries, kiwi, and passionfruit."

Passion fruit
I knew right away the passion fruit was FA passion fruit so that was easy. The taste really stands out to me, though it's fairly sutble in the vape itself, I would recoginize it anywhere. I knew it would have to be low to just barely peak through with that slight tropical/floral note it carries. .5% brings the perfect hint of flavor without the throat it that it brings used higher.

I'm a strawberry non-taster so I always struggle with strawberry juices, but I could taste a small amount of a ripe, slightly sweet strawberry in Nola. I can't taste TFA Straw ripe at all so I doubted it was in there, but I can taste FA Red touch (Strawberry) so it was my first though, it carries a real strawberry flavor with a slight dryness to it. I've heard it described as freeze dried strawberry and I think that's pretty accurate. Looking for something to bring a little life back into FA Strawberry I went with FLV strawberry over the others. I'm not a huge fan of TFA Strawberry, and originally I tried INW Shisha strawberry, but it made it a little to candy feeling for me. going with a 2:1 ratio of FA and FLV strawberry with 4%/2% helped bring to life the strawberry and sweeten it just a touch.

Up front I don't have a ton of experience with Kiwi so I wasn't sure on this one. I only have FW and TFA DBL.
Comparing the two, I found TFA Kiwi double to be a little more candied kiwi, whereas FW seemed a little juicy, almost like would you'd get in a yoplay Strawberry Kiwi yogurt. It's a bit of a weak flavor it self but I knew it needed to stand up to provide some juicyness to the overall vape so I took the % up slowly to stand contrast to the strawberry.

The Meringue
FA Meringue was an easy choice here, it's a very sweet, real meringue flavor when used higher to be more of a main note vs. and accent so 2% worked really well. When vaping Nola though I swore up and down I tasted a slight sweet bakery note, like you'd get from a baked meringue. Wanting to really keep that sweet bakery flavor sutble I went right to CAP sugar cookie, 1.5% doesn't taste like cookie, but it provides some baked sugar sweetness to the merignue to fill out that base perfectly.

Whipped cream
So this one is doubtfully what they use in Nola, but I only have FA whipped cream and CAP van whipped cream. More than likely I would guess they use TFA whipped cream as FA is disconnected in the states, but I didn't want the weight it brings to the table so I went with CAP van whipped cream. It's fluffy and light and I only get a slight vanilla taste to it. 1.5% was enough to provide a light fluffy mouth feel at the end of the vape with a hint of vanilla accenting the fruits.

Let it steep for a few days so that passion fruit settles in to the recipe and have at it!

All in all from memory this isn't a 1:1 clone, but it's incredibly similar and really hits the spot for the craving of NOLA as well as being a great sweet and bring summer vape.

This is a nice candied cranberry apple.
TFA Cranberry- is a nice flavor of cranberry that taste very good and gives off a nice tart note
FA red touch strawberry is a nice candied strawberry that helps to boost the tartness add and some flavor to the recipe.
FA Fuji adds a nice apple flavor and pairs really well with cranberry.
TFA vanillian adds. To make the candy more authentic tasting.
These flavors comes together really well and make a nice tasty tarty fruity blend.
Great as SNV. Add 1 drop of Cap Super sweet per 30 ml for added sweetness to your desire. (Optional)

A nice refreshing Stawberry, watermelon, lemonade. Just perfect for the hot summer. Enjoy this with your favorite beverage. Great as a Shake n vape.


I love elements fresh squeeze, especially during these summer months. So I wondered, could I could improve on something I enjoy so much? I really enjoy it but I leave the verdict up to you!

Caps juicy Orange: I started with the Orange of course. I wanted a juicy sweet Orange with a hint of authenticity and caps juicy Orange is just that.

Ecto cooler type: this hi c inspired flavor works so well with Orange that it was a natural selection in my thought process. It adds to the sweetness and helps add punch to the juicy orange.

Shisha Strawberry and red touch: here's where the remix part comes in. I wanted something to add to the fruitiness without taking over the Orange and add a bit of juicy flavor to the mix and these strawberries do just that. I love these in tandem and they are just the supporting note I needed to give it a fruity inhale.

Super sweet: I'm remixing a commercial juice that's known to have loads of sweetener. I believe I used far less than they prob do but got the same effect by accentuating the Orange with the strawberries and ecto cooler. That said still went 1% here.

In closing I feel I've remixed this quite nicely. I've spent nearly 2 months working on it trying different fruits for accents and different levels of sweetener to get it down as low as possible without losing that sweetness we all associate with commercial juice. I hope you will give it a go and leave any and all feedback.

A very nice sweet and tarty watermelon candy like flavor. Very well balanced flavor great for the summer. Very good for those that like watermelon vapes.
Purilum watermelon is the most candy like watermelon I've tasted with a great amount of sweetness.
FW green apple is great as an accent to add flavor and tartness. Used in low percents as it's very strong and can overpower the recipe.
The cranberry adds a nice tartness as well but brings a unique flavor too the recipe , making it different from other recipes.
The red touch adds some strawberry notes with some brightness to make the recipe great. Good as a Shake n vape.


Shake and vape certified.

I never really delve into the world of tropical treats and I had some flavours that I was yet to try. I was hoping for a juicy tropical punch with a bit of a creamy back end, did some research and then put this together and was surprised. It's yummy delicious.

It's a sweet juicy orange juice, subtle pineapple with hint of coconut and a slight and very faint bit of strawberry, the strawberry is admittedly a little lost, however, I don't want to remove it as I like what this is. Then on the exhale its less orange and a bit more cream. Then when you've finished your exhale, you get this faint banana around your mouth with some coconut sat at the back. All round, I like it and you might too!

SUBBING - the only one I can think of is switching Red Touch for TFA Strawberry Ripe/Strawberry but maybe drop it to just 2%. I haven't tried it though and I don't really like the concept of subbing ingredients (BOOOOOOO!).



Screwed Kanzi version 2 is an ADV which is a Shake&Vape of 7 Flavors + Super Sweet (Total of 14%)
70/30 to 80/20 - @ 2.5mg/ml Nic (as you can see, continuously lowering my prefered Nic-level)

I like Kanzi.... now after adding Blackcurrant & Dragonfruit, using (FW) Kiwi & (LA) Watermelon, this is getting really close to the Canadian recipe.
The Blackcurrant and Dragonfruit help the Kiwi, Strawberry and Watermelon stick and the Pear gives the sweetness more of a fruity depth.

Let me know if you like it so please comment.

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