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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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going for a clean strawberry cheesecake
It's good right away but benefits from a 3-5 day cure

This is a nice tropical strawberry, not to sweet. Almost like a nice summertime beach cocktail. More notes as it steeps. Lol.

Definitely a work in progress, let me know what you think. I saw Kopel's Sakura Sweets and I just kind of started messing around. Mainly because I didn't have all of the flavorings to mix it up. I've recently fallen in love with TPA Pear and Honeysuckle as well.

Really enjoying my take on strawberry shortcake with marshmallow ice cream. The strawberries are nice and realistic and the cake is slightly lemony tasting.

A nice Light and Sweet Tangerine Cookie. Combining the Strawberries really make the Tangerines full flavor pop for a delicious summertime vape . Add in the Vanilla ,Meringue and Butter cream for the perfect amount of sweetness to this delightful Tangerine Crisp. The biscuit starts to shine in recipe bringing the cookie flavor out after about week of steep. Still great as a Shake n Vape.


This is my closest recipe to the nerds Candy. Sweet and sour candy pebbles we loved as a kid.


Trying to think of other recipes where I can use some o the FE green tea I have on hand. If you don't have toasted almond try using a little FA Coconut, depending on your personal preference.

I had a strawberry matcha latte years ago and still remember how tasty is was. if you have FE green tea this is definitely worth trying. Add a little FA Up or a drizzle of chocolate if you want make it fancy.


Coffee vapes were my first love. FA.s Up resonates with me...I love this flavor.

I love the strawberry limeades from Sonic. I make one at home sometimes and the only thing missing is the seed flavor, that is the only reason it is still "In Progress" but this is the closest I have gotten to the profile without too much extra noise and once I find a strawberry with seeds I will update.
I am also open to suggestions on a flavoring.

"hey sparky" is just like hey, this is like a shock of rejuvenation!! at least that's how I feel about drinking these.. ;0)


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