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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Trying to think of other recipes where I can use some o the FE green tea I have on hand. If you don't have toasted almond try using a little FA Coconut, depending on your personal preference.

I had a strawberry matcha latte years ago and still remember how tasty is was. if you have FE green tea this is definitely worth trying. Add a little FA Up or a drizzle of chocolate if you want make it fancy.


Coffee vapes were my first love. FA.s Up resonates with me...I love this flavor.

I love the strawberry limeades from Sonic. I make one at home sometimes and the only thing missing is the seed flavor, that is the only reason it is still "In Progress" but this is the closest I have gotten to the profile without too much extra noise and once I find a strawberry with seeds I will update.
I am also open to suggestions on a flavoring.

"hey sparky" is just like hey, this is like a shock of rejuvenation!! at least that's how I feel about drinking these.. ;0)



I normally would not subject myself to such "fads", but apexified wanted yet another strap on so here it is. I think the fig adds such a unique dimension to this mix. It is not something I would vape all of the time but is a nice interesting break from bakeries and custards.

Contrary to its name, this will do the opposite to your taste buds. Trinity adapted to Sir ID10-T's Strap-On, sure to please the fruity, Blueberry fan. This one seems to require 3-4 days for everything to come together correctly. There's a bit too much of a bite for my liking right away.


I really love CheebaSteeba's simple mixed berry recipe Berry Creamy ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/7840#berry_creamy_by_cheebasteeba ) so I decided to use his cream base to create my own SnV mixed berry cream.

I used the more "realistic" fresh FA Red Touch at 3% because I really wanted the full bodied red flavor to be right up top and really stand out in the mix.
FA Blackcurrant brings in the lower end of the fruit profile with notes simulating darker berries. At 1.5% its not strong enough to overtake the Strawberry but still very noticeable.
Then of course we have the TFA Dragonfruit at 0.75% to bridge the fruits and allow them to brighten a little more.

SnV all the way, best after a few days steep. Cream will come out a bit more and the fruits will dull slightly. Still very tasty though.


A blooming mildly strawberry mix with a hint of bright citrus,

Recipe Notes:
FA Bilberry - This is the same percentage used in my blueberry trinity base. Its used to bring some fleshy fruit and a bit of tartness into the mix.
INW Cactus - Using this at the lowest possible amount in order to use its properties (wet, juicy and bright) instead of that cactus flavor that can sometimes overpower a mix without a few days steep.
TPA Hibiscus - This is the floral I just happen to have on hand so this is what I wanted to work with. Multiple notes on ELR reference it easily overpowering a mix or becoming perfumey, but after multiple tests I'm finding the other flavors in a mix burying it. Either that or it transforms the flavor into something I was not looking for. Here at 3%, it makes the mix "bloom" into something that immediately makes me think of standing in a field of ripe strawberries and wildflowers, with a slight spring breeze blowing through.
INW Lemon Mix - This is a very neat flavor. I'm just beginning to experiment with it. Its a like mix of fresh lemons and grapefruit rind. You definitely have to take into account the grapefruit. Using this in a recipe that is based around a Lemon profile does not always work. Sometimes I even seem to get a biting mint flavor out of it. I'm using this at a low enough percentage to bring both of those into the mix without killing it, which can happen with INW flavors.
FA Red Touch - Another flavor that I have recently found to have its perfect place here (Thanks to Strap-On ala u/ID10-T). Its a fresh strawberry, and depending on the recipe, I enjoy it better than TFA Strawberry Ripe.


Bring in the strap on to the dark side. The Black currant and Cherryl add a dark jammy cherry flavor to the original trio. The water melon, fuji, and strawberry are still present, but a much darker and deep flavor to the mix.

"I want your cock tail.....Fruit"
- Nasty Nate


I was tasked with creating a Strap-On recipe by apexified in exchange for a sampler of fine scotches. Not a bad trade, and an easy decision in my mind.

Why not combine my recipe with a variable ingredient, with a recipe that is, in itself, a variable ingredient?

I present a modified Cliche(dropped the fruit values because I didn't want 25% flavor) mixed with the regular old Strap-On.

Flavor Notes