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(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)

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A bright, tasty strawberry kiwi cheesy cream with a hint of caramel from the creme brulee. Feel free to experiment with it. I really enjoy this one and hope you do too


Just a simple recipe that requires an overnight steep and is very tasty.

Strawberry, Apples, and Brie Cheese Yum! Musky goodness with sweetness!

This is a lava flow clone that nails the burnt sugar clouds of the original!

The strawberry trio is well balanced with Capella's Golden Pineapple and the coconut is just on the edge of too much but isn't.

The dragon fruit and tangerine are there to enhance the strawberries and pineapple so can probably be subbed with other juicy poppers.

I think I've really nailed the sweetness - you saw OOO's burnt sugar in a lava flow clone here first! With the TPA Brown Sugar its got that dark sweet body like the original. Sweetener is added for sweetness without blowing your coil.

Last but not least, I believe all the ingredients are DX - please let me know if you know otherwise.



Lychee Blossom
A vibrant and juicy lychee enveloping a blossom.

Steep time: Can be SnV'd after a real good shake, but best after 2-3 days. Wouldn't steep it too long as the mix isn't as good when FA Red touch inevitably fades.

Mixing notes:
This mix initially came about me trying to get the most out of CAP Sweet Lychee instead of opting for another brand.
I opted to start boosting lychee with other flavorings to see where I could take it:

Cap Sweet Lychee:
While CAP Sweet Lychee isn't bad at all, it has obvious drawbacks. Not very juicy, and a floral offnote. At 4% it gives a solid base to this mix, but gives you some work to do..

FA Red Touch:
At 3% this just gives a pink/red background to the vape and to fill in some of the gaps Sweet Lychee leaves.

TPA Dragonfruit:
At 1% this boosts the brightness and makes the mix more vibrant.

TPA Honeysuckle:
The turning point in the mix. The mix was shaping up to be a nice juicy Lychee but something had to be done about those floral/perfumey notes.
Instead of fighting/hiding that I decided to add Honeysuckle to embrace those notes and tuck them into a hidden flower in the vape.
At 1.5% it does just enough of that while leaving the mix a mainly Lychee profile.

TPA Pear:
After adding honeysuckle and changing the profile of the mix I felt like I needed another fruit to support the bottom of the flavor.
Pear, commonly used as a fruit juice filler, worked perfectly and elevated the mix and gave it more dimension.
Initially started at 2%, and it was good, but opted to lower it to 1.5% to let the rest of the mix come through more.
Edit: Sigh I opted to up it back again to 2 from 1.5 but that is optional. Both versions are good just slightly different. If you'd prefer less lychee go for 2% otherwise drop it to 1.5%.

TPA Sweetener:
My sweetener of choice. Just 0.75%(~3 drops per 10ml) to boost the sweetness of the fruits. Feel free to not use it but I like it more with.

Special thanks to ID10-T, Kopel, and CheebaSteeba for their valuable advice and for taking the time to test <3
Edit: Sept 19th, Reverted my recipe back to the old percentages (1% Dragonfruit vs 1.5%, 2% FA Pear vs 1.5%), so back to the initial version of the recipe.

Straightforward S&C recipe without any twists..but it's pretty delicious if you're into this profile. The combination of INW shisha/FA red touch/JF sweet strawberry I got from ID10-T on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/6xqm0p/single_flavor_profile_recipes/dmifghc/ and it works wonderfully IMO.

Edit: removed the 1% tfa dragonfruit from the recipe as I felt it was not necessary.

Tribute to the Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Stormborn.


A mouth-watering strawberry-raspberry candy. Extremely flavorful. Enjoy!


The strawberries I chose are for obvious reasons. FA needs to be high, as it's a weak flavor. I enjoy the combination of TFA Strawberry & FA Strawberry.

TFA Coconut Candy was used as a slight accent, and is only shyly present.

INW Raspberry is the BEST raspberry candy out there IMHO. So, its' inclusion was obvious.

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream & FW White Chocolate add body and texture respectively. I find that the CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream also serves to tame Inawera's Raspberry so that it's not so much in your face

Best at 65-70% VG(I prefer 70%). Best after 7-10 day steep.


Please ask permission to post this recipe elsewhere, as it was made to only be shared on ATF. You may not use this recipe for commercial profit.


Brought back a recipe I did for Beginner Blending's little contest MIXXED. The profile was strawberry apple compote, which is basically a chunky fruit jam used as a topping of sorts. Delicious as it sounds, obviously we were a tad limited on what we could use. This flavor would need to consist of cooked apples and strawberries, a touch of cinnamon all cooked with sugar and a bit of apple cider. This idea came from a Google search of strawberry apple lol since that was 2 of the flavors we were supposed to use. TFA Strawberry Ripe/JF (or FA) Fuji and last but not least CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl were the flavors. The rules also said no more than 3 extra flavors. Anyways, needless to say, I didn't win. Boo hoo, oh well.

Now, I really loved the profile once I stumbled on it, but to me, the one I made just did not hit the level I was looking for. Everything was there, but it just wasn't as realistic as I wanted it to be. The CDS really screwed up a lot in that one, simply because even at a really low percentage, that pastry note would come through. I tried to cook the fruit with some FA Liquid Amber and while that would certainly work for such a thing, I wasn't digging it. Strawberry just isn't the type of fruit that does well getting "cooked" by Liquid Amber imo. I mean, in a compote, the cooked aspect isn't what you're trying to achieve anyways. It's just a scrumptious, chunky jam as I said so it really just needed to be darkened up into a jam-like version. Here, I took SB Ripe, gave it a touch of red (see what I did there?) to add a bit more realism to it as well as darken it a little cuz FA Red Touch to me is already like a bunch of smashed up strawberries. Of course, I didn't have to do a thing with the apple aspect because JF Fuji is so tasty and tastes much more realistic than its FA counterpart. To me that realism and the fact that it's not quite as sharp as FA, it was perfect for a bakery apple. FLV Rich Cinnamon is the ultimate bakery cinnamon so 1 drop per 15 mls is all you need. You can even go 1 drop per 30mls if you're really sensitive to it. I used FLV Caramel and TPA Toasted Marshmallow to complete the compote. The Caramel is there simply to give that browned sugar effect but its not as sweet as I would want so I paired it up with the TM which has its own caramelly notes as well as a nice slight bakery burnt touch. This combo really helps with the whole "cooked down w sugar" idea but the marshmallow also helps to soften everything down as the cinnamon can be kinda harsh.

So there you have it. A strawberry apple compote! This recipe really hits the spot in the fall. That baked apple is the best when its a little chilly outside. If you find the cinnamon to be a little harsh after the steep, try it at 75-77% VG instead. It's not much of a difference but it seemed to help a lot when I make this.

I did this to try out Lava Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. Nice!

A sour apple / strawberry lemonade, kept simple. This is a nice palate cleanser, which I was in desperate need of, but also has some interesting flavour and discoveries. Notes below.

FLV Lemonade / LA Lemonade - This is our base for this recipe, and it is quite good. Using a roughly 2:1 ratio of LA:FLV gives us an almost Country Time lemonade feel. The LA Lemonade still pushes to the front, which I believe is the superior of the two concentrates in terms of flavour, however, on the back end of the vape, we can notice a slight powdery sweetness that plays as a reminder of that deliciously artificial and sweet lemonade mix. While both work on their own, when combined, it just adds an extra layer of depth to the experience.

FLV Sour Apple / INW Two Apples - we get most of the apple flavour in this recipe from INW Two Apples. This concentrate is heavier on the green apple note, but there is some nice balance with the subtle back notes of a redder and sweeter apple. Going much higher than 2% on INW Two Apples will yield some bitterness and overall unpleasant off notes, so I keep it at 1.5% most of the time. That seems to be the sweet spot. Including just a dash of FLV Sour Apple amplifies that brightness and almost works as a replacement for citric acid or any sort of sour enhancer you may use. I don't note much apple flavour from this concentrate when used low, but it works beautifully to amplify the tartness of this recipe. However, this is where some of the throat hit will come from, and why a few days is required on the steep.

CAP Sweet Strawberry / FA Strawberry - FA strawberry is bringing most of the flavour in this pairing. I love this concentrate, and it might be my current favourite strawberry. It's not too overpowering, but it's also fairly authentic. We get some inherent sweetness here, but it isn't fake or candied. Just feels like biting into a fresh strawberry that is just slightly under-ripe. Adding CAP Sweet Strawberry to the party brings us that candied note and deep sweetness thanks to the EM that is loaded up in this concentrate. Here, I'm using a higher percentage of CAP Sweet Strawberry to not only round out some of those sour edges on the shake, but also to help assuage that throat hit after a few days of steeping.

OPTIONAL - FA Polar Blast - I use about 10 drops of Polar Blast per 15 ml in this one and it adds a nice touch of coldness to this. Because, really, why wouldn't you want some icy cold element in a lemonade vape?

Steep - Shake and Vape is good, but give this one about 2 or 3 days to really round out and allow those more biting notes of tartness to mellow out.

Flavor Notes