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well, this is what happens when one gets burnt out and just want to make something that I likes. #badattitudemixing if you don't like it that's cool and I made this for me and my tastes for today.

Just a creamy somewhat crunchy strawberry cheese cake / ice-cream / what ever. I like it off the shake but would benefit with a few days unmolested... HAHAHAHA, my 12 year old sense of humor just kicked in... but yeah a steep would help it all come together.

Enjoy it if you mix it up

A nice, tasty and simple fruity mix. Shake & Vape or use in a mix.

Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

This started as a blackberry ice cream sandwich recipe that I adapted to match what I had on hand. The base is very nice. Trying it out with strawberry which I think will be great. Maybe a blueberry after this. Maybe a pistachio or peach too. Who knows?

I originally adapted a recipes by R2ME2 named Blackberry Ice Cream Sandwich to match what I had on hand. I then adapted my adapted recipe to a strawberry version. Try the original if you have the ingredients, it is great as well.

So, I originally made a peaches and cream I did not feel was good enough to share, the white peach was way too strong! This time, we’ll I’m not going to lie I am surprised with how good this is!! I have only been mixing a few months and this is third one I have came up with on my own and this one is great and my favorite! Works well as a shake and vape. Something about the berry flavor settles the peach down and is amazing. I also put 3 drops of cap sweet mango per 60mls but that is optional and hardly measurable. Enjoy

This is my 1st attempt trying to re-create gorilla warfare .270 which is a strawberry flaky pastry a.k.a. strawberry cornflakes cereal

Damn that’s delicious and I’m not talking just okay I mean wow after 2days! I started with Funfetti OG as my Cake base because it’s fantastic on it’s but I knew I could do something that would make it fit my flavor profile better! Strawberry cream cake fit perfectly and man o man was I right! The creams are amazing and the strawberries fit the bill. Tested in a gear RTA

Cold Fruits. My go-to MTL mix. Beware, kills wicks fast. Use Sweetener and WS23 to taste.

A juicy strawberry kiwi. Feel free to not add or tone down the sweetener! Give a couple of days for the kiwi double to tone itself down. Lmk what you think!

Roll up Roll up! Everyone's A Winner!
Welcome To My Latest Greatest Recipe!
A freakishly delicious recipe!
No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.
It started by chasing a popular commercial recipe called
"The One" by bearded vape. A hugely popular eLiquid!
I went to by some but at $40 a bottle, no thanks!
I was offered some but I like to have fun creating the best I can make from the profile description, & what I came up with here in my opinion is freakishly delicious!

The OG recipe profile description I worked from:
A strawberry doughnut filled with froth cream than splashed in ice-cold creamy milk. the flavor of fruity cereal blended with the infamous gooey strawberry glazed doughnut instantly delights your flavor palate. While you exhale, the smooth silky rich creamy milk seals the deal.

I think what I have come up with is something like that, made to suit my palette.

Mix it, steep it, enjoy it!
Let me know what you think!

I enjoy it vaped at 70w on a twin recurve RDA with SST coils.
Best 3 days on wards but very vapeable off the shake!

No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.

So I needed something strawberries and cream asap and I decided to whip something together real quick and that I thought would work well and I was right this is a super basic but delicious strawberry ice cream / strawberries and cream recipe. So I think even though the FA Red touch is the highest % it’s not the main flavor of strawberry that you will taste as red touch is a great back up flavor as in anything that works with it makes that lead flavor juicer and sweeter in the best way possible! So then we have the CAP Sweet Strawberry and that adds a creaminess and a back up sweetness to really hold all of the strawberries together and TPA Strawberry Ripe is our authenticator that ties all 3 strawberries together. LB Vanilla Ice Cream because it’s awesome and Creamy and that is only backed up and pushed forward by the TPA Whipped Cream which also acts as the mouth feel. You can Shake and Vape this recipe 100% but it will for sure only get better with age. I recommend at least one to 3 days steep time but in a emergency situation shake n vape away! Tried/Tested on a wasp nano rda. ENJOY & STAY CLOUDY

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