(FA) Red Summer (watermelon)

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So this Is one of those flavors where you just go hmmm this sounds good with this and this and lets try these percentages and it turns out really good. Any other revision just isn't as good. I Always mix Peach with White Peach i just really like the nice strong peach that it delivers. The two watermelons are pretty straight forward i added some of TFA's to get a bit more sweetness in the mix and have the watermelon show a bit through the peach. Lychee is a great addition here it adds a nice juicyness and has that almost sweet taste on the end of your tongue after a hit. Im sure you could add in many other flavors to make this better it could be used as a base. And i havent tried any other PG percentage other than the 8.5 the flavors come in.


Needs a 10-day steep for the coconuts and cream to combine and to reduce throat hit.


Delicious summer ADV. Lime fades after a while, so I put a few drops in every now and then.


Notes for this are in /r/DIY_eJuice's May 2016 Recipe Thread, but basically it's a fruity framework to build on. I love adding one ingredient to this, and that one ingredient varies depending on my mood. FA Kiwi, TFA Dragonfruit, and INW Cactus are some of my favorites to add to it.

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