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Since I've been working on heavy recipes lately (Burley Boiz, Rose Cutter, etc), I needed something fruity and cold to cut through and set my palate back. This started off as a simple remix on Strap-On by ID10-T that I really didn't anticipate on releasing. However, after it sat for a few days and I came back to it, I realized it wasn't a remix or a clone of anything, rather, it ended up being it's own interesting little profile. What we have here is something that has a heavy watermelon candy type note, with some hints of the strawberry that give us a more rounded out recipe as a whole. Quick notes below, this doesn't need much explanation.

FA Red Summer / FLV Wild Melon - we already know how this combination works. The FA Watermelon is given more depth from the FLV Wild Melon. A lot of this recipe can be adjusted to taste, this combination being one aspect of it. FA is kind of set in it's way, as 2.5% is pretty much the highest it can successfully go. However, drop it down and boost FLV Wild Melon if you want less of a watermelon vape, and more of a general blend of different melons.

INW Shisha Strawberry - simply used this instead of the FA Red Touch because I was out of FA when I went to mix this. Shisha Strawberry brings a bit more of a syrupy sweetness to the mix. Instead of a more accurate strawberry note, we get something more candied and sticky. I like this being in here, for it allows us to get a candy sweet note without having to use an sweetener.

TPA Honeysuckle - I've been loving what this concentrate does to fruit mixes lately. The subtle floral notes don't overpower at all, but they add a sense of unique depth to any sweet fruit notes. A little touch of vanilla is noticeable, some additional sweetness, and just a hint of something more earthy and floral to give some depth to the strawberry in particular. It's hard to really pinpoint what Honeysuckle is doing in these recipes, but without it, there is a noticeable difference. So my mentality is, don't ask questions, and just enjoy.

WS-23 - you know me, I love my fruit recipes to be cold. Usually I'd say add the WS-23 to taste, but here, once it's pushed into the 1% territory, it actually starts to fuck with the flavour a bit. I don't know if it's just how the cold hits the throat or if we're actually getting some flavour change here, but it wasn't as pleasant. Sort of became a more bitter flavour on the back end that I wasn't happy with. Keep it at or below 0.75 and you'll be good.

Steep - good as a shake and vape, seems to just meld together nicely into this watermelon candy after about 3 days. Reminds me of the Sour Patch Watermelons, without the sour.


I was looking to make an ADV that was juicy and sweet, but backboned by floral aroma instead of the all-out sugary blast I usually find with watermelon recipes. I wanted to smell this as much as taste it.

FA Watermelon: I chose this watermelon because I find it provides a sweet but slightly more subtle flavor. It’s a dryer watermelon that blends well without overpowering the mix.
INW Cactus: Pairs perfectly with FA Watermelon. At 1.75% it adds a lot of juiciness and got me started on the floral scent I was looking for.
FA Pear: I find this flavor works similarly to INW Cactus. It adds some juiciness, a great earthy-tasting sweetness on the backend, and really boosts the aroma.
CAP Sweet Guava: Again, this one adds some wetness to the dry watermelon and a sweet yet flowery inhale. I’ve had this flavor since day one, but was honestly never a big fan. I had serious doubts along the way if I could get this to work. Most recipes have Sweet Guava at 4% or higher, but I found it to be way too sweet. It balances very well at 1.5%.
FA Meringue: My go-to fruit sweetener, plain and simple. Despite the added sweetness from the FA Pear and the Guava, I couldn’t get the sweetness I wanted from those two without boosting the % and screwing up the flavor balance. A touch of Meringue took care of that.
Koolada: Stop me if you’ve heard this before – the Koolada is totally optional, based on personal preference. I like to add just 1-2 drops per 10mL, which gives this mix the airy, cold taste you’d expect from a margarita.

A fantastic summer vape. Watermelon and rum with a hint of lime. Needs a few days for the lime to mellow out.

A sweet and tart mix of ripe Strawberries, Kiwi, juicy Watermelon. Feel free to comment about any suggestions and criticism.

A summer fruity mix with coconut, lime , watermelon and straberry. A little vanilla at the end.

Sugar glaze watermelon madness with strawberry and pomegranate, and slow-churned in a soft silky cream

This is a nice Sweet Melon based vape Recipe. The Purilium watermelon is very candy like and a great flavor on its own. FA watermelon to me gives more of that authentic watermelon taste. FLV wild melons adds a bit more of all melon flavor without being to overpowering at .75%. Added the Vanilla swirl to give it some creaminess as well as juiciness so the recipe is not dry. The FA Custard adds just a bit of citrus to the mix and really blend well with these flavors. No added sweetness is necessary as ITS ALREADY PRETTY SWEET. Good off the Shake steep 3 days for best results.


Original recipe at by Amy*** (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=10030) at ELR (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/287320/FA%20Tiger%27s%20blood%20)

Bought the pack off of BullCity and, since I use AllTheFlavors primarily, brought it over here for easier using by myself.

If Amy*** ever uploads it here, let me know and I'll kill this one off.

Orig. recipe says 3 day steep with the cap off for a few hours after mixing. I didn't do the cap off, pretty decent after 3 days.... tropical beach drinky.



A nice summer vape. I really hated honeydew vapes until I found JF honeydew melon. It's phenomenal and cannot be subbed so fuck off.

Erythritol is a great sweetener for fruits so yes I used it here, really not necessary though so you can leave it out.

CAP cantaloupe is a really nice base for melon mixes, it's a pretty nondescript melon flavor that works best as a background note. JF honeydew is the star of the show at 1%. The watermelon mix sweetens things up and adds a nice depth to the recipe. Cactus is here because juicy yummy and it tastes pretty melon like especially at low %.

This is pretty straightforward and honestly it is downright delicious and complex enough for me to enjoy. I normally don't go for fruity blends but this one kept me going for over 50mls, enjoy!

Shake and vape but as always I let my stuff sit for at least 3 days to homogenize.

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