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(FA) Red Bean

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 31 recipes at an average of 0.359%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Sticky Rice Cake w/ Red Bean paste filling.

VT Rice Base is a really good sweet rice flavor by itself but its a little earthy, has a really nice straight dirt note middle ways into the inhale and a sugary sweet aftertaste causing an internal WTF. Its not offensive dirt but it is unquestionably, dirt. FE Sweet Rice to me is good but lacking that rice feel where VT nailed it so the pairing is perfect.
FA Red Bean also has some earth going on and is less dirt than VTs Rice Base also lending a hand to blend that off note. The profile was packed with flavor with just the 2 Rice flavors and the Red Bean but it was linear, lacking body and mouthfeel. I wanted a little vanilla to help round this out and FLV Vanilla Bean works well as a top note without pushing other flavors around. Toasted Marshmallow gives this some body and adds some additional background notes.

I've really been enjoying this mix and hope to get some feedback, enjoy!

Remixed my White Hummingbird, which was a cross between ENYAWREKLAW’s Yeo Layer and ID10-T’s Longing. I traded out FA Coco’ for FLV Coconut (at 0.5% . . . more on this in a bit). Dropped FLV Cream and FA Cream Fresh (1% each) in favor of OOO Cream Milky Undertone at 1%. I kept FE Sweet Rice (5%), TFA Honeysuckle (3%), and DFS Holy Vanilla (2%) where they were from the White Hummingbird.

I moved away from FA Meringue and TFA Vanilla Swirl in favor of the concentrates that make up Deejay_mills pudding stone (search /r/DIY-eJuice for pudding stone), changing up the percentages a bit. I went with FLV Vanilla Pudding at 2%, INW Custard at 1.25%, and (here’s where the coconut comes back into play) the aforementioned FLV Coconut at 0.5%.

All of this was attempted to make use of a new concentrate (and subsequently turn the white hummingbird pink) . . . FA Red Bean. Red Bean (adzuki/azuki) paste is a staple in Asian desserts . . . it is also in some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had (Red Bean Ice Cream from The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in NYC). I’ve been obsessed with red bean desserts since I first tried the ice cream in 2000. It is a sweet, savory, earthy flavor that just speaks to me . . . it almost reminds me of a sweeter, softer, raw red-skinned peanut.

Red Bean is a natural pairing with sweet rice and custard/pudding. I started out at 0.5%, but that was way too forward. It overtook everything. I halved it, and it seems to be sitting pretty at 0.25% (I should have just taken Wayne's advice in his Red Bean Ice Cream recipe and not wasted my time and nicotine being hard headed). The sweet rice and creamy, vanilla custard/pudding make up the foundation and rides the front of the exhale. The earthy red bean paste gets swirled into the rice custard as you hit the midway point of the exhale. Finally, at the end of the exhale the honeysuckle just peaks through in a beautiful way.

Mixed 60vg/40pg and shook it up. This is definitely a SNV given the FE Sweet Rice. I will update as it steeps, but, off a shake, it is extremely well layered: starchy, sweet rice custard upfront . . . savory, earthy red bean in the middle . . . sweet vanilla-honeysuckle on the end. It is creamy throughout and, in my opinion, extremely enjoyable. I know it’s not for everyone, but, if you are a fan of red bean/red bean paste desserts, the FA Red Bean is a must have.

This is a simple, yet very authentic and delicious red bean ice cream pop
The ones you get at the asian mart, the one with the pig head in the window.
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsHweeGco28

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