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(FA) Pomegranate

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 573 recipes at an average of 1.49%.


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A Pomegranate\Cranberry Sodastyle Ejuice.
The Combo of Pomegranate\Cranberry is a Bomb :)

This alien tasted Roswell and liked it.
Here's my swing at this strange thing.
Do try So Sour So Good (INW) instead of Sour (TPA) please, it's not in the ATF database, but it is truly amazing.
Hope you like it,

Sugar glaze watermelon madness with strawberry and pomegranate, and slow-churned in a soft silky cream

I wanted to make a gummy where half of it has that creamy white part. (giggity) I wanted to use Acai because it's different. I used Pomegranate because it pairs well with Acai. This isn't super complex but IMO pretty tasty and unique.

*I mix low so you may need to increase my percentages anywhere from 50-100% (double)

A refreshing summer vape along the lines of a tropical drink. Great as a shake and vape.

This is my version of a black currant & pomegranate juice. It is tart, sweet and juicy ticking all the boxes for my perfect summertime vape.


In a Godda Da Vida was just missing something, for me personally. CAP Mango goes so well with TFA Papaya. All credit for original recipe goes to mlNikon. I only added the mango


When I first got into the DIY scene, I remember trying to clone my favorite juice at the time "Bad Blood" from Bad Drip which is a Blueberry, Pomegranate, Vanilla. Of course being new it wasn't great but I liked it at the time. Well, Wayne's whole remix month got me thinking about revisiting the profile. I am not buying the juice to compare so I won't call it a clone or a remix but it is my take on the Blueberry, Pomegranate, Vanilla profile and I really dig what I'm tasting.

FW Blueberry: This is the blueberry hands down. At first I thought maybe a realistic blueberry but that didn't work. It needed to be sweet and a bit on the sweeter candy side and this at 4% really works.

FA Bilberry: I needed the blueberry to still have some connection to the real world so Bilberry here does the job of pulling down the FW Blueberry so it doesn't taste like straight blueberry syrup and helps FW Blueberry connect to the Pomegranates.

TFA/FA Pomegranate: I can never choose between TFA or FA Pomegranate so they both get spotlighted here. TFA a little higher because it's not as strong as FA is to me but together they make a very nice Pomegranate.

INW Shisha Vanilla: We are aiming for a vanilla profile and this is the cleanest vanilla without adding too much cream and gives the recipe a nice vanilla shine at the end of the vape. This honestly sits in my top 3 flavorings of all time and I just am in love with Shisha Vanilla. I might just marry this flavoring someday :>

TFA Sweetener: Being inspired by "Bad Blood" by Bad Drip means I'm more than likely going to use sweetener to give it just a tad more sweetness and 1% is the perfect percentage to get that extra little bump I need.

Mix at 80vg/20pg like "Bad Blood" and if you guys try it out PLEASE leave me feedback. I can only get better if I get honest opinions and I will love you guys still no matter what you say, love it or hate it. SnV approved as well.

This recipe was totally inspired by Philosaphucker's Grack Juice and its definitely not wack. Simply described its watermelon menthol but beyond that it has depth, created by the FA Pomegranate and RF Kiwi combo. TFA Dragonfruit brightens the entire mix and really makes the NR (Purilum) Watermelon (I highly recommend you pick it up) pop. FA Meringue smooths it all out. I know you all will enjoy this recipe. Whats even better its a shake and vape, so mix it up and leave you thoughts with a review. Thanks KRUCIAL.


This was an idea I have to give ID10-T credit for. Back in November, he mentioned his brother bringing a dessert to Christmas every year. Which consisted of raw cranberries covered in molten hot white chocolate and then cooled. This is appropriately called Cranberry Crack. Well, while ID10-T was busy mowing down some competition in the mixer contests, I was still salivating at the thought of this. So I decided to build a recipe around that concept. It was only after a couple versions that I realized that I wanted to take a little different approach.
While I never have tried this Cranberry Crack, I knew raspberries and white chocolate are amazing together. So why not add them to the mix. I thought this was going to be pretty easy and straight forward. But quickly discovered that balancing the white chocolate with the fruits, would prove to be challenging.

FLV/FW White Chocolate - MF White Chocolate I still feel is one the best. But, for the life of me, couldn't get it to work in this. I probably could've made a dilution and maybe make it work, but I moved on. I'm not that big of a fan of TFA's offering, so knew that was out. That left me with the only other one I had, which was FW. I really like their version. It's creamy, buttery and has a nice little vanilla note to it. I originally had this at 3% and was going to be the only WC in this recipe. Then, with a big shout out to Brendon, in came a big box of flavors from Flavorah. Well, white chocolate was the first one I reached for. This did not disappoint. Very rich with a heavy cream. Not sure I was picking up as much vanilla as FW, but this was delicious. I had to have this under 1%, to keep it from bogging down the other flavors. I kept FW in this but just dialed it back a little.

INW Shisha Vanilla - By far, one of the best and most versatile vanillas in my arsenal. This is pulling double duty here. It brings just a touch more vanilla and adds bit of creaminess to the white chocolate.

FLV Cranberry/FA Pom - This got a little tricky. FLV's version is very much like OceanSpray Cranberry juice. Not as tart as you would expect for a cranberry. But, imo, is the best authentic (as apposed to candy-like) offering. Not one of their stronger flavors. I found I had to keep raising the % to hold up to the creams. My goal was to try to bend this into a regular cranberry, instead of a juice. TFA's version wasn't bad but just seemed like a unsweetened juice. CAP's Cranberry was just not that good. But FA Pomegranate had that tartness and has a thickness, I was looking for. It gave the cranberry a sort of cooked feel to it. I just needed to keep it low enough that none of those floral notes would shine through.

FA Raspberry/INW Shisha Raspberry - While I knew I wanted FA all along, Shisha worked surprisingly well with it. I find FA to be one of the best. It's realistic but doesn't carry much tartness. Almost like a cooked raspberry with some sugar. Has some floral and maybe earthy undertones. INW Shisha almost has the same notes. With some earthiness and kind of floral accents, but in a completely different way (if that makes any sense at all). INW has a bit more of the tartness that you would expect from a raspberry.

Steep Time : 7- 10 days

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