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Just a delicious Pom/Orange/Ginger ale. Im damn happy with both combos of pom and orange in this. The ginger ale is definitly prominent, but more in a syrupy way...if that makes any sense? Again, sweetener is on you and a bit of coolant would be great

This is an adapted version of an old skool clone (Andromeda) I've turned it into a nice dark Bourbon vape Using FlV bourbon for the booze and Fig for the added bod. I used Harvest berry to add another dark layer of fruit.
If you mix it leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

This is a refreshing Pomegranate and Passion fruit sherbet. I took the cue from Wayne and used Cap Lemon Lime for the sherbet base and paired it with fw vanilla bean ice cream because it is a nice and light yet sweet ice cream. Its not too buttery so it translates to sherbets very easily. I used a touch of pink guava for a bit more tart citrus since it tastes more like grapefruit to me. Then I sweetened and thickened up the mix by adding a bit of cap vanilla cupcake. I have mixed this up with .75% polar blast and it is nice but if you don't want to steep this (you don't have to at all) then I would suggest using .5% fa polar blast or use your preferred cooling agent.


An explosive bittersweet pom mixed with tart-like, candy-ish blueberry and slight vanilla undertone. Still a work in progress.


A macaron flavored with fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

The theme for Mixers' Club was "duets" - taking two existing recipes and making them sing together. I wanted to try to marry my macaron base from my Mango Blossom Macaron to the best recipe to come out of last year's DIYorDIE world mixing competition, the heavenly three-ingredient "In a Godda Da Vida" by the incomparable @mlNikon. The earliest versions were disastrous. TFA Papaya and FA Pomegranate and not to be trifled with. It took turning them down further and further and even adjusting the ratio a bit to get Godda to fit into a light and airy meringue and almond flour cookie with an ingratiating touch of forbidden fruit flavor.


This recipe is a delicious cranberry sauce sprinkled with cinnamon sugar meant for vaping right after your Thanksgiving feast.
Don't forget to remember the thousands of lives destroyed for no reason other than empirical prowess and religious conquests.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to watch the NFL on your Flat Screen while you pig out on a dry bird covered in the secretions of said bird.
Video and Flavor Notes -> http://bit.ly/2mSQcMV


Simple, fruity, light, refreshing and delicious.

I let mine steep for 3 days to let the flavors come together nicely.

Any comments, suggestions and additions are highly appreciated.
Have fun!

A nice refreshing sweet strawberry champagne. Feel free to add sweetener and cooling to your liking.

A Pomegranate\Cranberry Sodastyle Ejuice.
The Combo of Pomegranate\Cranberry is a Bomb :)

This alien tasted Roswell and liked it.
Here's my swing at this strange thing.
Do try So Sour So Good (INW) instead of Sour (TPA) please, it's not in the ATF database, but it is truly amazing.
Hope you like it,

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