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(FA) Pistacchio (Pistachio)

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 204 recipes at an average of 1.477%.


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I wanted to create something I could actually vape. Honestly, if you aren't as sensitive as I am, you'll likely want to pretty much triple all the ingredient percentages. I get Chococlate cake, vanilla/almond cream with a hint of pistachio. My hubby tasted sweet air. Soooo...while the mixture of these ingredients might be great, you may have to adjust the percentages to suit your tastes. I wouldn't go higher on the chocolate donut flavor beyond 5% or it will just overtake the entire mixture. If you are turning everything else up, keep donut at like 4.5%. This recipe won't work in a pod, all you'll taste is sweet chocolate donut. Might not be bad but it won't have nuances.

An all Flavourart recipe featuring some of my favorites. Attempting to make an easy classic pandoro cake with sweet glaze sprinkled in pistachio. Enjoy!!
Recipe notes here=====> https://youtu.be/ICd62zaby3w

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Mixer Showdown #1 on the DIY discord entry submitted by the RED team @mLnikon, @AlfredPudding, and @Vishousvapez on 5/9/19.

Voting ends 5/11/ 19 at https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/bmqjm0/the_mixers_showdown_finish_line/emz2gid/

"Zoe is the orange monster from Sesame Street, Cookie Monster absolutely loves his cookies, and one of these things is definitely not like the others. This is a bright, citrus jam covered cookie made for the first ever Discord Mixing competition. It utilizes the jammy texture provided by CAP Hibiscus while completely obscuring the flavor. CAP Sugar Cookie is filled out with FA Pistachio and TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) to provide an excellent rich cookie base. We hope you enjoy it."

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Sticky, fragrant rose flavoured jelly cubes dredged with icing sugar.

Turkish Delight is a classic Middle Eastern sweet and dates back more than 230 years, making it one of the oldest sweet dishes in the world.
They are small, fragrant cubes of jelly, usually flavoured with rosewater, orange flower water or citrus fruits juice and heavily dusted with icing sugar. Some versions include roughy chopped pistachios to add texture and equalise the (sometimes overpowering) sweetness.

FLV Rose Essence is the star of the show here and is a phenomenal rose flavour. Unlike its competitors, this does not overpower everything it comes in contact with. This is a delicate infusion of natural rose frangrances with a delightful realistic & well rounded profile. The expected/inherent floral notes does not interfere and, when used correctly, brings a gentle rose bouquet to the table. It needed a slight boost and sweetness in the form of TPA Rose Candy to create the characteristic (sweet) Turkish Delight.

FLV Marshmallow Vanilla plays a number of rolls here. Firstly, it assist by creating body and given the jelly candy a more manageable texture. It furthermore adds a delicious vanilla note which blends perfectly with the rose. Lastly, it adds the first layer of icing sugar sugar dusting, followed by a generous dusting from OOO Powdered Sugar.

Cap Jelly Candy does here what it is supposed to...it creates a jelly, duh! I pushed it to 3% here as traditional Turkish delight is quite gelatinous.

FA pistachio breaks the menotiny of the Rose by introducing an alluring nuttiness and that familiar pistachio earthiness. DO NOT sub this with TPA Pistachio, you have been warned...

Give this baby 3 to 5 days to mingle.

The Persian Prince is relatively simple creamy peach custard based on "The Prince" by Vaping with Vic. However, it does not use strawberry but goes full on peach. I also toned down the bavarian cream a little bit, so it is more custard-fruit centered.

I do not recommend this as a Shake n' vape. Containing custard, creams, and peach flavourings, it will benefit from at least a week of steeping.

Notes on progress:

14/3/2016: Tried after 7 days. Not bad. I mixed a second batch with increased FA White Peach from 1.25 to 1.5, CAP Yellow Peach from 2.0 to 3.0, and CAP VC V1 from 4.5 to 5.0. Let's see how it works.

To me this image shows a cookie cake with ice cream on top and a nice buttery nutty gooey topping.

I used TFA Graham Cracker Clear and Sweet Dough for my bakery component. The FA Graham is a very nice graham cracker cookie, more along the lines of an animal cracker type graham with very little if any spice notes. The TFA Graham Cracker is nice and deep dark golden graham like and the sweet dough moistens it up a tad.

I built the ice cream note out of the new FA Vanilla Ice cream and Cap Vanilla Custard V1. Stay with me a minute because I bet you are wondering why Cap Custard V1 since it is so eggy... well I needed it to play in the mix for my drizzle, so just trust me it works.

FA maple syrup is the perfect maple for this with all the heavy creams and the bakeries involved. It is strong enough to stand up but at 0.5% it folds into the body of the drizzle that is composed of Cap Butter cream and FLV Butterscotch. I used FA Pistachio as the main nut because it isn't a pistachio that taste like pudding, it is more along the lines of a real pistachio nut with the oily aspect and dryness of the real thing. I used Marzipan as a binder for cream notes but it also serves as a separator for the nut part of the recipe. I hope you all enjoy.


I really wanted to try to make something with Avocado cream (VT) it is a pretty solid buttery creamy profile - it does have a slight banana note that was present in all the percentages I tested at ( 1, 2 and 3) . That banana back note works in this recipe but may not work in a more savory type vape.. Adding citrus to it seems to even bring that note out more and acts as the top note . The honeysuckle and meringue add the sweetness that is needed in a gelato . and bring the vanilla galeto and avocado together in this mix . The Key lime is the top note and well who does not like lime and avocado! This is a a creamy light bright gelato that could easily be an ADV . The percentages are made for a RDA and profile may not be strong enough in a subohm

Looked in a cookbook came up with this. Still ongoing changes nice start though.

This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew apple challenge

It's a green and tart apple, wrapped in chocolate and a small pistachio sand layer on top

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LUSH, definition: very rich and providing great sensory pleasure. That's what I am attempting here. This recipe is best defined as a strawberry tart with a pistachio, graham crust. I was wanting to create something bright and refreshing to break out of the heavy eliquids that we often vape during the winter months.
The Body:
A creamy light custard with a graham cracker crust incrusted with pistachio undertones. CAP Vanilla Custard, TPA Cheesecake (Graham Crust), FA Pistacchio (Pistachio).
The Top Note:
Sweet, fresh strawberries with sugar added. I found it hard to use just one strawberry to get that fresh, ripe strawberry that I was going for, so I built my own using FA Juicy Strawberry, TPA Strawberry (ripe), and JF Strawberry Sweet.
The pistachio is part of the body of this recipe but also lends itself to the accent note on the end of the vape.
A 5 day steep is a minimum and I recommend 1 week.
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Please comment, mix, and or rate,....it makes us all better mixers. Enjoy :)

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