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A Pineapple cream and milky smoothie with banana.
Made for FA Pineapple Flavor Book:

Attempting to make a sweet tropical fruit 🥭 candy flavor. Let me know what you think


(A WiP - Will Update Periodically)
This is meant to emulate Naked's Lava Flow - a Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut profile

Made on Live Mixing:

After a fair bit of tinkering this ended up being a wonderful fruit slush. Not overly sweet, not overly cool. Fruit comes through nicely, with the slight cool exhale. Enjoy :) :)

This was made with Orange & Mango without the stevia but it's not in the concentrate list. This is very tasty & well balanced. Hope you enjoy it.


Original recipe at by Amy*** (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/?filter=10030) at ELR (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/287320/FA%20Tiger%27s%20blood%20)

Bought the pack off of BullCity and, since I use AllTheFlavors primarily, brought it over here for easier using by myself.

If Amy*** ever uploads it here, let me know and I'll kill this one off.

Orig. recipe says 3 day steep with the cap off for a few hours after mixing. I didn't do the cap off, pretty decent after 3 days.... tropical beach drinky.

A pine-lime meringue pie
Cheesecake and sugar cookie make the base with the meringue to add a texture. Pineapple and lime together make a good pairing with a touch of coconut for a creaminess and help with the tartness. A little cream just to finish it off.

As a shake and vape it is ok.
After a day it will sit quite nicely
A week the creams will have blended and make for a nice vape.
70/30 mix

Thoughts welcome.

A nice sweet and tarty fruit combo. These fruits blend so well together to create and outstanding mouthful of greatness. You can leave in the Cap super sweet which gives off some powerful sweetness or just take it out and enjoy the flavors blended together without being overly sweet.

OK - its a bit late for summer, but there are still hot days in Autumn, right?

Based on this: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/aug/19/gin-breeze-cocktail-recipe

A pineapple smoothie with the tropical pineapple flavors that I have inspired by the cat himself and Coke cans revision of that recipe. Great shake and vape keeps getting better with time.

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