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(FA) Pear

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Used in 2641 recipes at an average of 1.495%.


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A delicious creamy vape.

A sweet apple and pear pie on the inhale and a delicious creamy custard on the exhale. The flavor lasts in your mouth a long time after exhale and leaves you believing you have just eaten a delicious pie and custard.

The Fuji and FA pear really bring a sweet fruity taste to Flavor Arts excellent Apple Pie . The custard needs to be at this percentage to compete with the strong FA flavors.

Try and Enjoy.

Mixed at 75VG / 25PG
Long steep - 3weeks

Sweet chewy peachy RINGS need i say more? this is version 2 better than the first but still needs work the only reason im sharing is so that maybe YOU can crack the code and get it past 90%


Honeysuckle, of course, is the very top note here. Blueberry and blackberry do a magical wood sprite dance in the background, where the background is a meadow illuminated by fireflies looking for a date. Its a warm summer evening where the air is sweet with libidinous anticipation and it is time to gather around the fire.
I included bilberry to add some musky aspects of that ever-so-sweet FW blueberry. The pear is present to help smooth the whole thing out (don't get me wrong, it still has a bit of a bite though and that is quite okay). The cactus is added to juice it all up a bit more (just as the right amount of booze can provide the right amount of lubrication for summer evening socialization). Plan the event a week in advance and the stars should align to gather this group. Just come prepared to have a good time and go with the flow!


Cactus and pear in a fruity cream custard...lol wut?!
Intense fruit flavor throughout
This is designed to be a proof of concept: Cactus can be a main flavor in a creamy custard vape. As such, change the specifics however you wish.
Give it 7-10 days to sink in that you actually decided to give this a try, evaluate your life's decisions, and enjoy before forgetting all of that nonsense.


"Tastes like sexually breaking the language barrier." - /u/ID10-T

Here, banana and papaya deliciously dance in the ambience of mango.


Snake Oil remix - needs at least a week's steep while the coconuts and cream do things to each other

A very ripe strawberries and banana's. Age time 1 to 3 days. Mixed at 80/20.

Cinnamon Churro with a nice apple blend. Age time 1 or 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

I used the ingredient list of taco bell's empanada. Mix it up and let me know what you think. I feel it is very true to the profile. Let this recipe age 1 to 2 weeks. Add 1% CAP super sweet if preferred. Mixed at 80/20.

A great adv custard with a touch of lemon and the pear changes the feel to the recipe all the rest is gravy

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