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(FA) Peach

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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PEACH TOBACCO with a good throat kick.

I do like a good fresh peach taste that makes the mouth water and i also like the taste of tobacco. So i went on my way for a mix of the two,but which tobaccos was the big question. I find the black mile plus a little weak on its own but i thought itll be good as a base for a better tobacco mix so in steps flv red burley with a little help from kentucky blend. The peach mix ive seen around on a few recipes and have enjoyed them +- %s.

I tried 60-40 which for me gives a good throat hit but on my next batch ill be trying 70-30 to see how it turns out.

Ive put 14 days for steep time as i think i first tried it after around 16 days wanting the peach to settle and the tobaccos to blend nicely .

So to round it off its a mouth watering peach with a nice blend of tobacco backing it up. Hope you like it and leave any pros or cons for me down below.

This is just one of my mixing ideas that turned out really yummy. Looking for ideas to use HS Ginger (I love ginger), I came across this culinary recipe, which piqued my interest. So I decided to make it into a vape. I went with an ice cream instead of a yogurt or rice pudding, mostly because this ice cream base, which I stole from Vurve, is easy and delicious and doesn't need a long steep.

This is a good ratio of FA Peach to FA White Peach for what I wanted to do. HS Ginger, I've found, does a good job of toning down the floral (perfume-y?) notes in berries. This amount of Ginger is necessary to taste it in this mix and it is really just a compliment. As it sits, the whole thing really blends together nicely, no flavor is too distinct.

Let me know what you think. Give it a day to steep. Also, if you like sweetener like I do, 0.5% CAP Super Sweet hits the spot

The Peach Bellini, sweet peach, sparkling wine, refreshing for the summertime

Peaches & cream whipped up and stuffed inside little pie crust raviolis that have a hint of cinnamon & sugar to balance out this pie crust just right for these delicious cookies.

With this flavor, I was going for a perfect blend of peach and mango, without going into the “peach ring” realm which I tried not to do. CAP sweet mango is a sweet, ripe mango flavor, and oh so delicious. By ripe, I mean very ripe. It's a little weak though, so I used a percentage that I thought fit the profile. FA’s peach is a wonderful strong white, bright peach flavor at 1%, luckily not too sweet. It fit the boldness I was going for in the peach. TFA juicy peach brought in the peach sweetness and wetness. TFA is where the gateway of real to candy can affect the outcome of the flavor. I knew I definitely needed the sweetness from TFA juicy peach, because I couldn't and didn't want to use any sweetener. I think I pulled it off really well. Unfortunately, we only had three ingredients to work with, so I feel this is a great interpretation of what a mango/peach hybrid would taste like.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

Strawberry peaches. Better after a few days steep when the peaches settle down

Sweet peaches and cream
I never found a straight peaches and cream commercial eliquid that I truly loved so it became a mission when I started DIY.
It was the bane of my diy existence until I discovered oba oba and this combo. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like FA white peach. I was raised on yellow peaches. This combo is the closest I've come to a true yellow peach at least for my pallette. Strawberry ripe & Shisha vanilla add sweetness.

Okay as shake and vape. Better after a week. Really good after 2 weeks.


So this Is one of those flavors where you just go hmmm this sounds good with this and this and lets try these percentages and it turns out really good. Any other revision just isn't as good. I Always mix Peach with White Peach i just really like the nice strong peach that it delivers. The two watermelons are pretty straight forward i added some of TFA's to get a bit more sweetness in the mix and have the watermelon show a bit through the peach. Lychee is a great addition here it adds a nice juicyness and has that almost sweet taste on the end of your tongue after a hit. Im sure you could add in many other flavors to make this better it could be used as a base. And i havent tried any other PG percentage other than the 8.5 the flavors come in.

In this recipe, the Dragon Fruit shines. Apple and Peach pair nicely to make a sweet background for the Dragon Fruit to lay on and the Marshmallow adds smooth mouthfeel and sweetness.

Shake and Vape ready, but is at its best after 3-4 days.

Pear and Papaya make a pretty interesting and tasty combo. 1-3 days cure time for this one. More recipe notes over in the September recipe thread on r/DIYejuice.

Update: This ages nicely and gets sweeter over time.

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