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(FA) Peach White

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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I just love the combination of peach/rasp/mango. Enjoy it.

Ring My Peach

A peach ring recipe, gummy and peachy, slightly tart, and topped with sugar crystals.


If you have not tried @Fear Cardinal recipe, please do yourself a favor and mix it. It is delish. Summer and Fall of 2017, I kept at least 500ml of this ready to vape all the time. I have a problem with peaches, I love them. So, I thought what would Cardinal be like with Peach? So, I tried it and came up with GA Cardinal. Why not Peach Cardinal? Well, have you seen a Peach Cardinal?

So, I kept the base recipe the same. I added FA White Peach and FA Apricot. What comes out of this, is a delicious RY4 tobacco with a caramelized Peach on the exhale. I am in love.


Sweet peach with hints of mango, guava, and vanilla cream. Steep for about 2 days and vape away.
FA Peach White and TPA Peach (Juicy) are the stars of the show here, followed by Cap Sweet Mango and Sweet Guava for a tropical top note, TPA Bavarian Cream and Vanilla Swirl for that creamy vanilla, and a touch of CAP Sweet Tangerine just for a little tangy kick.


This is the result of pitting my least favorite fruit flavor (Grape) against my favorite fruit flavor (Mango). There are two versions of this recipe, one with White Peach at 1%, and the other with FA Apricot (Armenia) at 1%. After gathering some information from test subjects, both need to be included because they're awesome for different reasons. I'm usually not a fan of anything grape flavored, but this makes it work. It is also probably worth a shot if you're not a fan of Mango.

The Persian Prince is relatively simple creamy peach custard based on "The Prince" by Vaping with Vic. However, it does not use strawberry but goes full on peach. I also toned down the bavarian cream a little bit, so it is more custard-fruit centered.

I do not recommend this as a Shake n' vape. Containing custard, creams, and peach flavourings, it will benefit from at least a week of steeping.

Notes on progress:

14/3/2016: Tried after 7 days. Not bad. I mixed a second batch with increased FA White Peach from 1.25 to 1.5, CAP Yellow Peach from 2.0 to 3.0, and CAP VC V1 from 4.5 to 5.0. Let's see how it works.

Chilly Peachy Lemonade, plain and simple.

I know, I know, LA Lemonade and FA Lemon Sicily is the top dog for lemonade juices. But, trying out new things is too fun!


A wonderful blend of Honeydew, Lime, and Peach with a chill. A perfect refresher for those hot Summer days.

My goal is to create something like SVRF’s satisfying.

I’m going to do my best to describe this the way I was dissecting it in my head.

Tea Base - TFA sweet tea and FE green tea. I like the sweet tea as the main flavor with a small amount of green tea to give it some more body. Koolada is added because , this is after all a cold beverage. I want to keep it as authentic as possible in that realm.

“Tea Syrup” - INW and FLV Raspberry with FA White Peach. I’ve used either of these raspberry’s separately in the past, I wanted something that tasted both real and candy-like. I put in a small amount of FA white peach to give the raspberry something to pop off of. I also like the harshness of white peach and feel like it gives me a nice bit of TH.

Finally, I’m using stevia in this mix for now. I haven’t tried it but will often reach for CAP super sweet when I need sweetener.

This is a delicious peach pie vape. It is a SNV but I would allow it to breath for a few, Peach seem to have a good amount of alcohol in it. Best vaped after 7 day steep.

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