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Remix of Peach Pear by Juice Head. 🏖️🐻

This is a read but reading is good for the brain and you need it so you’re welcome.

I've mixed up probably 200+ recipes on here and ELR, but this profile stands as one of my personal favorites. It was my last ADV before getting into DIY and one of the reasons I got into it to begin with. The original juice is a bit green/musky/floral? to me and before I had any idea of the madness that goes into this I felt I could tweak this to my taste.. At the very least if I got somewhat close I would save buckets of money for any sacrifice. There's a few great and very close clone/remixes on here that led me to my first cart and helped me every time I worked on this one: notably @sublimeice (check out their other recipes) and @natemaia. Juice Head describes it as ripe and juicy peaches blended with crisp, sweet pears for a refreshing fruit juice. It holds a 5 star rank on most sites and besides it being cali style cloyingly sweet, it's in my opinion the best you're getting from a store bought fruity ejuice.

Double Apple lends us its versatility here and I was wanting something more apple forward than pear because in short I've found it to be a better base for most juices and who can really say they like pears more than apples without lying?
JF Fuji because I can't enjoy FA's and I feel like this apple is underrated and under used. It's a damn good flavor IMO you can't go wrong with JF. I've found I prefer a lot of their competing flavors especially JF Cookie and Biscuit. You could probably half the JF with a 1:1 of FA and bring some of its positives over into this mix but I find JF works fine and doesn't bring me any of the negatives.
JF Honey Peach because it's a mild hitting sweet peach with a nice body and it plays well here. I usually tread lightly with this one but 1.5% works.
FA White Peach because it's my all time favorite peach and I like the way it cuts through a mix. FA Pear to get the vibe back around to the OG by bending the apples just enough and bringing this one some much needed juiciness. TFA helps bring the authenticity in some of the other mixes and I'd be more than willing to bet that it's in the OG but TFA Pear has never sat right with me. I've read someone say it makes them nauseous and I could see it.
Super Sweet because why not and some Hibiscus to make it sticky.
OOO Marshmallow because I like my mixes to be a little thicker. It's my favorite marshmallow and I find excuses to use it anytime I can. You could go without this one if you want.. it's harder to get now that it's not at BCF and it might be a tad brighter without it, but it leaves a nice finish on the exhale. I wouldn't sub this one for anything unless you're big on body and mouthfeel as well.. if so try TFA maybe. Otherwise I'd just omit. OOO marshmallow has a unique vibe to it and it's worth the hassle if you need a good versatile marshmallow.
This one benefits from .15% WS-23. It's just enough to make it that much more refreshing without being a cold vape. I don't see why you couldn't throw in around .20% of some INW Cactus to make even more wet but I didn't feel like it needed it.
Shout out to Wayne, all of DIYorDIE and Developed, and to ATF and ELR and all you who mix. Also to all the kick ass flavor companies and vendors. I have some better recipes up my sleeve coming soon, but this one I either felt was ready or I'm tired of playing with it for now. Plus it was only right that it’s my first posted recipe. Thanks to Juice Head for a delightfully simple juice. God bless!

Vaping at 77%VG on 3mm 6-8 Wrap AVS SS Triple Fused Claptons .5ohm in a Kylin Mini II at 45-55W.

A complex mixture of rum, with sweet peaches, a hint of strawberry with a cake topping. It is a fantastic flavor that comes off as a bit of a peach cobbler.
This has to be one of my favorite Five Pawns flavor profiles. Maybe because I love a peach cobbler. I started with my peach blend FA White Peach is a mildly sweet peach and with the addition of WF Peach Pie and Cream and WF Peach Gummy Candy it definitely becomes a great peach flavor. And FA Strawberry and VTA Light Rum adds an extra punch to the peaches.
Next for the cobbler top I used Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl with FA Custard Premium because Cap CDS brings a pastry and cinnamon to the mix. TPA Brown Sugar is my binder in here as it is basically a brown sugar and aids in the punch of the peaches and the flavor of the cake topping.

Peachy Ginger with some hot and cold touch


Nice fruity sweetness meets spicy ginger. Refreshing for hot summer days.

Trying to mix unusual but not too unfamiliar ingredients into a well balanced, fruity-spicy flavor experience.


  • VTA Ginger Root Pretty authentic ginger flavour. I especially like it in drinks as part of a ginger beer.

  • FA White Peach Damn, what a lovely peach!

  • CAP Super Sweet Adds some spotlight onto the peach.

  • FLV Heat 5 drops / 10ml add the heat to make the VTA Ginger Root even more authentic

  • WS-23 5 drops / 10ml bring some freshness to support the peach - also works well in combination with Heat

Additional Notes

  • Possible changes in dosage: Some people might want to add more WS-23 or Super Sweet. Take care when trying more Heat!*

Testing Notes

*Developed for DL on Hadaly (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,2 Ohm, SS316L) and Aromamizer Supreme V3 (dual coils, 0,1 Ohm, NiCr90) *


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April Showers

To be thoughtful and conscious of what went into this recipe was hard. From starting with only a few floral flavors and then bending them around something complete wasn’t so difficult, but making sure that floral components were apart of it was. I wanted spring time. I wanted early morning. I wanted dessert in the park because it’s too nice to be inside.

Which all landed me here. A lychee tart.

FLV Lychee because it’s beautiful and bright and floral like a lychee should be.
FLV Honey Bee to add extra pollen to this.
WF Egg Yolk to support the tart filling.
CNV Vanilla Pudding for the main filling.
WF Crispy Wafer/ JF Cookie for the crust. Both together are buttery, rich, and have a great texture.
FA White Peach to boost the lychee to the front like when you take a bite and a big piece is on top.


Just a nice fruity punch flavor. Great for the summer. Shake it vape it. Enjoy. Add super sweet to taste. I add 1 drop per ten ml.

Lychee mango ice

Still in progress. I wouldnt try raising the super sweet as it makes it taste thick. Ws and polar blast makes start to end cooling. Feel free to try and tweak. Might try adding another mango at 1% to help boost the cap mango

This was a very random mix of flavors. But I’m very happy at how it turned out.

So, I whipped this up after running out my favorited ADV recipe for icy peach rings 🧊 🍑. Fuji apple is a great all around flavor to have and I couldn’t stop myself from putting white peach into the recipe. Liquid amber has a lingering effect on the taste buds and bridges the gap from the Fuji -> Peach undertones. The peach gummy candy helps bring out a hard candy note. WS-23 is optional but I would recommend it.

After a all you can eat sushi 🍣 lunch I walked out to my car and dripped some into a new coil and cotton. The first pull from my vape I could only refer back to a pearl shaped hard candy you would get at some Chinese restaurants. Which is Guava flavored but for some reason it tasted the exact same to me.

After a big meal I would suggest vaping this.

The juice has a coats your stomach or happy belly vibe to it.

OhM: 0.29
Watts: 30-45
Mod: Pulse X
RDA: Entheon

This originally started out as a cocktail recipe for a fuzzy navel, but I liked it the way it is now much better. You can leave off the SS, I do. I may add a vodka flavor later and see how it tastes with a little booze in it, but for now it's just delicious.

Just a simple Shake in Vape mix. I love peach and this make me happy. The peaches and nectarines make a great peach flavor. The strawberry adds a bit of juicyness to the peaches. The Marshmellow helps to take away that dryness we get from certain mixes. Shake and vape this. You might just love it.

made on discord server percentages are found by me
main flavor is spot on Fa Fuji!
and also peach but it seems waay simpler because the real deal was a bit complex
original recipe was:
%3 fuji fa
%2 white peach fa
%1 red touch strawberry fa or strawberry ripe by tfa i dont really know

but since i am a mute i go this way

lol lol needs sum chars to share

Flavor Notes