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Shake and vape test(shake throughout the first 24hrs, let set overnight. Vaped in the morning. Amazing.

I'm a strawberry jammy kinda guy. This is that with some hints of candy but mainly gooey joy.

Ss not needed but as usual. I love it.

To me, Jack tastes almost like a brother of INW shisha so I figured, why not and this is easily a ADV

Would recommend to step 3 to 7 days ONLY if harsh and shake good for 24hrs. I can tell that itll even out in a couple days and might lose its bite but I dont think itll last that long lol

Edit: week 1-2 gooey
Week 3-4 candy

Vape as you wish lol I prefer week 1 to 2 as I don't vibe with candy flavors


Oh "You Turkey!" why? Why would I take on one of the most difficult and often subjective recipes to try and create in the art of eLiquid creation?
Because I enjoy the challenge!
To me this is almost the Mount Everest of eLiquid recipes to try and create. I've made many, many attempts of this over the years and I have tried some commercial attempts that are out there on the market as well. All of them lacked body and cut the throat. This is why this profile is often unsuccessful IMO.
It's a really difficult profile to balance.
The Turkish Delight (also known as Lokum) is no doubts as subjective as standing up for your Nan's best version of this, as it's a love or hate flavor and has many wide and varied versions.
This version is stripped back to being a base. You can add a little pistachio, almond or even some chocolate to this base recipe and it has held very well.
Flv Pistachio, FA Almond or a combo at low %'s are good or 3% MB Glamour Choc+1 % Cap Double V2 was successful for a 'Fryers' style when I tested this worked well.
Some may want a powdered sugar, I tried the obvious choice of "One on One" PS but it gets kinda lost in this IMO.

The difficultly in making this recipe decent is the harshness from a "Rose" flavoured concentrate and working out how to tame that turkey! lol

Then BOOM! Flavorah releases a "Rose Essence" concentrate, just when I thought this recipe couldn't get any better. After SFT the FLV Rose Essence & getting excited, it soon became apparent that it just wasn't going to find a way to balance here. It's lovely but better served with creams IMHO.

Rose Stone - I discovered the wonderful flavour pairing of INW Plum & Wild Rose and fell in love. It was a balancing act on a tightrope to get the depth of flavour without harshness but I finally got there.

The other challenge for me was to try and a create jelly like flavor that carries throughout the vape, in a way that really complements the effort that went into the "Rose Stone". Marshmallow really assists in the texture, sweetness and body of this vape. However to get that sticky jelly effect proved more difficult. NO other jelly candies would seemingly work here for me and I tried Swedish this & 27 that. Purilum Jelly candy is ok but it is an essential assistant here. The flavour works really well with FA Jack (Pazzo) and the FA Jammy Candy Wizard is just the magic to tie these flavours together to assist the right balance of texture on my pallet.
This is a labor of love, it is my version based on my experience of a lovely Turkish delight.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed the challenge of creating this !

Don't be a Turkey though! Mix it, try it and let me know if this is the best dam Turkish Delight eLiquid you have tasted just as much as I think it is!

I enjoyed creating and testing this recipe on a SST Fused Clapton 0.2 ohm at 60W on a Wotofo Recurve RDA

Seriously if you wanna a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

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Ah the memories of my grandma roses candy dish, you know the one where you go to grab a piece of candy and an entire brick of candies come out. I always picked out the strawberry ones. Pazzo Jack on its own would create that flavor, but I wanted something different. The pink burst I feel gives the strawberry an extra layer, and the tangerine helps with that bite you feel in the back of your throat. Of course adjust the sweetener to your liking (I am a coil killer and like it at .75%).

From the minute I. Tried the FA Pazzo line Jack was speaking to me because just like me and my friends, things seem great on the outside, however we are so completely and utterly dead on the inside, and I mean fucking dead. Jack has the most perfect candy strawberry shell , like the ones keeping your grandmothers house from smelling like piss and denture paste , but not really anything going on the inside part. Well luckily jack can be fixed and made into a perfectly complete geriatric treat with just a couple additions . its gonna take a a fuck load more than some forrest berries and strawberries to fix our depleted sense of self

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