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(FA) Papaya

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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I wanted a cool melon summer vape, but it needed a little more body. the papaya and huckleberry really make it a finalized flavor.


I was just playing around with my new FLV mango flavor... I'm absolutely in love... I haven't ever mixed a 120ml for myself until now....

I don't think that the FA Papaya is necessary here, but I haven't tried this without it.

I mix it for myself with .8% Super Sweet, but most people think that's crazy.. Please sweeten to your liking.

LIVE MIXING 5/26 Papaya pink lemonade, great recipe, good summer vape flavor time, buy now max clouds.

Time to switch it up with some light brighter flavors. A blend of cantaloupe, fruits and creams for a refreshing spring treat.

I wanted to get a good Papaya taste. It's a fruit that you do not see used a lot, and while I think FA Papaya is good, too much of it can get kinda funky. I also wanted a bit of sweetness to it without overwhelming the mix. I opted to enhance it with both Inawera exotic and FA coconut. The exotic while listed as pineapple pom and mango, I get a hint of papaya from it, maybe it's just me. The FA coconut puts a little balance in this. My goal was simple, a good smooth fruit vape without sweetener added and to utilize ingredients outside my comfort zone in low%

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 1

This one pairs two flavors that really like to show off in order to create a bright, sweet, tropical vape. The strawberry and watermelon balance and sweeten these floral fruits.

Pear and Papaya make a pretty interesting and tasty combo. 1-3 days cure time for this one. More recipe notes over in the September recipe thread on r/DIYejuice.

Update: This ages nicely and gets sweeter over time.


"Tastes like sexually breaking the language barrier." - /u/ID10-T

Here, banana and papaya deliciously dance in the ambience of mango.

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