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(FA) Orange

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Glühwein is a holiday staple in Germany and Austria. The drink is a warm mulled red wine containing Cinnamon, Cloves, and Oranges.

Ok So I started with Citrus mix, marshmallow and lavender. I used the lavender for the booster like notes that it can provide and it really gives a nice zing to the citrus so it didn't disappear. After that I wanted more citrus without rind so I added the lime, orange and lemon all in small amounts to just help give it a more rounded citrus flavor. The marshmallow vienna combination is used for that nice light creamy like backnote it has and helped tie it together.

Add a touch of pomegranate for some extra fun.


Just in time for the holidays. Cranberries are one of Thanksgiving's favorite fruits. A creamy, sweet and tangy treat.
Basically, it's a cranberry apple compote sitting in a bowl of vanilla ice cream swirled with white chocolate sprinkled with a bit of orange zest.
Man, I hate cranberries but I love this vape!!
Let this thing sit for a week, and it'll be heavenly.. It's good right after mixing though, but the apple isn't as present and of course the creams aren't nearly as delicious.

Notes @ https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5fd4w0/cranapplecreamy_a_creamy_sweet_and_tangy_treat/


A surprisingly realistic vape. Nice lemon cookie flavor with sugar on the exhale and remaining ever so lightly on the palate. Good as snv, improves with age.

This was a clone request for a juice I'd never tried. Worked off some vague descriptions from the vendor and requester. Requester flipped over how accurate it was (but better) Pretty sure the original probably only shared two ingredients (Juicy Peach and Sweetener) haha

A citrus vape starring orange & peach with hints of strawberry. Optional 1% TFA sweetener. 2-3 day steep calms down the blood orange and juicy peach. A nice citrus vape to start your day off with.


A flavor meant to invoke Nuka-Cola from the Fallout series of video games.

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