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This is the precursor to Frozen Dew. its good cold melony fruity vape

Poor ol’ mister meringue. Got caught making whippey with the neighbour again so his wife gave him the boot. He blew all his money on powdered sugar so now he pimps himself out on the street corner for spare lemons.

This is a Mr. Meringue by Charlie’s Chalkdust clone. Took me years to get it just right. Recently bought a bottle of the commercial and was amazed at how close it was. Smelling either bottle I can’t tell the difference.

It’s a commercial clone, needs sweetener.

Original artwork done by my crazy teenager.

Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.

"For That Great Bubbly Taste You Deserve"!

Mix this wonderful invigorating cola for a lovely balanced cola taste!

Over the years I have attempted a few cola recipe profiles, but something just never seems entirely right, it's either not the right sweetness, not the right mouthfeel or the overall experience of a cola that I enjoy.

The obvious question is this more like coke or pepsi?
Less like coke but more like, well,
I would say it's more like "Pipsi Cola".
That cool new taste sensation!

It's a fuller syrup cola with just the right sweetness that I enjoy as I hope you will as well!

How did I get there?
Until recently when SSA Cola was released the best cola in my opinion was Inawera Cola, but like a lot of cola flavours they can be a bit harsh.
SSA makes for a great cola base yet lacks an authentic body of cola the way I enjoy it, so I added a little FLV Root Beer in the back of this and it worked well!
I also added OBA OBA to deliver a smoother mouthfeel at 1% which also works well for that in this profile.
However I struggled on the right type & level of sweetness, "it was like it needed a sweet almost caramel note", I proclaimed to fellow admin of DIY Downunder & all round great gal Rachael J aka Ohmage_Aus.
"Why don't you try a bit of that FW Butterscotch Natural?", she says.
So I did and am so deliciously grateful that she suggested that because it works perfectly!

So here it is!

Add sweetener if you think it needs it, add a little ws-23 if you think it needs it, but I enjoy it just the way it is.
However I get the best flavour out of this a higher wattage on a single coil RDA 0.15 ohm SST coil at 90W.
Let me know what you thought, let it settle for around 3 days I suggest for best flavour results.
I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoy the "Pipsi Cola" experience.

This recipe is a "Together, Let's Discover" moment!
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Using FLV's new Pearesto, I'm creating an accurate and "chewy" Pear Jelly Belly.
Made on Live Mixing:

There really isn't too much development to go on here. I got the yoghurt drink not too long ago and tested it and I got a fizzy note from it that I thought would pair well with a fruity type soda.

MB Funky Pineapple and VTA Sugarloaf pair really well together. It's a nice sweet full bodied pineapple.
VTA Yoghurt Drink and Fizzy Sherbert form the soda base.

Oba Oba candies up the pineapple and also adds a little bit of depth to the soda base bringing the whole thing together as one.

Give it a couple days to come together

West Hill Brandy - Notes of black currant with a honeysuckle finish, Also tastes like brandy. Found in the wine cellar in the basement of Vigil's Keep in Northern Ferelden.

*Black Currant is Silverline which isn't an option , but that is made by Capella.

An amazingly authentic maraschino cherry, saturated, surrounded by a gooey, sweet, sticky creme, covered in a smooth, thin layer of dark chocolate.


Those little Debbie Vanilla white cakes with Creamy insides.

Fluffy white cake and rf sugar cookie make up my cake base here, rf sugar cookie is a more "cakey" cookie, like a cupcake, so here it fits very nicely.

For the cream notes i used vta sweet cream and vta love. The white chocolate notes in love arent too prevalent, but love acts as a nice bridge between the cream layer and the frosting layer, working both ways. Flv frosting and fa oba oba make up the shiny outter coating of this treat, and everything on this just adds to the whole vanilla aspect of things.

Steep this for a week for best results, 3 days minimum.

ID10T, MlNikon and Fresh03 have all reviewed this recipe and claimed SCARY Authenticity!!

You can check out Dave and Emily's review on Noted 2021 episode of Frosting. And Fresh03s i need to find lol

ugly delicious = watermelon strawberry bubblegum
Pink raspberry = bright raspberry
Blue dwarf = blue-style bubblegum
Oba oba + powdered sugar = that candy powdered coating on chew gum, partial sweetener
Supersweet = low cuz of the other flavors. You dont need much.

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