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34 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Starting w Fuji, Ripe Straw and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Hmmmm. Lets toss a few berries and a little crust and voila...Apple-Berry Cobbler. Strong apple inhale with sweet berries and a light sweet crust on the exhale. Really smooth with a slightly tart aftertaste. Perfect summer evening vape!

60/40 Blend 3mg ( ISLAND VAPEZZ )

This is a very simple recipe thats great for beginner mixers looking for an ADV. I recommend this be mixed at 70/30 and steeped for 1 week. This was one of my first recipes I had ever created. I know that strawberry recipes have been done over and over again but this one has a spot on classic flavor without the icing. The .10% of MTS Vape wizard is essentially 1drop per 15ml. This is a simple recipe great for beginners. I know you will enjoy it. Please rate and comment, thanks.

A delicious caramel apple pie topped with a touch of powdered sugar.

This is ENYAWREKLAW'S SVBICC. Not my recipe. Very nice strawberry ice cream inhale with a subtle cone kick on exhale. Awesome ADV. Add 1 drop of Mts Vape Wizard per 15 ml.

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