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This is my favorite tobacco recipe last year. It’s a “grown up” tobacco so the sweet notes take a back seat to a smooth strong tobacco, with woody type highlights, and a sweet whiskey base.

Starting in at 7% FA Soho this mild RY4 type is lightly sweet and ultra smooth. With some delicate caramel and vanilla backnotes, with a rich and smooth tobacco forward flavor this is a perfect base to build our relaxing “seat by the fire” type of tobacco vape.

TFA Kentucky Bourbon at 2.5% and FA Whiskey at .75% gives us a deep, boozey whiskey base. Sweet, but not too sweet. It is supported by the sweeter notes in FA Soho and Oba Oba.

FA Oakwood at 1% leaves a deep cedar, woody note. A touch on the dry side, it’s counteracted by the creamy notes in FA Soho and FA Oba Oba.

FA Oba Oba at 2%. My secret weapon in bold tobaccos. Not creamy per se, and really more similar to marshmallow candy. Being sort of generically fruity and non invasive it gives our tobacco and whiskey base some more body and dense mouthfeel, floating our tobacco in a thick mouthfeel that’s creamy without having any dairy tones.

A dash of MTS Vape Wizard goes a long way to smooth over any stray harsh notes from tobacco and whiskey, but it isn’t super necessary. The vape will still be smooth without it if you don’t have it.


C-Goat = Custard Greatest Of All Time affectionately dubbed Sea Goat a mythical beast often seen as the true symbol of the Capricorn. That is where the name ends and the profile begins. This is a strawberry and banana custard profile, starting up front with an authentic banana note followed by a thick, rich, and creamy strawberry base. Then finishes with sweet vanilla crust on the back end.


this is a straight up vanilla bean ice cream that you buy from the grocery store guys

I got inspiration from CheebaSteeba's recipe, Mango Lassi.

A Mango Lassi is a yogurt based mango smoothie. I worked on this for a while and I'm proud to share it.

The breakdown of the recipe:

Yogurt Base:

-Creamy Yogurt (CAP)
-Greek Yogurt (TFA)
-Cream Fresh (FA)


-Philippine Mango (TFA)
-Golden Eye (NR/PUR)*
-Sweet Mango (CAP)
-Mango (FLV)

*Golden Eye (NR/PUR) - This is a sweet, an almost tangy mango all mixed into one. It's a great blender flavor and is very smooth. Works great to help with the top note for the mango. Love this flavor.
-If you don't have Golden Eye, mix it without it. It's still delicious. Then when your at Nic River, pickup a bottle, mix this up with it and see the magic happen.

Mango Enhancer:

-Lime Tahity Distilled (FA)
-EM from Sweetener (TFA)

Low Pass Filter:

-Vanilla Swirl (TFA)


-Honey (FA) 1 drop per 15ml (used original Flavour Art bottle)
*If you don't like honey, then omit this flavor.
-Sweetener (TFA)


MTS Vape Wizard (FA) - 1 Drop per 10ml (used an original Flavour Art bottle)
*This is not a must have but it helps the recipe.

This is my first post on ATF and wanted to make it a good one. A big thank you to Wayne for introducing me to this great art, and everyone I have learned from. I began mixing when Wayne first started his channel and love it to this day.

I mix this anywhere from 60-70 VG. All the ingredients are important in this recipe and make it work.

*Update 2/11/18 : I have tried to remix this recipe using less ingredients, numerous times, and I can't come up with one as good as this version.

Feedback is welcomed. If you mix this recipe and give me a review, in return, I will mix a recipe of yours and give you an honest review. Enjoy!


Whipped cream, cookie and tobacco...
Overnight steep for a wonderfully satisfying vape.


Rich whipped cream sandwiched between crisp, airy, meringues.

Main aim was to try and get the airy yet full dense mouthfeel whilst keeping the recipie really simple and percentages low so it can be used as a base for fruit if wanted... Any normal person would just go buy a whipped cream concentrate!

The MTS really helps the false sense of thickness...It also helps counter the sweetness - the mix is still on the sweet side for one of my mixes but the MTS helps focus down on the middle notes of the Meringue rather than the top sweet notes.

I keep trying to combine fruit into it too (raspberry) but think the MTS is retarding the flavour too much, thus releasing this as it's own individual entity. It's kinda bland but strangely addictive and satisfying!

Overnight steep.


Ever had a rocky patel cigar by Drew Estates well I believe you will like this one. It needs 3-4 weeks steep but was really good as an S&V


this is a very good root beer float its awesome and Ive been working on this recipe for a very long time trying too nail the perfect version of a rootbeer float and I believe that I finally figured it out guys mix this up and enjoy & will be a great summertime vape its light, refreshing and it has cooling affect on the exhale which is amazing Im finally happy with this recipe


This recipe is a fresh tropical fruit juice that is both sweet and tart. It tastes great as a shake and vape but after about a week it really comes together as more of a singular flavor.

Steep time on this one's really long at least 14 days for the root beer to calm down.

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