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(FA) Milk

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What is $100 Strawberry Custard? Only the BEST custard you've ever dreamed of vaping, made with the BEST flavorings available.

DFS Holy Vanilla at same % as the Black Label is a PERFECT substitute!!

Yes-this is a shake-n-vape strawberry custard. You're welcome!


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My attempt at the sweet creamy fruity milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal

Toucan Sam finally reached his breaking point! He couldn't take the pressure of show biz anymore. For years he held his beak and wouldn't say what was really on his mind. Those fruity circles had drove him to madness. He cracked over wondering "What kind of fruits are in these fucking circles?". He started drinking heavy and the stress got the best of him. He ended it all with a bullet to the head. All the years of eating those delicious fruit circles had turned his brain into the very thing that drove him to depression and madness. Now you can taste what was on his mind with ...Sad Sam Circles.

Ok, ok, I know, it's corny. But, this has been a serious journey into making a great "Froot Loops" cereal vape. I can't remember how long it's been since I've had Froot Loops but taste memory is so strong, I still remember what it taste like. My quest for a better "Froot Loops" vape started with vaping Looper by ANML. And to be honest I wasn't impressed. I got weird off notes from it and tried to clone it to make it better but I didn't seem to get there. I also purchased Kilo's Cereal Milk. This was a lot better but it still didn't quite do it for me. It had too much of an orange note that I didn't care for. So I decided to create my own to fit my tastes in a "Froot Loops" vape.

Most mixers will start with a fruit circles flavoring as their base. With most of these I get a weird lemon pledge note that I just did not enjoy, so I decided to build my own cereal base.

The Cereal:
I have recently re-discovered CAP Gingerbread. It's a very versatile flavoring for all sorts of bakeries and cereals. It adds a soft chewy ginger cookie when used at higher percentage and at lower percentages a nice sweet soft bakery with hints of ginger. When paired with JF Biscuit, it transforms into a nice cereal base and without the "lemon Pledge" note.

The milk:
I tried several different milk bases including combinations of OOO cream milky undertones, FA meringue, FA cream Fresh, and FA Milk. I settled on FA Milk and FA Meringue. It seems to have the best sugary sweet creamy milk I was going for. I also added CAP Vanilla Custard to give the milk an almost condensed milk note to add some thickness and body to the milk.

The "Froot":

As I mentioned, Cereal Milk by Kilo was a pretty tasty eliquid, however, I didn't like the orange note in the juice. So I decided not to add any orange and base my "Froot" on just the lemon. FE Lemon was the obvious choice. To me, it's the best lemon out there that has the least off notes and will not fade as bad as the others. At .75% it is spot on for what I was shooting for.

The sweetness level might be a little high for some. I did try it without sweetener and it seemed to lack vibrancy. If you like less sweet vapes, I would suggest only using .25% CAP Super Sweet. But .5% worked for me.

Steep time is best at 1 week to let the CAP Vanilla Custard bloom but 2-3 days is good as well.

I hope people that love cereal vapes will mix this and see how close I've gotten to a "Froot Loops". Any comments, reviews, good or bad is welcomed. It makes us all better mixers. :)
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Hey, I'm that guy who over complicates my recipes . . . surprise, this one is no different. Didn't have everything I needed for ID10-T's Lucky's Charm, so I just went for a creamy, strawberry cereal profile with some added Milk and NY Cheesecake (the missing concentrates from Lucky' s are on my to buy list). I also really wanted something kind of solid to use my Cake Batter Dip in. Cereal vapes take me right back to the days of yore when Saturday morning meant Cartoon Day (along with Soul Train, Kung Fu Theater, and local wrestling on into the carefree afternoon). This is a super creamy milk over slightly soggy strawberry cereal . . . like the last few bites before guzzling every last drop of the ambrosial, sugar-thickened, pink nostalgia . . . it's waiting just a spoon's length away.

I enjoyed this as a SNV, but it really came together after 3 days. Mixed 60vg/40pg.

Much thanks to ID10-T for doing the legwork with Lucky's Charm!


A pretty simple, creamy, slightly sweetened milk tea with just a touch of coconut. Satisfying one day after mixing. Local Thai restaurant's Thai Tea inspired me . . . it's a strong brewed black tea sweetened with condensed milk and topped with half and half. It is sinfully sweet and robust. There isn't anything in the way of citrus or spice. The cream swirling into the tea made me think of Jupiter.

FLV Black Tea feels non-negotiable . . . in my opinion, it just outperforms the other black teas I've tried (INW and FA). I thought the touch of vanilla and coconut would really push this towards the flavor I was seeking. Milk & Honey kind of mimics that condensed milk note. 0.3% Super Sweet to help with that sinful sweetness mentioned above.

I looked to ID10-T's Hello Daddy Hello Mom (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/84337#hello_daddy_hello_mom_by_id10_t) for the milky inspiration, where he states, "You do NOT need to purchase FA Milk to make this. FA Cream Fresh makes a good 1:1 sub. Or try CAP Sweet Cream as a 1:1 sub. Or use OoO Cream Milky 1.5% or TFA Sweet Cream 1% instead of 2%."

Enjoy. I've been mixing everything 60vg/40pg because it seems to work for the devices I use most (Hadaly clone for taste testing/home use and Joyetech Penguin and Dolphin for commute/on the go).


A Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored macaron

I built this to be a delightful contrast between sophisticated dessert, the French macaron, and childhood memories, Saturday mornings in front of cartoons with a big bowl of CTC. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I started with the macaron base from my Mango Blossom Macaron recipe. The rest is pretty straightforward, though it took some work the get it all to sit in the recipe without overpowering the macaron. FLV Cinnamon Crunch is a great flavor that actually tastes a lot like CTC all by itself, with just a few minor issues. It's not quite crunchy enough - the light touch of TFA AP fixes that. It's a little low on cinnamon - FLV Rich Cinnamon solves that problem, but it's so strong. One fat drop in a 40ml is plenty. For mixing less than 40ml of this, you probably want to create a 10% Rich Cinnamon + 90% PG dilution and use it at 0.8%. The bit of Rich Cinnamon also annihilates a little hint of unwanted maple I get from the Cinnamon Crunch. FA Milk at 1% gives that FLV Cream an accurate hint of dairy to finish the recipe, without getting too soggy.

This is for the year in mixing tribute challenge. I used his 123 formula, picked three flavors he raves about, and kept it odd! This is the 123 ID10T mango honeysuckle milk. It actually tastes pretty damn good!


I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

It's a dark, sweet cherry with a splash of vanilla almond milk.

You do NOT need to purchase FA Milk to make this. FA Cream Fresh makes a good 1:1 sub. Or try CAP Sweet Cream as a 1:1 sub. Or use OoO Cream Milky 1.5% or TFA Sweet Cream 1% instead of 2%. If you don't have TFA Vanilla Swirl, first of all, what's wrong with you? Second, try your favorite creamy vanilla. It's really not important, just use whatever you think will splash this cherry with a lightly vanilla'ed vanilla milk. 1% INW Shisha Vanilla would probably be good.

TFA Cherry Extract/WF Black Cherry Jelly Bean/INW Marzipan are the non-negotiable components of a dark, sweet natural cherry. TFA Cherry Extract is pretty much the cherry version of TFA Blueberry Extra. I think you have to suffer through at least half a dozen nightmarish cherries to appreciate that as a very good thing. It's a darker, natural-type cherry, nothing like a bright red cherry candy. It's a pretty weak concentrate both in terms of standalone strength and getting bullied in a mix. It suffers from an almost overwhelming mediocrity, in that it is neither sweet nor tart. It's flat and thin and has no texture to speak of. But it also lacks the horrific off-notes characteristic of many cherry flavors, and in a world of idiots, the average man is king.

WF Blackcherry Jelly Bean SC is one of those idiots. Down real low you get just a tease from a nice sweet black cherry candy flavor. You want more. You add more. Makes sense right? Nope. Nightmare plastic flavor and some harshness to boot. Here I just use a touch of it to push that cherry extract to be a sweeter, darker, bolder cherry. Goodbye mediocrity! If you're not as sensitive to it as I am, you can definitely bump it up to 0.5%. I tried that, liked it, just prefer the 0.25% version a little more, 0.5% is starting to get just a hair candied for what I was going for. INW Marzipan has always tasted more like cherry extract than anything else to me. It's thick and creamy and a tiny amount of it gives that thin TFA Cherry Extract some meat. The hint of amaretto-like almond it brings along just completes the milk. It's a strong flavor, but it can also be bumped up (or accidentally overdripped) to 0.5% without ruining the mix.

This is not a well-tested, carefully refined recipe like the kind I usually share. I'm throwing this out here with just an overnight steep after comparing several slightly different batches using the same ingredients. It probably gets even better over time? Unless Vanilla Swirl mutes it all to hell. I won't make a habit of this. My ATF recipes are not LIVE MIXING. So, why the rush this time? Just wanted to share one idea of what to do with TFA Cherry Extract with anyone who might have noted that Bull City Flavors now carries it and decided to pick some up. We'll cover that cherry and many more cough syrup...er.... cherry flavors on NOTED on the DIYorDIE Youtube channel Monday night, 1/22/18, at 11 p.m. Eastern.

Thanks your your help with this one and with so many other things @DigitalDrops!

Major Mancora's second largest town, Manacor, comes from "sighs," these crisp cookies with lemon and cinnamon flavors

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