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Chocolate flavoured ice cream with cocoa syrup, cocoa coated pieces and chocolate pieces.

Caramel Macchiato........ The secret to the rich flavour is the quality of the beans[Dark Bean (coffee Espresso) we use and the way we roast [Butter Cream & Nut Mix ]them

●it is more spot-on to the profile with 2% Strawberry (TPA) but i hate this concetrate so i replaced it with Strawberry (RF)

●For the year in mixing candy challenge

●The licence to chew:

In 1930 Edmund Münster acquires the licence to produce an innovative, fruity chew "without gum, made of sugar, syrup and other ingredients". He calls it MAOAM and at Easter 1931, he brings it on the market as "an extremly delicious, highly sought-after specialty candy".


i get some chemical offnotes in the middle of the exale
suggestions on how to get rid of them are very welcome☡☢

cream of butter with milk and sweet lemon
is enough for a great enjoyment

just alil Christmas treat for you guys well here it is I used ooo o's as the oreo cookie and fa cookie as the cookie base, I used fw white chocolate & wf white fudge as the main flavor note in this and added alil wf vanilla extra to give it some sweetness and tfa marshmallow fa condensed milk to fill it all in with some body too it. the last thing I added was some super sweet to help out with oreo cookies

Not your average lemonade, this Brazilian Limeade is creamy, tangy and refreshing, the perfect way to refresh and cool down this summer.

For the milky part i used a combination of TPA Malted Milk, FA Condensed Milk (use sparingly, it is very strong and quickly overpowering!) and CAP Horchata with a touch of FLV Sweet Coconut.

No limeade without CAP Lemon Lime and supported by FA Florida Key Lime for a light candy touch.
Add 1 drop per 15ml's FLV Rich Cinnamon to spice up the mix.
Finally but not mandatory, a little sweetener.

Brazilian Limeade is the creamiest and sweetest limeade you will ever try. It is like summer in a cup!

Steep: very short, perfect after 5 day's.

This recipe is a coffee sweetened with condensed milk. It is quite good, as the vanilla, milk, and cream make this coffee very creamy and thick. I currently have a batch steeping with a lower percentage of condensed milk (.25%) and sweetener added (CAP Super Sweet .5%) to see if that works out better. This recipe was best after a looooong steep of 14 days.

Just another cereal. This time fruity flakes in a form of creamy bar.

*Brown Sugar Extra was used in this recipe.

Have a nice day!

Cover photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/lexnger/

Corn Flakes Cereal by Kellogg's with a little of vanilla and a hint of lemon when exhaling. All feedback is appreciated

Best Strawberry Cream I've ever mixed yet. Gone through 10 iterations and tweaks already and I've vaped almost 1l of this exact recipe and still want more so there's no point in mixin less than 100ml - it's getting through coils too fast to even steep properly :) Heavy on cream side, but strawberry is still pronounced very well. Also has a lot of weight and volume due to 2AP. Rest should be self-explanatory.

Just add 4% of shisha instead of 3 and give up with rest of strawberries.

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