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Ube Milk Tea.

Y’all excited?

FLV Yam for the starch and flavor.
WF Plum to turn the Yam purple.
FA Milk for the dairy and thickness.
VT Avocado cream to add nuttiness that taro has.
WF Vanilla Cream Extra to act as the sweetened-condensed milk.
SC/FE Black Tea because it truly is the best black tea.

So as a challenge to the other members of the DevelopedDIY Discord I wanted members to 1 UP Folkart, NaChef, and Max after their version of Fruity Pebbles (Manson and the Pebbles) came out. The challenge was to remix fruity pebbles as Cocoa Pebbles and this is my submission to that challenge.
I started with my cereal base and for that I used Cap Cereal 27 and WF Puffs Cereal (Cocoa). Then to add more cocoa flavor I added in VTA Swiss Chocolate which isnt a chocolate but a dry cocoa flavor. For the milk to go with the cereal I went with my go to milk base of FA Milk, TPA Meringue, and TPA Vanilla Swirl. Then because Cocoa Pebbles make the milk somewhat chocolatey I added VTA Chocolate Milk with FLV Sweetness. This does needs a couple of days to settle.


We wanted to revisit a very popular recipe from 2016, PEBBLES by NotCharlesManson ( https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/1127 ), and try to update the recipe with newer flavorings and try to consolidate the recipe just a bit. We discovered that trying to consolidate it to say 5 or 6 flavorings was virtually impossible without using one of the fruity flakes flavorings which in our opinion are not very good. We did cut the recipe down by a few flavorings but the most important thing was that it turned out delicious. The cereal base is comprised of CAP Cereal 27 and CAP Sugar Cookie and it gives a nice cereal essence to the mix. The milk is a combination of FA Milk and TPA Meringue. The fruity part is built by using FE Lemon as the main note, FA Royal Orange Juice to round out the FE Lemon, and a touch of FA Marzipan as a very slight cherry note. All three of these notes are said to be in Pebbles and these 3 flavorings seem to do the job. We added a touch of FLV Sweetness to sweeten the milk. We think we accomplished what we set out to do with this remix of Manson's Pebbles, but we'll let you be the judge. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/gWpcSHchEpM .

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Horchata brings the starchy cream, FLV chai spice boosts the spice notes (adds em, really), then LB Vienna Cream with a Touch of FA Milk round it all into a full drink thing. VSO Pear + WF Ripe Pear IMO are an awesome ripe pear combo, and here they fold into the drink quite nicely.

add sweetener to your style and taste!

Another one from Rocky Toony’s ☕️🐰🕳
Recipe inspired by Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee Ice Cream.
If there's one thing Rhode Islanders love, it's their coffee. And Rhode Island Lighthouse Coffee is espresso-filled chocolate lighthouses in coffee ice cream.
This is one of my favorite mocha / coffee mixes 😋
needs a 3 week steep

“Rocky Toony Original”
Mixed 12/26/2020

Not just any chai tea, but exactly the way I've always wanted it: a pleasant clearly perceptible spicy note paired with lots of milk and pleasant sweetness.

When I tried the testers of the new Flavorah flavors, the "Chai Spice" flavor particularly caught my eye. I knew this was exactly what you've always been looking for.

Now the experimentation phase started. I was looking for a suitable tea flavor. At first I did not find a suitable one, but then I tried this wonderful aroma "Thai Chai". For me, this is more of a black tea, but just right for the "Chai Spice".

That was already quite neat. But somehow I found the milk and some sweetener not quite fitting. I tried "Milk & Honey", which was interesting, and got even better in combination with "Milk". But something was still missing to perceive enough milk noticeable. So I tried different milk flavors. I finally achieved the desired effect by combining two milk flavors.

To round out the spice note, a little extra ginger helps immensely. A light vanilla note and the "Cactus Apple" rounds off wonderfully. The latter also struck me already quite particularly in the Single Flavor Test of the new Flavorah flavors.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

Nicht einfach irgend ein Chai Tee, sondern genau so wie ich ihn schon immer haben wollte: Eine angenehme deutlich wahrnehmbare Gewürznote gepaart mit viel Milch und angenehmer Süße.

Als ich die Tester der neuen Flavorah-Aromen probierte, ist mir das Aroma "Chai Spice" ganz besonders aufgefallen. Ich wusste, genau das hast du schon immer gesucht.

Nun ging die Experimentierphase los. Ich suchte nach einem passenden Tee-Aroma. Zuerst fand ich keinen passenden, aber dann probierte ich dieses wunderbare Aroma "Thai Chai". Für mich ist das eher ein schwarzer Tee, aber genau passend zum "Chai Spice".

Das war schon ganz ordentlich. Aber irgendwie fand ich die Milch und etwas Sweetener nicht ganz passend. Ich probierte "Milk & Honey", was interessant war, und in Kombination mit "Milk" noch besser wurde. Aber irgendwas fehlte noch, um genügend Milch spürbar wahrzunehmen. Also probierte ich verschiedene Milcharomen. Den gewünschten Effekt konnte ich schlußendlich durch die Kombination von zwei Milcharomen erreichen.

Damit die Gewürznote rund wird, hilft etwas extra Ingwer ungemein. Eine leichte Vanillanote und das "Cactus Apple" rundet wunderbar ab. Letzteres fiel mir auch schon ganz besonders im Single Flavor Test der neuen Flavorah-Aromen auf.

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
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This is my long time ADV......

Being a coffee drinker, In the past I’ve tried just about every Commercial coffee vape, cappuccino, latte, Catch Ya Latte, Oh Latte etc. and never found the perfect one for Me.

So glad I can now mix my own the way I like it, Hope you enjoy it also!

The coffee syrup ingredients for “Rhode Island Coffee Milk” drink is a closely guarded secret recipe, so this ejuice recipe was a challenge to get that “coffee + high-fructose corn syrup” taste, using caramels did not work. The Milk and Honey (FLV) ended up being the key to success here.

I mix this one in LARGE batches and rock it in the Voltrove 30mm V2 RTA, 0.10 build @90 Watts 😋
Good after an overnight steep, obviously changes with a good steep. But I love it everywhere in between 🤙
As always adjust sweetener to your liking ( Super Sweet @0.32% is my second choice when craving sweet 👌)

simple strawberry cream with coconut, simple easy daily vape... go on

This is a clone of BJuice Evil Creeple (a very popular Shake&Vape from germany)

Cereal flakes, brown sugar, cinnamon, baked apple
With Evil Creeple, BJuice has conjured up a great combination of different cereal flakes. This base is refined with a small spoonful of brown sugar and some cinnamon. Evil Creeple is rounded off with a delicious baked apple. Frighteningly delicious!

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

The ice cream was pretty simple. I used Mr Evans Ice Cream Trinity as the base. 3 words for that, solid, bold and delicious.
I added 1.25% bavarian cream to it because otherwise the peanut butter, butterpecan and caramel where too dry on the exhale.
I first tried other caramels and it helped with the dryness but it changed the profile completly. So 1% FA Caramel.
For the pea-nuts I went with TPA Peanut Butter DX and FW Butter Pecan. You can easily swap for the regular TPA PB if you want.
The Butter Pecan and AP help the TPA PB really well to hold up after the steep. The Hazelnut I used as a bridge between the nuts and the chocolate.
For the chocolate I normally would have used WF chocolate chunks but for some reason it didn't give me the result I wanted, somehow it didn't work well with the nuts. So I went with TPA DCC. 0.75% is plenty.

It's great as S&V but really delicous after 10 days and even better as it ages.
Tried it in the Hadaly and really loved it MTL in my Millenium and FEV

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