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(FA) Milk

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Used in 631 recipes at an average of 1.58%.


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Theres a new kid in town and he's sweet coconut chocolate mayhem.

Coconut custard has a great bounty like coconut flavour doubled with sweet coconut we already have a creamy power punching coconut - dessicated coconut adds some authenticity to the coconut.
Chocolate milk helps drive the profile in the right direction then the added Fa Milk helps it lacking milk qualities - Flv Milk chocolate adds a darker depth to it and helps the coconut shine a little more.
HS FVIC and FA Whipped Cream adds body and richness to the mix and intensifies the creamy aspect.

Although a little higher than normal @ 4% this really allows the blueberry muffin to shine through along with FW blueberry for some awesome blueberry madness - FA bilberry adds a slight darker note i think the profile needs.
Love tres leches in blueberry vapes and in this case plays well with the muffin whilst adding to the creams.
Chosen TMSC MB in this one because its mild but carries great sweetness which backs up the FA creams.


LCW & LMP take centre stage with creamy lemon goodness - great sweet creams to add to the milkshake aswel as bakery notes to linger in the background then extra lemon from FA just to give that little boost.
The milkshake from MB is the main cream note everything else builds on for this recipe and at 3% it can be moulded a little to how you see fit providing you still want those malty notes. Tried this with a few of my other favourite creams and was abit too thick for the kind of shake i wanted so using cream fresh and upped the milk slightly to get that nice fresh milky shake. The vanilla bean is subtle and though present it sits in the back amongst the bakery notes.

Heavy on the caramel but in a good way as its nice and creamy.
Main caramel is FW wich iw built up with VT toffee's which add some buttery goodness. Other caramels bridge the creams such as JF dulce de leche & HS caramal toffee, these have a nice sweet caramelly back bone.
At 3% MB milkshake give those malty milk notes that play nicely with the caramels and is bumped up by the richness of whipped cream and the dairy of milk. Hazelnut adds an additional dimension and authenticity to the vape.

sweetend milk with just the right amount of strawberry.
This isnt very thick, more of a full fat milk but still maintains good mouthfeel

this is using Nevan's ice cream trinity and adding upon this some blueberry.


Blueberry & Bubblegum Milkshake
Still testing so maybe revisited but so far so good

This is my take on a "simple" basic cereal with milk. It is "simple" in the sense that all of the components are necessary in some sense for me. The base two flavors are FA milk and Cereal 27. The rest of the flavors are meant to help bring out or "fix" these flavors, so to speak. Most of these I got from the guys and gal over at the Noted podcast as suggestions on what auxiliary flavors go best with cereal, so shout out to them. I took their suggestions and ran with them.

AP brings out the nut'n'honey type of nuttiness that I expect in a cereal. The Graham cracker clear just rules and I put it in everything (but seriously I was told it goes really well with cereals and....well, it does). For the milk, FA meringue sweetens up the mix and milky underpants really just goes well with FA milk at 2 to 1 and I also use it a lot with FLV cream so it was a must for me to make that perfect milk aspect.

Anyways, I use this as a good starting off point for a cereal vape, but mostly I like it by itself as an ADV. Enjoy!

OOO O's cookie brings the oreo cookie theme. Crispy wafer brings that crispy cookie aspect without bringing butter like a biscuit would. Chemnovatic cookie fills in the gaps to the cookie base, FA would be a fair replacement and ATF doesn't list chemnovatic flavors.
**Note** I used chemnovatic cookie at 1.5%, not FA, but I do think the recipe would be nearly unchanged using FA.
The oreo filling is compromised of VT sweet cream and Tfa Bavarian cream, bringing a rich thick cream. The shisha vanilla colors the cream vanilla and creates a separation from the cookie and the cream.
Glamor chocolate brings a little more chocolate to the profile and seemed to play well with everything.
FA milk...is the milk, the best available milk so it makes sense to use it here.

**optional..super sweet, I feel it's essential in a recipe like this, but I know a lot of folks don't like to vape sweetener.
*add 1% cream cheese icing for a "double stuf" vibe.

Used Nick's Ice Cream Trinity here as the base and added some fruits ontop.


Sicillian Lemon & Blackcurrant Ice Cream
Quite balanced mb blackcurrant isnt too strong at 5% and allows the lemon to stand out abit aswel as the ice cream

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