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(FA) Metaphor

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct

Used in 106 recipes at an average of 2.112%.


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Loops flavored icing on the inhale followed by a delicate cake donut on the exhale.

Donut base: - WF Glazed Donut SC and FW Cake (yellow)

Bridging note: FA Metaphor - this really ties it all together with a light and crispy creamy cake with vanilla and citrus fruits cake notes. I am a big fan of this flavor that I believe is very under rated. Damn, I could just mix this with fruit circles and a bit of sweetener and be happy enough.

Body: CAP Silverline Fruit Circles- a relatively weaker flavor requiring some support.

Supporting flavors: FW Fruit rings with the lovely WF Lemon Orange Rice Candy that brings some soft orange notes to the loops.

Icing : FLV Frosting provides minimal vanilla compared to other frostings.

Tested on RDA 0.28 Ohms, 55Watts


FA Metaphor has a creamy vanilla angel food cake flavor, fluffy and light. I decided against Pandoro.
FA Custard premium - some moisture for the cake and it steeps fast. You could use FA custard if you want but I don't have it and don't know what the lemon notes in it will do to everything else already in here.
FW Lemon Mernigue Pie - I originally had vanilla cupcake but it wasn't behaving too low and its all icing too high and its too much vanilla.
VT Buttercream frosting - you need frosting and this boosts the cupcake icing element.
CAP Butter cream - backs up the buttercream frosting preventing it from being powdery
VT Persian lime - some added tartness
FE Lemon - non-fading and decent in bakeries. A low amount due to lighter lemon notes from Metaphor already present.
VT Vanilla cream - This stuff is just great so it has to be there.
Sweeten to taste/ Vape Wizard etc you can suit yourself here but I use 0.5/0.25.
Releasing this primarily for feedback which is rare. Hope it helps someone at least get an idea.

Shake N Vape
WOW! Spot On Even After A Day!

Who doesn't like a deep fried twinkie??? Well I sure do!!!! Here is how I made it into a vape juice.

THE DEEP FRIED SPONGE CAKE: I used a combination of deep fried sponge cake super concentrate by real flavors and metaphor by flavor art these two together make the perfect sponge cake consistency for a deep fried twinkie all its missing is that greasy deep fried feeling and for this I used none other except for funnel cake by Capella. I find funnel cake by Capella to be the perfect ingredient to add the greasy just fried taste and feel I use it with anything I make that is deep fried and I think it works perfect. But if for some reason you hate funnel cake and think it tastes like a greasy mess than don't use funnel cake it will still taste great with or without it.

For the creamy vanilla filling I used a combination of whipped cream and frosting both by flavorah then I needed to boost the vanilla and help bridge the gap and for this I used vanilla swirl by tfa and shisha vanilla by inawera. Shisha vanilla helps mesh the bakery notes and the creamy filling it also helps bring out the vanilla notes in the sponge cake.

I used sweetness by flavorah which is my personal favorite sweetener. The closest thing to it would be Capella super sweet. I do think that the sweetener is necessary. It is rather dry without any sweeteners.
IF YOU MIX IT REVIEW IT!!!! Good or bad its better than nothing.

Fruity pebbles infused Creamy cheese cake. Metaphor is the star that pulls this cast together. Mix this and you'll be in a state of bliss.
Caution may lead to excessive Vaping due to chasing this amazing flavor. Dripper Drops is not liable for mass juice consumption. This one taste good after 2 days but give it 2 weeks and you'll really be amazed.

So fruit loops seem to be getting popular again. This is one I've been working on for about 3 months. And it's fucking delicious. Fruit rings is important. It's much better than TFA fruit circles. I know it seems high, but it was important to keep it up front, and not letting it get drown out by the other flavors, while still letting them come through during the steep. On top of this, adding TFA berry crunch is going to give it more complexity instead of just lemon while keeping the cereal element there. Strawberry ripe is doing the same, adding a little more fruit to the mix. Metaphor was the diamond in the rough on this one. For me, fruit loops isn't just lemon. I get alot of orange out of them too. Metaphor lends that orange flavor, and the cakey notes to it help with the cereal texture. This was not the same without metaphor. And it made it perfect. The mixture of creams works great and gives it a sweet milky taste. I used FW VBIC because it is a little creamier, sweeter, and less harsh then the other 2. Sweetener is there, because, it's a sugary cereal. This doesn't put it in the too sweet category, just the perfect amount of sweetness, that really helps tame the lemon, and balances all the flavors together. This is a 2 week steep minimum and best after 3. Before that the flavor will be a bit weak, and the creams won't really come out. Hope you enjoy!


I've been looking for a really good gingerbread or a yorkshire parkin for a long time and anything i created or mixed came up short so i was at a car boot sale (yard sale for americans ? ) and a tramp (hobo) offered me a time machine for a hit on my xcube 2 ( i know too many brackets right ? apparently an xcube 2 looks like a crack pipe to an addict with a time machine ) Anyway ive been f'd over many times when it comes to time machines but i had a day's holiday the next day so i thought whatever .

I set the time machine to 1000 years in the future but it looked pretty grim (lots of brackets ) so 2000 years i wen......t to the land of the crab people , now i know what your gonna say " I fucking knew it !! crab people were gonna take over one day !! and yes they do rule the world 2000 years in the future and humans are extinct but you've got to admit we are massive knobheads (dickheads) so its no great surprise .. anyway lucky for me the crab people are big vape fiends and lovers of gingerbread(and brackets )
and with my four fingers and thumb i soon proved myself to be a valuable member of their society with their war against the lobster people and all ...

so they were good enough to give me theses notes

Capella Gingerbread - The best of all ginger flavours surely ? not perfect but undeniably gingerbread

FA - Metaphor - I really think this is stupidly underrated ! at low percentages it makes an amazing lemon icing and higher percentages airy cakes .

DFS - Holy Vanilla - Really is worth the hype , so creamy and tasty at any percentage .

Cap - Yellow Cake - Wasn't expecting much from this at all but it really is a cake changer for me , delicious doughy cake without black coils ....

Cap - Horchata - I ordered this randomly not knowing what it actually was but i knew i was gonna like it and even at this low percent and been totally out of place i really think it adds something to this recipe .

Crab people rule !!!!

Based on some new info gleaned from beginner mixing I decided to omit meringue and marshmallow that I had been specifically using for sweetness and instead went with vanilla cupcake. Also of note I added funnel cake in to slightly up the hint of cinnamon. For those that experience a yeasty or "beer" taste from fa joy you can omit it as I'm betting with the use of the other donut flavors it is likely not needed.

In my quest for that perfect doughnut to suit my wants of greasy doughy frosted sweetness I decided to take a different route. Any flavors I had that matched the dough character I added at around the normally used percentages. What cake out of it was shake and vape goodness that will only get better. To me it tastes like a full bodied old fashioned buttermilk doughnut with that thick sugar glaze coating. Precisely what I wanted it to taste like. I may revisit this and add either cap custard at 2% or fa custard at 2% or maybe even a Bavarian cream at 2% would suit this nicely. If you decide to add some custard to this one I would feel you could safely omit the marshmallow and meringue.

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