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(FA) Meringue

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After the Modest Monday post a few weeks back on fruit and cream, I really wanted to play around with the dewberry cream recipe put up. I've never had Kilo's dewberry and cream, but honeydew is my girlfriends favorite fruit so I thought I'd make something for her. Turns out this is one of the best fruity vapes I've ever had.

Notes in the September 2016 recipes thread

In my quest for that perfect doughnut to suit my wants of greasy doughy frosted sweetness I decided to take a different route. Any flavors I had that matched the dough character I added at around the normally used percentages. What cake out of it was shake and vape goodness that will only get better. To me it tastes like a full bodied old fashioned buttermilk doughnut with that thick sugar glaze coating. Precisely what I wanted it to taste like. I may revisit this and add either cap custard at 2% or fa custard at 2% or maybe even a Bavarian cream at 2% would suit this nicely. If you decide to add some custard to this one I would feel you could safely omit the marshmallow and meringue.

A tasty fruity soda blend that you can't quite put your finger on.


This is my remix of the popular UK e liquid lemon tart by dinner lady e liquids.

DIYorDIE Runner up recipe of the year!!!

This was a very long journey and i hope i've done some justice in attempting to copy it..... even if i did'nt ha i hope i've created a tasty lemon tart for you all to enjoy. I've managed to create its profile very well with sharp lemon curd followed by a creamy fluffy meringue finishing off with a buttery pastry crust.


FW Lemon meringue pie

I needed a profile to start with and this flavour seemed to work,its profile works very well with the other ingredients its lemon flavour is very bright and more forward and stronger than capellas offering. The meringue and pastry wasn't an issue at the time because i knew that could be worked on. The 3% was enough as a starting point without it taking over the recipe.

FA Lemon Sicily/Capella Juicy Lemon

This was the most tricky part of the recipe theres so many lemons to chose from it was a minefield and completely had my headspinning. I tried them all in various percentages and combinations. some were to authentic taking on a sour aspect that didn't suit the profile. I knew i already had a good lemon within the FW lemon meringue pie,but it wasn't bright enough. Everyone knows FA lemon sicily is a fantastic lemon so i had to use it. I pushed it to higher percentage because the lemon was the main profile of dinner lady lemon tart. It's vibrant and not sour and it really started to work in what i was trying to achieve. Again this was probably enough to complete the lemon profile but i was concerned overtime it might fade so another lemon i really liked and thought it would complement is capella juicy lemon. Adding a small percentage just built on each other creating a bolder lemon with some added sweetness and juice. They really work well together and that was the lemon complete.

FA Custard PI 3.14

I needed something to create the curd aspect i tried alot of variations and to this day this is one aspect that still bugs me and is something i'll go back to. However this seems my best option so it stays for the time being. It seems to work very well with combining with the lemons and the pie. Its not a heavy custard like capella vanilla custard which i did try and to some degree it works,but it does add vanilla which i didn't want in the recipe. Custard pi gives it that creamy curd feel and the custard also has citrus notes which is a win win and really works well into the lemons to create a kind of curd.

TFA Graham Cracker Clear/INW Biscuit/Capella Golden Butter

These 3 created the pastry base and worked excellent into the lemon meringue pie base. I love graham cracker clear and i think its in the original it lends to a nice creamy biscuit base and adding the biscuit at a lower percentage and the butter works its magic in creating a nice pastry filling.

FA Meringue

We all now about this flavour it just works!!!! its in the original and it had to be in here. it's really forward in the original and pushing it to 1.5% is enough to give you that fluffy light mouthfull.


I added 0.75% mainly down to it being mainstream juice the original is sweet so why not,a little of whats good doesn't hurt . I also feel it tones down the lemons and turns them more into a cooked lemon rather than a sour fresh squeezed lemon. you can leave it out should you wish its still great without it.

TFA Bavarian Cream

I added this at a small percentage just to combine the whole recipe ,it also works well into the custard and lemons and hopefully ups the curd aspect aswell as adding a little glue to the recipe and not drying it out.



!!!! Updated!!!!! The addition of orange cream really Mary's the icing to the all the recipes. After vaping through 30 milliliters of the original in less than 24 hours I knew I was a fan of this recipe. The addition of orange gives you a lovely contrast and a little bit of that fruit flavors making this already great recipes even more addicting. Be sure to check out the original!!!! Fairly quick steep time on this one joy needs at least 24 hours to blend in with everything else after that it's good to go.


Strawberries and cream (because everyone has to make one, am I right?)
Mixed this at 70/30: Decent after a 3-5 day steep but recommend letting it sit about a week.
EDIT: Also might add that if you get the "pepper" taste from VBIC youll want to sub in CAP VBIC 1:1 .

Bowl of Lucky Charms cereal with milk


BrinNutz's donut was wonderful, a real breakthrough. But it had a very slight fermented-type off note for me and was a little nutty. Reducing %'s got rid of that stale-beerish flavor and left behind only a mouthwatering plain glazed donut.


Finally feeling comfortable to release to the world.

Give it a few days of a steep, everything needs to come together and while it is shake and vapable (as with everything if you can like it), I don't recommend it. The Glaze portion needs time to develop and come forward, while the Dough portion needs time to settle.

This is a collaboration recipe by myself and /u/ID10-T to create a more realistic glazed doughnut for those that can't stand the pre made concentrate flavors (tasting like play-doh).

I don't know what else to say on this folks. This recipe has seen more than 15 revisions, but I lost count and started over at some point.

This final revision I found some old notes on FA Almond, and worked it in and wow, it helped. I previously tried INW Marzipan but it was too much, the Almond is what's up. Adding the TFA Marshmallow in for more sweetness and adding to that wet mouthfeel was clutch.

EDIT 8/30/16
After a couple weeks the almond came throug too much so I toned it down.

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