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(FA) Meringue

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A fairly simple & straight forward recipe...

Your up late on a Saturday night 🤪 and your dying to tame the munchies growling in your stomach 🥴 along with your desire for something sweet to feed that ol sweet tooth 🤤.

You think to yourself "microwave mug cake?" 🤔

So you mix up a cup real quick & on your way to the microwave the demons 😈 in your belly, coupled with your short attention span 🤯 & inability to wait 45 seconds to cook it take over and you devour the raw cake batter straight out of the cup!

This is basically my Battered Berries recipe (sans berries) tweaked a tiny bit 😉 so feel free to add whatever fruit (or other toppings) you might be desiring at the moment... & Enjoy! 😁

Based on this recipe

Recently got hold of VT Persian Lime and totally fell in love. It’s everything a lime should be and nothing it shouldn’t. This is just an attempt at building around it as a primary note. I’m using it as the central flavour in a lime curd.

FA Meringue and TFA Toasted Marshmallow make a pretty convincing Pavlova base.

VT Persian Lime, LB VIC and INW Custard make up our lime curd.

The rest is really up to you. I added very small amounts of Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Strawberry for the topping, but feel free to mess with this if you don’t have these specific flavours.

Just keep them at very low percentages, to prevent them from stomping all over the pavlova and lime curd base.

This is a Key Lime Cookie Recipe originally provided to me by Skittersmurf. I may modify it, and will list any modifications below.

Tastes dead on like a bowl of Banana Creme Frosted Flakes that were around sometime last year after about a weeks steep time. Shouts out to Silky’s Nana’ Flakes for the idea of trying my hand at a banana frosted flake profile!

I creamy lemon tart with a slight note of banana. This turned out better than I expected. Super impressed with FE Lemon in bakery mixes. Let me know what you think!

Lifted from various forum posts discussing how to clone this classic. it's pretty spot on but I haven't had the original in years so ymmv

The milky undertones is upfront at first, nice and milky fruit loops.

Tastes like a damn fine bowl of fruit loops that doesn't require a steep.

A tropical fruit cream that hits all the spots for me!


A creamy, fatty, nutty Vanilla Almond Full Milk!

LA Cream Cheese Icing,
OOO Cream Milky Undertone
FA Meringue,
FW Hazelnut
This 4 Flavours build the Backkbone of a authentic, creamy, full Milk.
Meringue & CCI add also a nice, natural Sweetness

FA Almond & INW Marzipan
add the Almondtaste, where Fa Almond add that yummy fatty Almond and Marzipan builds a nice Backup.

I must not say anything to INW Shisha Vanilla what adds a delight, bright Vanilla.
The Vanilla needs 8-10 days to shine, in Harmonie with the Almond.

Its sweet on its own, but add Sweetener if you like!

This Mix is in my weekly Rotation since over 2 Years.
I hope you enjoy it like me.

Please tell me, how you like it.

A new take on an old recipe that I used to make back when I worked at a B&M.

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