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(FA) Meringue

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
Buy From: bcv ecigexpress gremlin

Flavor Profile: additive cereal custard fruit other vanilla

Used in 3526 recipes at an average of 1.162%.


210 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I have never actually tried the blueberry zeppy e juice, but it is one of my good friends favorite juices so I decided to make what I thought it should taste like. I used flavor west blueberry because I think it is the best blueberry flavor I used it at 6% so you can actually taste the blueberries almost like you poured blueberries over a fresh zeppy with powdered sugar. Then I made the powdered sugar. I did this with 1% meringue and .3 torrone both by flavor art this combination makes a perfect powdered sugar. Then last but not leist the zeppy of the flavor profile I use flavor art zepolla for this at 5% it seems to work in this recipe at that percentage. Don't get me wrong i know that zepolla by flavor art wasn't even available when the zeppy line came out so there is no way it tastes the same as the original but it does taste like the profile at hand. It tastes good almost immediately but is at its best after 4 days. It is a simple recipe that really works.

A nice creamy coconut cream pie. Came up with this bc my favorite pie is coconut cream pie.

This is my take on a commercial strawberry milk nothing too sophisticated or complex. Sweet enough but not overly sweet, it can also be mixed without any sweetner simply up the FA meringue to around 0.60. The flavor percentage is a little higher than my usual recipes, but intentionally so as my goal was mimicking a mainstream juice. A few quick flavor notes-Vanilla Custard: It's 2am and the strawberries are lonely and looking for something to cling too. CAP VC at 1.5% fits the bill perfectly without turning it into a custard vape. Bavarian Cream and sweet cream tag team to boost the dairy component along with a little marshmallow. Fa Caramel/Fa torrone- These two are bit players in this recipe making cameo appearances only. I like my caramel on the sharp side and FA cuts like a knife, Torrone provides a mysterious nutty goodness and provides a oohey gooey texture to any recipe. Strawberry Sweet- This provides that over the top artificial strawberry we all know and love but fades over time, this is where strawberry ripe steps in and helps boost the flavor slightly. FA Meringue- this simply adds a little sweetness to the mix along with CAP super sweet...enjoy.

A blend of cherry lime a coconut. The cherry is upfront with a lime coconut mix. The Bavarian cream and meringue smooth it out and add sweetness. Enjoy!

I recently tried to make a recipe using a food pairing site.Apperently science is right.The dark blackberry is very well accompanied by the sweet bright raspberry. Initially i wanted to use peppermint to bring some freshness and a complimentary flavor into this.i just had spearmint on me so i went with it and i think it gets job done quite well.The creams and the meringue are there to bind those fruits together nicely and to infuse some sweetness.

FA Cream Fresh at 1 for the light creaminess it imparts
FA Meringue at 1.7 for that milkiness that it has. Also I like using this in milks because even though it technically is a meringue cookie, when mixed with other creams it becomes very much like a thin milk.
TFA Dairy/milk at .2 to help thicken it up a little bit. Your milkbase will taste like around a 2% milk
TFA Strawberry Ripe to give strawberry some body. It is slightly fleshy with a nice fresh juicy berry tone but it can get lost in the mix so...
INW Shisha Strawberry at 2% as it's a really bright and vibrant berry. It will help the ripe stick around and really bring out the flavor in the berry.
Sweetener helps finish it off and tie it all together. Provides a bit of juiciness on the exhale that the strawberry milk needs.
Steep 2 weeks for best results.

After vaping my other cookie recipe for a couple months... I got bored with it. So this is a cool version that fits the exact profile instead of really using your imagination with the other one.

Carrot cake is Nature's Flavors (NF) Carrot cake, it's just not in the datebase

Need's at least 1 day's to steep, better after 7-10 days.
Full recipe breakdown and notes on Reddit.

The NF Carrot cake can be found here

Homemade Vanilla Almonds Cheesecake. This is a recipe that I've been working on for a long time, it started of as an attempt to clone a juice called white lady for a friend but it kind of steered off into it's own direction and now my friend prefers this to the original. Although the Almond is quite high % it is mellowed out nicely with the creams. Perfect with a cup of good coffee.

Crunch berry creamy cheese cake
Im going to work the sweet cream out of this mix on v2
This profile is heavy on the cream and fairly light on the cereal part but all around delicious.

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