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(FA) Meringue

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive cereal custard fruit other vanilla

Used in 7499 recipes at an average of 1.13%.


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Our sorbet contains - what else? - Champagne and peach!
fresh & creamy sorbet ''cocktail''

nothin like starting your morning out with a nice bowl of fruit loops with a little milk in the bowl guys this used to be one of my go too juices mix this up at 70/30 and give it a couple of days and it will be perfect


I know this is far from a groundbreaking recipe, but it is totally delicious and I have not been able to put it down.
All the credit for the strawberry flavoring goes to ID10T for creating his "Holy Trinity Strawberry combination"
Although it is a simple recipe, it has the perfect balance of flavorings IMO

FA Zeppola gives the fried donut flavor and contributes to the doughiness of the donut
TPA Frosted Donut also contributes to the donut, as well as adding a powdered sugar feel to the mix
FA Meringue and Cap Vanilla whipped cream create a nice light fluffy cream
FA Red Touch Strawberry, INW Shisha Strawberry and JF Strawberry sweet combination created by Dave (ID10T) is just a dam tasty strawberry combination that really nails the strawberry profile
CAP Super sweet at .25% just helps keep these amazing flavors on your pallet.
This has easily become an ADV for me
Recommend a minimum of 3 days to start to taste the donut. As a shake and vape, you will be able to enjoy the strawberry combination, the donut and creams just take a little longer to really come thru to complete the donut.

a little bit sweet,a little bit tart,a whole lot of delicious....Homemade lemon squares dusted with a light coating of powdered sugar

A fantastic bouquet of flavors , An orange pudding with meringue cream Has an Irish Cream to give a drink power to the creme and the orange
A surprise sure is this recipe

Delicious pecan cake,sweet and thick.hope you enjoy as much as i do


May I proudly present Bantha Milk! Fresh from an organic, free-roam, cruelty-free bantha farm in a nice cozy corner of the endless desert that is Tatooine.

Experience the sweet, creamy blueness that is the legendary Bantha milk, a local treat brought from a galaxy far, far away to tantalize the tastebuds of Jedi, senators, desert folk, hell even Imperial storm troopers!

This vape comes out strong, bursting with ripe blueberry juiciness up front and then that sweet creamy milk comes pouring out as fresh as the day it was squeezed from that bantha teet, leaving an amazing milky aftertaste at the finish.

Yes, friends, this is my most thoroughly vetted recipe yet. For once, I actually must say not to SnV but to give it at least a week for that sweet milkiness to shine. And yes I know the blueberry looks rowdy but FW Blueberry just has a super high flavor ceiling and I've played with it at 5-7% and I prefer it at 7%, however feel free to turn it down a little to your liking, I've just found at this high dose it really gives an awesome sugary, blueberry sryup poured into some whole milk flavor.

Enjoy and let me know what you think, any and all feedback is appreciated ✌️

Major Mancora's second largest town, Manacor, comes from "sighs," these crisp cookies with lemon and cinnamon flavors

I developed this recipe as a "modern" version of Wayne's Fried ice-cream
Cereal 27 + Berry Crunch give me a nice cereal that covers the Ice-cream
Vanilla custard + marshmallow and merenge to create our Ice-Cream base
Bavarian Cream and Joy for the "Fried" flavor and feeling
Strawberry Ripe just for the sweetness of it.

Not an original. Inspired/adapted from ENYAWREKLAW's Rhodonite. All credit goes to him for the vast majority of this flavor. This is a twist of my Blueberry Rhodonite, with Strawberry instead.

From @Queuetue : Because I have atomizers all over the place, I need something to put them on. These stands are colorful, awesome, and pretty inexpensive.

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