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(FA) Meringue

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: additive cereal custard fruit other vanilla

Used in 9328 recipes at an average of 1.117%.


556 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Pistachio Macaron Remix of Rhodonite. I removed the raspberry and fuji and adding in some TPA Pistachio. Why? Because pistachio is lyfe.

I will probably update notes*** Time crunch

Fraise Blanc- a white chocolate truffle with graham crumbs and strawberry filling. I am feeling this one and can't put it down!!!

White chocolate, VBIC, meringue and marshmallow make up the candy shell. Juicy strawberry, strawberry ripe and creamy yogurt pair well as the filling. Graham cracker topping to accent.

Milkman Pudding...
Made in the USA
Distributed by the UK
Remixed in the EU

Do comment please, the good and the bad...
Enjoy and save some money,

Usually you leave sugar or gingerbread cookies for santa, but I wanted to switch it up a bit.
Lime sugar paste on top of a nice fluffy cookie
For my foundation I used the AP FA Cookie and de TFA Lemonade cookie which helps boost up the citrus from the lime.
FA meringue+sweetener create the sugar paste
adding a bit of AP helps with the grittiness grom the cookie.

Christmas Confections is an attempt at recreating the date and rice crispies cookies that my aunt used to make at Christmas time. I'm not sure if a date concentrate exists, but I would say the flavor is somewhere between a jammy fig and a cooked plum. I used FLV Fig at 0.5% and INW Smoked Plum at 0.2% (a ridiculously low % . . . but that stuff is powerful) to create the gooey resemblance of dates cooked in sugar. I added the WF Molasses to add the deep sweetness that comes with cooked dates. WF Almond Cookie (2%), TFA Rice Crunchies (3%), and TFA Coconut Candy (0.75%) make up the body of the cookie that's mixed in (similar to rice crispy treats) after the sugar and dates have cooked into a syrupy sweet mixture. FA Meringue (1%) and CAP Super Sweet (0.5%) round this out with that heavy coating of powdered sugar that the warm cookies are rolled in before serving.

this remix goes as a shoutout too wayne walker and I used alil lower % of lemon meringue pie and I used v1 and I added a few other things tell me whatcha think of it this way wayne give it a mix and tell me whatcha think

Flavor Profile:

Description from wikipedia - a spherical wafer which is filled with a white milk cream and white blanched almonds. It is surrounded by a coconut layer.

Ok so this is one i havent seen around so far, so i wanted to take a (noobie) shot at recreating it in a vape. Raffaello's are probably one of my all time favorite confection, they are just so damn perfect. The thin wafer shell coated in a sweet milk kind of cream with little flakes of sugary coconut, on the inside of the wafer shell there is a buttery, smooth, light but rich cream that is just unreal. Buried in the creamy center lies a full almond, which just works perfectly! If you havent tried one in real life yet i highly recommend it, they are just perfect! I bought some for a reference while blueprinting this recipe, the main notes i was after was the nice crunchy wafer spehere, the buttery, smooth and delicious cream inside, the coconut outside and the almond inside.

Flavor Notes:
  • FA ALMOND - Used as the main almond flavoring in the mix. Trying to use it to emulate the almond in the core of the Raffaello
  • INW BISCUIT - This is being used in conjuntion with FA cookie to create the night light crunchy wafer sphere, also brings some nice butter notes to the recipe
  • FA Coco (coconut) - the coconut note of the recipe, this one is a bit more realistic and more along the lines of what im going for in this mix. This will be trying to emulate the flakes of coconut that are covering the outside of the Rafaello.
  • FA Cream Fresh - This one is being used to help back up the creamy notes and prevent the mix from becoming tooo dry. Help contribute to the creamy whipped cream kind of core.
  • FA Meringue - Used to sweeten up the recipe, bring some dairy notes, and make the whipped cream center a nice fluffy sweet vanilla cream.
  • INW Shisha Vanilla - Using as the main vanilla note, its a bright delicious vanilla which is exactly what im after in this recipe.
Tasting Notes:
First batch mixed on:
Tasting notes Dec 6th -

Wow, this is actually starting to get really really tasty. Seems like i got lucky with the cream side of things, because it is tasting very similar to a real Raffaello. the bakery/wafer notes seem like they need to be more prominent, or maybe just need some more time to settle in with the creams. I get a nice smooth coconut texture, but i think this recipe could use a bit more actual coconut notes... gonna play around and see what i can do. Same goes for the almond, which i am considering adding some marzipan or maybe just subbing alltogether with something like toasted almond by TFA. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

This is a remix of Lemon Crumble Cake by The One (Beard Vape)
The profile is a lemon meringue pie with cookie crumble crust.

Watch the video on how to make it here
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/12/11/the-one-lemon-cake-diy-clone/


So fruit loops seem to be getting popular again. Remix month is here and cereal vapes are big to clone. This is one I've been working on for a while so it's not a remix of a commercial juice. However, this is fucking delicious. FW Fruit rings is important. It's much better than TFA fruit circles. On top of this, adding TFA berry crunch is going to give it more complexity instead of just lemon while keeping the cereal element there. Cap's new silver line fruit circles is a necessity. This adds more of the lime to the cereal. For me, fruit loops isn't just lemon. The mixture of creams works great and gives it a nice milky backbone. The cheesecake adds some cream and lends to the cereal texture. Sweetener is there, because, it's a sugary cereal. This doesn't put it in the too sweet category, just the perfect amount of sweetness, that really helps tame the lemon, and balances all the flavors together. This is a week steep minimum and best after 2. Before that the flavor will be a bit weak, and the creams won't really come out. Hope you enjoy!

The Hook:
Oh You Tart! She used to be a dinner lady then she became a tart, "Devine" intervention helped her to become one of the most popular tarts of 2017. She not only brings all the boys to the yard but is also the envy of the other ladies and has won the title of being "the ultimate tart! "

The Description:
This is a remix of a remix of a remix and now is truly (IMO) the ultimate lemon tart! One of the most interesting and fun things to experience in mixing is being able find a recipe you like and learn from how all the flavors work together then tweek it to something that you like better. This is exactly what I have set out to do here. The Remix of the Original called "Dinner Lady A Lemon Tart Remix" by DAZCOLE has been one of the most popular ever remixes in DIY history and so much so companies including "Chef's UK" now stock the popular concentrate under the "Devine" brand of concentrates. So how can I make this better? I think I can make the lemon notes smoother and more rounded on the edges and bring some more mouthfeel and cream to this profile that suit the way I like to enjoy my vape. Will it be better/worse or different from the "Devine" remix? You be the judge! Enjoy :) #RemixMonth

Flavor Notes

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