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(FA) Meringue

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Flavor Profile: additive cereal custard fruit other vanilla

Used in 8363 recipes at an average of 1.123%.


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Somewhat based on or at least derived from Pillow Talk by enyawreklaw. I made Pillow Talk, but I found the Peppermint too weak and did not like the cream flavor from the Vanilla Bean Gelato. I was looking for a light creamy vanilla with a firm peppermint flavor.

TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV
CAP Simply Vanilla and TPA Vanilla Swirl provides a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe
FA Meringue and FA Cream Fresh adds mouthfeel and bolsters the creaminess of the Vanilla Swirl
TPA Marshmallow is used for sweetness and fullness with little to no Marshmallow flavor
EM (Cotton Candy) adds a little more perceived sweetness. One could argue that TPA Marshmallow already provides enough EM, and that may be true and worth further investigation. I don't notice any off flavors with this EM addition

I found steeping this for 7 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up.

I had to find a way to use FLV Wild Melon. It was so crisp and unlike any other melon.

Stayed away from the Melon Milk route and decided to blend it with more sour-ie notes. Came in with the Blood Orange/Cherry/Kiwi and it clicked.


This recipe is a Dulce De Leche flavor with a touch of malt and cinnamon
Recipe made for "(OOO) Cream PG Milky Undertone" Flavor Book Entry
-> https://diyordievaping.com/2017/10/16/ooo-cream-pg-milky-undertone/

Lemon Meringue Pie. Really nice Shake n Vape.
FW LMP - Base Lemon Filling, slight pie.
CAP LMP - Pie Crust, slight lemon flavor.
FA Meringue - Sweet fluffy topping, adds airy sweetness.
FA Lemon Sicily - Supporting lemon.
CAP Juicy Lemon - Supporting Lemon.
Sweet Cream - Makes the mix creamy and full.

Flavor Profile - Corn cereal generously sprinkled into melted vanilla ice cream (going for a bayer's ice cream).

Tasting Notes: After a few days of steeping this one is turning out quite nice, its a nice creamy corn flake recipe. There are a few minor changes i will make as develop the recipe, but my girlfriend and i have been loving this version so i wanted to share! Her and i really love juice with a corny note to it,

Notes for v2: want to get a better vanilla note from the recipe and try to give the corn more "brightness". It's quite nice how it is now though, kind of like a corn flake pudding which is close to what I'm going for. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Think I'm gonna change TFA Toasted mm to fa mm. Vaping it some more it almost has some fortune cookie notes on the exhale, i wonder if i could adapt this to bring those notes out more... would be cool to have a good fortune cookie recipe. Also had some ideas of turning this into some type of nut corn flakes, like a honey nut corn flake/corn pop recipe.

Flavor Notes:
Acetyl Pyrazine - Additive, using this as it is normally used - to add to the cereal notes of the recipe in this case.

Cereal 27 - the main cereal note. Brings the main corn flake flavor. Backed up with flv crunch cereal.

FLV Crunch Cereal - using this flavor to back up the CAP Cereal 27 and add a bit of cereal sweetness and corn notes.

FA Meringue - one of my favorite creamy flavors, just love the eggy creamy amazingness this brings to a mix. Using along side Vienna cream to make it more of a milky base. Just such a nice flavor to mix with creams.

TFA Toasted Marshmallow - using this flavor as an emulsifier and to add that nice toasted note to the cereal flavors. Might change it out for FA Marshmallow and go for more maltiness if this one doesn't work out.

TFA VBIC - the main creamy, delicious, ice cream note. Using it along side meringue and Vienna cream to really build a nice melted ice cream.

FA Vienna Cream - using this to add some more light vanilla and creamy dairy notes. Another one of my favorite creamy flavors, also has some eggy notes which I like.

Possible substitutions/additions for future versions:
FW Hazelnut - to add some more interesting notes to the creams, will probably do interesting things with the cereal notes as well.

TFA brown sugar - might use this to give a dark sugar glaze on the cereal

Milk and Honey - might use this to give some honey notes and more diary milk notes. I think the honey would add to the cereal notes and give more complexity to the recipe.

FA Meringue sub for FA Fresh Cream - might change out these two if there is too much eggy notes and note enough dairy.

MIX AT 80VG // 20PG



Thanks to Wayne Walker

Subscribe to his page - worth every $$$


This turned out to be quite enjoyable. It was an earlier rendition of Blue Doh that got super steeped. After stumbling upon the steeped test mix I was amazed and immediately began to share online. Check it out if you have all the flavors. No notes for this one as they kind of got erased after developing Blue Doh, But I do certainly suggest you mix this up.

This is a pretty simple and standard Apple Jacks recipe
This recipe was made for "(FW) Apple Jacks Type" FlavorBook Entry

Delicious toasted pecans inside of a sweet key lime coating.


"..how much is that lemon meringue pie?"
"No, honey, I meant for the whole pie."

DISCLAIMER: You lookin' for the crust? It ain't here!

FA Lemon Sicily is the lemon base, having it turned up helps it keep its presence as the juice steeps. FA Custard and CAP Vanilla Custard are the custard/pudding base. I like using two flavors for one aspect of a flavor profile that feels boring or one dimensional (creams, custards, etc), I think it can add a nice complexity without being over the top. I used more FA Custard here because of that slight lemony tone, and just a little bit of CAP Vanilla Custard for that layer and touch of vanilla.
FA Cookie and TPA GCC make up the humble crust, both giving a little grit and baked presence, I'm totally out of Sugar Cookie so I've been playing with Cookie a lot more and enjoying.

TPA Banana Cream is what truly makes this a Gonzo recipe. It was thrown in at the last minute as I was writing out my recipe before mixing (which helps me so much), the muse struck me with the thought to throw a little banana cream in there for shits and gigs. I love this flavor and love working with it, it seems to have a sort of Dragonfruit-esque blending property, it bends so well in low doses in almost unexpected areas, here it actually just slips right in with the lemon custard in a really unique, complex and subtle way. I honestly can't taste any banana, it disappears as it blends with the lemon and it's creaminess just lends itself so well to the other custards. Don't let its small doseage deceive you, I think it's crucial to the flavor and texture of this profile.

The emphasis of this particular lemon meringue recipe is the lemon custard in the foreground with the meringue in the background and the crust as an intentional undertone.

This is a great as a SnV. This just got mixed a few days ago, but it honestly tastes so good already I'm comfortable posting it, so I'll update with some steep notes.

Gonzo journalism is a concept pioneered most famously by Hunter S. Thompson in which the journalist makes no claims of being objective, instead he presents himself as part of the situation, and in being honest about his lack of objectivity, in presenting his perspective as a perspective and not fact, his trust and validity increase. There are also no editors, proofreaders, rewrites or scratch outs (in theory), the character of the original piece is as important as the whole piece itself.

That being said, I'm going to be posting some more recipes in this vein, meaning no batch tests, no tweaks, these will be pure gonzo recipes, spontaneous, inspired, sporadic. No withholding and no prior planning while creating these recipes.
The main cause for this project is I find that doubting or second-guessing myself while mixing/writing out my percentages before mixing creates such a huge negative impact in my mixes that they almost never work out because now I've over analyzed and questioned every possible dynamic, stifling most creative thoughts with logic based ones. This isn't to say there aren't some profiles worth chasing and tweaking for months, honestly, I've done/am doing it.

As always, thanks for any comments, feedback or ideas to help improve the recipe, they're beyond appreciated. Aren't we all here to make the world a tastier place? 😌✌️

Flavor Notes

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