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There were so few things to improve this recipe, but the topnote should taste like a Pomelo, here plays the Purilium Pomelo the main role and SSA Grapefruit pushes the requested high notes and provides a better representation of the to be expected bitterness. FA Meringue mellows this flavors realy into the sour gummy. Enjoy!

I selected this profile also as a homage to Graham in order to emphasize what he meant to the community.

The original recipe is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, and Folkart.
This recipe was suggested by Kevin Arrowood. He suggested making a grapefruit top note profile and this was the result, a Grapefruit Sour Gummy. Full flavor notes on DEVELOPED Episode 43 at https://youtu.be/bJqc7ol55vU .

This is a delicious Cookies and Cream vape.
This needs the 2 weeks for all the flavours to blend together and for the creams to settle into the mix
You should be able to use Pur Condensed Milk in place of the SA one, VT Sweet Cream should also work in place of the FLV no other subs.

As always I have ommited sweetener out as I find this sweet enough for me, however feel free to add your own sweetener to preference

Tested on a Profile 1.5 at 85w and a Titan V2 (RDA) at 202w

Sugar Cookie used at 5% to ensure this is the main cookie taste, although an older flavour this is still one of the best sugar cookies out, WF Cookie Dough used at 2.25% to fill out the sugar cookie more and provide some texture to the cookie, MB Belgian Waffle at 1% then provides a dark baked taste at this low of a %.

The cream base is then made up of FA Milk for the excellent dairy milk taste this provides, FA Meringue then sweetens this up and makes it a little fuller, SA Condensed milk thickens this up slightly whilst adding that sweet condensed milk taste pushing this more towards dairy, FLV sweet cream then adds the finishing touches with thickening and sweetening the cream base

Made magic with this on the first try just loved the Banana Cream after trying it in Boss Reserve Clone by Folkart I noticed it would probably be better as the top note at 5% in it's own recipe instead of hiding in the background at 1.5% in the other one.

The banana is light and creamy as expected. It's not too much at 5% after a 2 week steep.

The other flavours are just there to make the pie crust taste as well as the signature meringue/whipped cream that would be on top of the pie. Added some crushed nuts to the top as well the Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1% does give it that tasty little kick of flavour layering.

Graham Cracker Clear at a higher than normal 3% but the flavour is poppin. Wouldn't lower it because I find at 1.5 or 2% it's not enough to get that dominant pie crust taste needed to get through the banana and the other flavours in the recipe.

Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1%. Note the specific brand. I find it adds some body and just a very slight nutty, chewy tinge to the pie crust as what would happen when the crust gets a little moist from all that banana cream sitting on top of it in the fridge.

Biscuit @ .25% adds a nice layer of cookieness to the pie crust making the flavours burst even more in your mouth.

Vanilla Swirl, fresh cream, toasted Marshmallow and meringue all combine together to give us our nice light & fluffy, very sweet (but not too sweet) & slightly charred pie Meringueish whipped cream topping flavour that everybody loves.

Super Sweet at .25% gives it that sweet kick and boosts all the flavours while not adding too much sweetness.

I didn't think it would be this good off the rip. I vaped it for an hour and was astonished at how accurate this is to Banana Cream Pie and how it just keeps tasting better and better as I continue to vape it and I'm VERY picky with what I vape. At the moment wouldn't add to or take anything out of the recipe. Don't fix a wheel if it ain't broke type thing. I'm not an expert but I highly recommend this to anyone who likes banana & dessert flavours.

6% Nic. My standard for dripping.

Used 80% VG/20% PG. This means no spitback for drip tanks. Any higher is just a waste imo. For other tanks do what you feel is best but I don't think 80% VG will work very well in non-drip tanks (too thick) though I would recommend you get one as those have the best flavour and consistency anyway.

I would not shake and vape this one. The creams, vanilla and banana need some time to steep. Give it bare minimum 2-4 weeks. It will only get better with time.

Feel free to share this recipe around I really enjoyed making it and please let me know what you think of it if it made you as happy as it made me.


This is my take on a Southern Style Banana Custard with nilla wafers and a lightly baked meringue topping. This is one of my favorite real food desserts to make for my family. I have tried many many times to get this recipe right in the past but was always missing that one thing, FA Vanilla Cookie, until now. The FA Vanilla cookie is not a perfect nilla wafer flavor, but its about as close as we are going to get at this point in time. Although not a perfect representation of a REAL nilla wafer, this is still an amazing tasting vanilla cookie to use in a banana custard recipe. Here is how I used the flavors in this recipe.

VT Banana Custard/TFA Vanilla Custard/TFA Bavarian Cream is my Banana Custard layer. I used TFA VC with the VT Banana Custard as I find the TFA original Vanilla Custard to be very buttery and I tend to add butter into my actual custard when making it right after I pull it off the stove. This adds richness to the VT Banana Custard and offers more authenticity to the overall mix. The Bavarian cream thickens this Banana custard base and adds some of that TFA Bavarian cream flavor that we know and love. I have mixed VT Banana custard with every custard under the sun and this is one combo I tend to favor.

TFA Meringue is just an added touch mostly for mouthfeel and a little extra depth and sweetness to this recipes Banana Custard profile

FA Vanilla Cookie is essential in making this recipe taste so much like the banana custard recipe I make in real life. It is hands down the best cookie I've ever had out of all the cookie flavorings I own. If you don't have FA Vanilla Cookie, you are truly missing out. This flavor adds another dimension of flavor and texture to this recipe. It blends perfectly with the Banana Custard base and you can taste it throughout the recipe while still tasting the Banana Custard separately layered in the mix.
If you are a fan of a killer Banana Custard with Nilla wafer cookies, you'll love this!

Tasty and simple crunch berry mousse pie for this week's episode of Mixin Vixens that just turned out to be a 321. Feel free to sub tfa crunch berries if you don't have fw.

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Apple / Rose / Cardamom infusion.

I do not own any rights for the recipe's image and all credit goes to the awesome band Orphaned Land.

A family traditional apple infusion / semi-beverage from my mother's side, that my grandmother used to make before Yom Kippur's fast breaking meal.

It is a watery beverage made by infusing thinly sliced apples, cardamom, rose water and sugar with water. It is relatively light in flavor and served in a big bowl (similar to punch bowl). The apple flavor is very light and not so sweet, a bit more on the peel side (rather than apple flesh).

This semi-beverage purpose is to help the body regain liquids and to introduce some digestion activity gradually before the main meal, to prevent stomach aches after a 25 hours of complete fasting (for those who choose to fast).

I don't have many apples and FA Fuji seemed to work well as a realistic apple at 2%, in the right dose. Since it is the base of the recipe, it is tasty and thin enough for this purpose. FA Meringue helps to vaguely sweeten the recipe and fights FA Cardamom's throat hit. FW Sweetener is used in 1 drop per 15 ml.

This was a recipe originally created for a good guy wanting to get a chocolate milkshake recipe to help keep his wife off the stinkies!
He only had so many flavors to work with, I'm glad he had these ones, because even if I say so myself, this is a pretty dam good chocolate milkshake recipe.
It's a full flavored, deluxe milk bar style with a lovely full syrupy chocolate and creamy thick milk shake mouth feel that will bring all the boys to the yard!

Oh yeeeh! This cow is is bringing all the boys to the yard, including "Mooster, Lover Lover" tonight because you dam right, this one is better than yours!
Yup that's a daggy, shaggy/milkshake song mashup reference because I'm an aging dag like that lol!

Seriously though, really happy I could help another person stay off the stinkies and help to keep Wes's wife happy & smoke free!

When you vape this, read the notes below to see why I did what I did while listening to the clips below to get the full vibe of this fun & delicious recipe!


Cereal 27 - ap enhances the choc as does the very slight honey note
DBL Choc V2 - Perfect Commercial Chocolate base similar to commercial choc milk
Choc Fudge Brownie extremely low adds density to other chocolates
Cap Marshmallow is good as softener with chocolates in low %'s
FA Meringue low gives immediate sweet edge that contrasts against the super sweet
Cap Sweet cream under 1% has a dairy note that is pleasant when tucked into the right position in a profile like this to help sell the illusion of an authentic dairy like note.
LB Vanilla Ice Cream is the absolute legend that is the body that helps keep this creamy and full from top to tail through the vape.

Will taste a little choc forward after shake but will all meld nicely after around 5 days.

Recommend vaping at around 70-80w depending on setup.

Keep on having fun, & enjoy mixing!

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The most delicious choc mint recipe ever?
See it being made here: https://youtu.be/DTqKbhwpr0Q

Roll up Roll up! Everyone's A Winner!
Welcome To My Latest Greatest Recipe!
A freakishly delicious recipe!
No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.
It started by chasing a popular commercial recipe called
"The One" by bearded vape. A hugely popular eLiquid!
I went to by some but at $40 a bottle, no thanks!
I was offered some but I like to have fun creating the best I can make from the profile description, & what I came up with here in my opinion is freakishly delicious!

The OG recipe profile description I worked from:
A strawberry doughnut filled with froth cream than splashed in ice-cold creamy milk. the flavor of fruity cereal blended with the infamous gooey strawberry glazed doughnut instantly delights your flavor palate. While you exhale, the smooth silky rich creamy milk seals the deal.

I think what I have come up with is something like that, made to suit my palette.

Mix it, steep it, enjoy it!
Let me know what you think!

I enjoy it vaped at 70w on a twin recurve RDA with SST coils.
Best 3 days on wards but very vapeable off the shake!

No circus monkeys or midgets were harmed in the creation process.

Derived from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is my take on Wonka's Chocolate River.

VT Chocolate Custard and WF Chocolate Frosting are similar in taste but different in body. VT Chocolate Custard gives the recipe a thick sweet creaminess while WF Chocolate Frosting gives the recipe a whipped light fluffiness. They are a wonderful combination. I added FA Meringue and VT Pudding Base to make it even thicker with lots of body.

VT Chocolate Custard is pretty sweet on it's own and taste great without sweetener but I like to add .30% of Capellas Super Sweet.

This taste great on a Shake and Vape but even better after 3 days

Please enjoy the recipe!! Feedback welcomed!

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