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(FA) Melon Cantaloupe

By: FlavourArt (FA) - Buy Direct
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A very simple, very fun and delicious Mango Cantaloupe mix. Feel free to tweak Cantaloupe to fit your desired mango output.

Bang-on for those little melon gum balls from the sushi joint. The only difference is that this won't lose it's flavor after 60 seconds.

This is a pretty simple recipe but very delicious and juicy and EXACTLY like those chewy watermelon sweet that are shaped like watermelon slices. Can be S&Vā€™d but even better after 24hrs. Please mix and leave your feedback good or bad. šŸ˜€ happy mixing šŸ’™

Fizzy,Sour,Sweet,refreshing fruity vape

Shake and Vape certified


This is a bang on Belmont clone. It tastes better than the original!

Mixing this live on my show and will add an actual description after I actually taste it. Might be updating some of the percentages when I actually mix it later today. Should be like the aroma of the whole bouquet together.

A bright vibrant tropical creamy mix with a touch of cooling - as I wanted to have a mix to take on vacation .

Sweet gauava is used as a top note and emulsifier for the very sweet melon notes

Cantaloupe and honeydew add the base sweet notes for this fruit blend . LB honeydew has a bit of creaminess that comes out at higher % and it works well with the LB rainbow sherbert. it is also plays nice with other fruits and does not overpower them. You can pick these up on the exhale

Suagr loaf pineapple is a sweet and tart almost candy pineapple which works well in the middle bringing the top notes of the guava and the base sweet notes of the melons together
rainbow sherbert is added for some more of the ice creamy texture along with more orange citrus notes

ADD IF YOU WANT: I really enjoy mint with some fruits and wanted to add a mint coolness here arctic chill borders on a sweet mint with a touch of menthol it is not needed . Desiccated coconut adds a nice sweetness at the finish but it not needed

Add sweetner to taste
NOTE this recipe was inspired by Waynes mix Heat https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/107762#live_mixing_the_heat_by_enyawreklaw

LOOKING for a group to learn about mixing your own juice check out these groups and youtube channels

Hey, you can't elope! Who you calling a cantaloupe ya melon head!

This recipe Inspired from Noted episode 51 after all the talk about what melons taste like gum and which are sweet and what is not a candy they touched on FLV bubblegum, they touched on how Koolada has a nice effect with melons and here goes what came out of listening to all that jiber jaber.. lol
I don't like koolada so I used WS-23. I did not steep this however i do think 3 days will help the papaya floral notes to smooth out and I think its balanced enough to be able to stand up to the test of time.

Enjoy its real good.


Mango is the main profile but it is balanced with a peach back note the Papaya adds a chewy note and the cantaloupe binds all the flavors together. I softened the mix by adding 1.5% of vanilla swirl with and added a bit of a stronger vanilla note to the ream portion with a bit of Vanilla classic. This isn't necessarily a creamy mix with the swirl added in but the swirl adds a nice soft finish. I recommend at least a full week steep but its decent as a shaker. I'm one of those people that firmly believes every juice needs some steep time. so you will rarely see me post a straight up shake and vape.

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